A nightmare turns into a dream come true

This story is about a girl who's father hates her and abuses her. She runs away and meets someone special


5. The mall

We walk into the mall Louis and Niall by my side.the boys have Beenie and dun glasses on.
" what store do you want to go to" Harry said happily
" um I never go shopping my dad bearly let's me out of my house as it is" I said
" my sister shops in sports girl and dotty a lot lets go there" Harry said
We slaked into the shop and I cheacked the prices
" wow these are really expensive I'm not letting you spend this much on me lets go"
" come on we're practically rich we are staying" Zayn said holding my wrist we picked out five dresses four tops three shorts and two jeans we walked out and went to the food court. We sat down and Niall kissed me on the cheek I laughed and kissed him back. The waitress came over and took our order I ordered a drink because I wasn't very hungry. I start to feel really sick and Louis must have noticed because he asked me if I was okay I shook my head and got up but just before I got to barthroom door I fell to my knees and puked. Niall picked me up and Zayn put a ten on the counter and apoligised.Niall put me in the front seat of the car and the boys piled in the back.

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