One Love

Sophie is a Belieber.....
Isn't everybody? :)
She finally gets a chance to go to one of Justin's concerts will she be a One less lonely girl?
This Fan fiction takes place during the ending of Justin's Believe tour.


1. The Concert

(Sophie's POV)

This concert is amazing Justin has really out done himself he has just finished 'Boyfriend' then he stood in the middle of the stage

"I've got a surprise for you" He said looking in the audience I was up pretty far I wish I got better seats

'Do you all remember my song One Less Lonely girl?" he said we all screamed he looked over the audience and some how he made eyecontact with me and stared for a while but then moved on quickly

"How about we do that one more time?" we all scream when some one poke my shoulder I look away and almost faint sure enough Ryan is standing right there

"Hi" I said

"Hi, wanna be Justin's last ever One Less Lonely Girl?"

"Yes!" we took my hand and led me back stage when I walked out I saw what Justin saw thausands of people cameras flashing when the beat of One Less Lonely Girl started I sat on the stool and looked around for Justin I didnt see him anywhere when suddenly I felt an arm around me and Justin came aorund me and held my hands in his

He looked directly in my eyes as he sang

"There's gonna be one less lonely girl, One less Lonely girl, How many I told you's and start overs, and shoulders have you cried on before?"

I smiled as he sang the whole song to me at the end he gave me a hug and it went dark in the arena I got guided back to my seat where my friend Savanna was waiting excited

"OMG Justin Bieber just sang to you!" she screamed


At the end of the concert,

Savanna went to go get the car when I went to go to the washroom I walked down a set of stairs I tripped over my own foot and knew I was going to fall I waited for the hard impact the the ground when I landed in someones arms the side of my face pressed up against his chest I didnt know who it was till I looked at the forearm and saw the "BELIEVE" Tattoo I almost screamed I looked up and connected eyes with the one and only Justin Drew Bieber.






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