One Love

Sophie is a Belieber.....
Isn't everybody? :)
She finally gets a chance to go to one of Justin's concerts will she be a One less lonely girl?
This Fan fiction takes place during the ending of Justin's Believe tour.


2. Didn't Expect That

(Sophie's POV)

I Looked directly into his eyes his amazing brown eyes

"Well isn't it my One Less Lonely Girl?" he said his sweet velvet voice

"You remember me?" I asked he chuckled

"I wouldnt forget a face like yours" he said looking down at me letting his eyes go over my face capturing my features I wasn't much Black wavy hair Blue eyes yep not much nothing Justin Bieber should be interested in..

He helped me stand up straight he kept his hands on my waist I kept mine on his chest I looked up at him and smiled slightly he bit his lower lip I looked at his lips and then back at his eyes he shifted his hands to be on the bottom of my back I moved my hands to his shoulder blades

"Justin!" We both heard his name being called 

"Justin!' The voice was closer

"Crap thats Scooter he's mad that I did the One Less Lonely Girl thing" He said 

"Want me to go?" I asked 

"No follow me" he said grabbing my hand we quickly ran threw a hall and threw a door it looked like a dressing room we hid in a rack of clothing trying to be quite I could see Justin smiling at me in the dark the door opened

"He's not in here" It was Scooter's voice 

"Where is he Kenny?" he asks Kenny was looking for him to Justin gave a gentle squeeze to my hand we heard the door close and Justin sighed

"That was close" He said I finally got the chance to realize how lucky I was look where I am right now when I felt light headed I fell to the floor

"Hey Hey are you ok?" I felt everything go black 

(Justin's POV)

She fainted or something I panicked 

"Kenny! Scooter! Ryan anyone!" I yelled minutes later they all came bursting threw the door I knew I was in trouble big trouble but I wanted to know if she was oK

"She fainted or something" I said they ran over while Scooter called an ambulance I got worried I wouldnt let one of my precious Belibers die..









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