A nightmare turns into a dream come true

This story is about a girl who's father hates her and abuses her. She runs away and meets someone special


7. Step dad

Topaz pov
I got off nialls lap and cheacked my phone tears fell down my eyes. I ran up stairs and ran into my room I locked the door and sobbed into the pillow I found out my family and how they got killed but not only that but how louis was my brother and that he was next. "topaz let me in please" i heard niall say but i could see the other boys from under the door
" only niall and louis can cone in"
The boys walked in and sat on the bed i showed them the text and louis couldnt belive i could tell he was shocked the both pulled me onto a massive bear hug and they walked me out of the room.

I heard a knock at the door and louis awnserd it but as soon as he saw who it was he slammed the door and locked it
" topaz we need to leave as in right now" louis said a tear rolling down his face but before we knew it the door flew open and there he was my abusive step dad he had a knife in his hand the boys mae a circle around me and my step dad laughed.
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