One Love

Sophie is a Belieber.....
Isn't everybody? :)
She finally gets a chance to go to one of Justin's concerts will she be a One less lonely girl?
This Fan fiction takes place during the ending of Justin's Believe tour.


4. Justin's Interview

(Sophie's POV)

I woke up to Justin sitting there in a chair beside my bed his face lit up when we connected eyes he explained the whole thing to me I flushed red

"Why are you going red?" he asked I sat up my head ached 

"Because thats embarrassing! I fainted and knocked myself out and got a mild concusion from hitting my head off the floor" I said embarrassed He smiled 

"Its not that embarrassing" he said I smiled

"That's because your Justin Bieber you dont get embarrassed" I said he tilted his head to the side

"Are you saying because I'm Justin Bieber I'm not human?" He asked I didnt know what to say

"I dont know" I managed to get out Savanna crossed my mind

"What about my friend?" I asked

"Savanna?" He asked how did he know her

"How do you know her name?" I asked

"She came here when Ryan and Kenny brought you she introduced herself and they told me about her" He said 

I didnt say anything

"Sophie I'm sorry about last night" He started

"Justin what happened was not your fault" I said

"Yeah its just I feel responisble" 

"Stop Please" I said

"I'll let you rest I have to go I have an interview on Ellen" He said rising from his chair

he hugged me and left the room I looked over at the bedside table my journal was right there in plain sight did he read it?

I opened it up to a fresh page and started to write


Justin came to visit me.. he told me he was sorry about what happened to me but it wasnt even his fault is was my stupid fainting thing I've had it since I was a kid.

Anyways he had to go for an interview on Ellen I think I will watch it, infact turning it on right now.


I went to the channel Ellen is usually on and there she was entering the studio

"On today's show Sophia Grace and Rosie return Jennifer Lawrence and our special guest.." she trailed off

"You all know who am I right?" they cheered "Justin Bieber returns as well!" she said they all cheered loudly

"Now Tony can you make me dance?" Tony the DJ started to play Boyfriend and Ellen danced around her studio and it cut to the break

When the show came back on she was sitting in her chair she started saying a bunch of stuff about Jennifer Lawrence and then called her out She came out in a beautiful blue dress with a white cardigan over top with white flats on she sat her hair was still brown from filming the Hunger Games

"So Jenifer whats it like becoming so popular in a short period of time?" Ellen asked

"Its a weird feeling I'm sure Justin Backstage knows this better than I do because look at him his career has blown up since he was about 16 right? I dont really know how old he was but how amazing is that?" Jenifer says 

"It is amazing have you met Justin back stage?" Ellen asked

"Yeah, Yeah I have" she said

"Isn't he the sweetest little thing?" Ellen asks

"Yeah he is such a sweet heart" just then someone came out in a giant heart costume that said "Sweet" on the front it tippy toed up behind Jeniffer and reached her and yelled "Boo!" behind her scaring her Ellen bursted out into laughter The heart ran back stage

"After the break were going to talk with the one and Only Justin Bieber" the break cut out with Ellen and Jen laughing

After the commericals it came back with Ellen she said some nice things about Justin and then "Come on out Justin" Justin's song Beauty and  a Beat came on he danced out he reached his chair but Ellen and him danced around for a whilethen they sat and the song stopped

"So Justin you just had a show last night how exciting!" she says Justin smiles and nodds

"I could say there was a lot of special girls there" he said winking at the camera I could'nt help but feel that it was for me true or not I felt my cheeks get warm.

"I understand you did your Last ever One Less Lonely Girl last night?" she said a picture of me and Justin pooped up on the screen it was the one where he had his hands on my wasit looking into my eyes singing Ellen looked at it

"If you ask me you look pretty into that girl" Ellen says

I couldnt believe it Justin's cheeks got a light rosey color I smiled to myself

"Your blushing Justin" Ellen said happily he nodded looking down at the out fit he was wearing when he visited me.

"She was beautiful" Justin said nodding and looking back at the picture again.

"Aren't every single one of your fans?" Ellen asked

"You can say that" He said looking at the camera for a brief second

"Do you have a crush on her?" she asked

"A little school boy crush nothing more" he said looking down again biting his lip

"After the break Sophia Grace and Rosie return Well Justin I wish we had more time" she says Justin nodds and smiles

"So do I" it cut out to a commercial I shut off the T.V and rolled over on my side I didnt know how to feel... I just closed my eyes and went into my dream land

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