A nightmare turns into a dream come true

This story is about a girl who's father hates her and abuses her. She runs away and meets someone special


4. Morning and sore

Topazs pov
I wake up again in nialls bed I get up not to bad I start to walk I bit more painful walking down stairs I call Niall and he comes rushing up the stairs he picks me up bridle style and takes me down stairs puts me on the couch where all the boys are
" hello" the all chimed
I waved and smiled Niall kissed me on the forehead and sat down next to me with pancakes I ate them slowly and smile Niall picks me up and puts me in the back seat of the car then all the boys jump in
" can we come"
Louis said looking all depressed
I nodded and Niall drove off
"where are we going"
" the mall" the all chime
" yes I havent been to the mall In ages wait why are we going to the mall"
"well you are going to be staying with us so my mum told us that we should by you some cloths"
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