Man's Best Friend

Arthur "Mutt" Redainn is part of the Dog-Clan, a line of morphic man-beasts dedicated to the protection of the Ape-clan, a.k.a Humans.
He must protect the Ape-clan from many evil adversaries through his adventures, and survive school at the same time.


1. The Problem With Rich People

"Out of the way, Dog Breath" Oedipus sniggered, slamming be back against the wall with his hand.

Oedipus Ba'shae, son of the Boar Clan, he took pleasure in strutting around like he owned the place, he believed he was superior to other clans, because he was named after his descendant, the Ancient Greek hero, Oedipus.

I carried on towards the Reptile Clan dormitory, on the other side of the school grounds. As I approached the large, mansion-like building in the Plains District, in which the green grass of the fields behind it were filled with beautiful flora, but also poisonous serpents. I trudged up to the heavy oak door and thumped as hard as I could. The door was opened and I was greeted by the the stare of a Reptile Clan prefect, Vaupier.

"What do you want?" He puffed coldly, sipping his tea, taking great care not to spill any on his expensive, dark purple jumper, purposefully avoiding eye contact with me.

"Is Russel in?" I asked, staring at his hair, which was so combed it looked ridiculous.

"Maybe" He said half-heartedly, "Why do you want to know?"

"He told me to call 'round. Now, is he in?" I said, quickly becoming impatient.

Although he could sense my mood, his head flicked around to look me dead in the eye, his slit eyes dilated slightly and without breaking eye contact, he shouted.

"Russel!" He yelled, "Your dog friend is here!"

I sighed finally. Within a few moments, Russel was at the door, beside his brother.

"Hey, Mutt," He said cheerily, his blonde hair ,unlike his brother's, was completely all over the place.

"Hi, Russ" I replied, greatly unnerved that Vaupier still hadn't stopped looking at me.

"Ready to go?" I asked. He nodded and jangled the bag on his back.

"Good bye" Vaupier said creepily, closing the door once Russel had stepped out.

"That was weird" I commented, and we set of. For revenge.


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