A nightmare turns into a dream come true

This story is about a girl who's father hates her and abuses her. She runs away and meets someone special


1. Not a good time

I've been running from my dad for a while where he stabed me hurts like crazy I collaps on the grass in the park
I lay on the grass in the park bleeding from my hip I here gentle footsteps coming towards me as every thing goes black . I wake up in a blond boys arm with a bandage wrapped around my hip. I stare at him as he watches over me
" how do you feel" he said in a sweet Irish acent
" I feel better then before by the way I'm topaz"
He laughed
"I'm Niall"
Just then a heap of boys came running in asking if she was awake I hide in his chest and he holds me closer
" shut up god she's scared"
They all sit down and wave at me I wave back and smile

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