One Love

Sophie is a Belieber.....
Isn't everybody? :)
She finally gets a chance to go to one of Justin's concerts will she be a One less lonely girl?
This Fan fiction takes place during the ending of Justin's Believe tour.


3. Beautiful Black Waves

(Justin's POV)

I parked my car near the front of the hospital and got out I walked into the hospital and went up to the counter the nurse looked shocked at first

"Hello I'm here to see..." I didnt even know her name

"Sophie Renolds girl middle of the back length wavy black hair blue eyes" she said

"Yeah, How did you know?" I asked arching my elbows on the desk to get a better view of her work place

"She came in here escorted by Ryan and Kenny your crew members saying she went into shock she must have saw you or something?" She said

"You mean this is my fault?" I asked 

"I dont know Mr.Bieber" she says looking back at her computer screen a way of telling me to go away with out even saying it 

"What room is she in?" I asked 

"336" she said I nodded 

"Thank you" I said I went up to the third floor and found her room I stood in the door way she was laying on her side and had headphones in her ear and a journal in her hand her parents must have stopped by I walked up and sat in a chair beside her bed she shifted a little bit and her journal fell out of her hands onto the floor I picked it up I didn't even glance at the pages I didn't think she would want me reading that. I carefully took her headphone out of her ear her iPhone was what was the source of music I put a headphone up to my ear and my album Believe was playing I put that on the bedside table too and looked at her her beautiful black waves flowing over her shoulder. I poked her lightly her eyes slowly flicked open her beautiful blue eyes connected with mine she looked shocked I had alot of explaining to do....









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