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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



9. Zayn part 9

Zayn imagine part 9

You wake up in the morning with a cold breeze coming in through the window, you shiver and snuggle a bit more into zayn, his arms tighten a bit more around your waist and his head rests on yours, you take in zayns aftershave and snuggle even further into zayn, you lie there for a bit when an alarm goes off making you jump, you sit up and remember that today was your first day at your new school, you groaned and got up trying not to wake zayn too much, since there was no uniform you chnaged into what you wanted, you then went to brush your teeth and wah your face, your patting your face dry with a towel when you hear zayn starting to whine your name, you come in with zayn sitting up, hes rubbing his eye and his hair is a mess, with some ends sticking out and to the side 'yes zayn?' you say walking to the end of the bed 'come back to sleep' he says opening his arms, 'but i have to go to school' you say, you turn around and your about to walk off when he jumps up and grabs you by the waist making you sqeal 'zayn!!' you scream, giggling, he holds you down and leans down and kisses you on the lips, and then on your whole face, 'thats better' he says smiling 'zaayynnn' you whine in two tones, he smiles and leans down and kisses you again 'i have school today' you say, he sits up 'ahhh i totally forgot!' he screams running off, you laugh and make the bed, he spends about 20 minutes in the bathroom and you bang on the door 'zayyynnnnn!!!! Lets go!!!' you scream, 'just a sec' he says, he rushes out and goes to change into something, he then rushes out and grabs his keys 'come on lets go' he says, you run after him and get into the van, he drives you there and you open the door, 'bye zayn' you say leaning in and kissing him on the cheek, 'bye babe i love you' he says waving, you walk out towards the school gate, and everyone stares at you, suddrnly one of the juniors run up to you, she starts screaming and jumping up and down 'OMG YOUR ZAYNS GIRLFRIEND!!' she screams, she asks for a photo and you take one with her, suddenly everyone is running up to you and you start getting mobbed, you run into a random classroom and shut the door, you lock it and slide down to the ground panting 'wow the first day and your already getting mobbed' says a voice, you look up and see a cute guy with blond shaggy hair and blue eyes, hes wearing a football jersey 'yeh, being a superstars girlfriend has its bad side' you say, the door starts being pounded 'i think theyre gonna get through any second' you say 'come with me' he says taking your hand and jumping out the window, its a ground level classroom and you jump out too, he takes your hand and the bell rings 'where do you have roll call?' he says 'um' you check your phone, and you tell him 'oh cool i have the same classroom as you, ill walk you' he says walking you to the classroom, you both chat and you find out that his name is nicholas you walk in and everyone looks at you, you quickly let go of his hand and you choose a seat, nick sits next to you and you both quietly chat, you go to your first class and nick is also in the same class, you go through your bag and realise you left your books at home, suddenly theres a knock at the door and zayn comes through, you hear gasps behind you and some people stifle a scream 'yeh..uhm im here for y/n she..ugh left her books at home, and i was just bringing them to her' he says walking towards you 'here you go babe' he says leaning down and kissing your cheek, the whole class is dead silent and when he leaves most of the girls start squealing 'OMG WE SAW ZAYN MALIK!!!!!!' someone screams to her friend, some of the girls have started to cry and the teacher makes everyone be quiet, suddenly a note gets passed to you from nick 'if i were you i would find a place to get him to pick you up somewhere secret' it says 'yeh i was kinda thinking about it' you write back, you both keep talking for the rest of the lesson when the bell rings, you get up and go to your next class, you choose a seat and people start filing in after you, the news has spread around the school about you dating zayn and everyone is all over you, nick gets his team and makes a barrier around you 'guys giver her room to breathe' he says, they all back off, and the jocks sit all around you blocking off people, 'thanks nick' you say smiling 'its ok, being mobbed sucks' he says 'yeh its does' you say, the teacher comes in and hands out homework to everyone, you finish at the same time as nick and he looks at you 'wow i actually might have competition' he says, you smile 'yeh you might' you say, you think back to your old school and think about brad, nick reminded you so much of him, you pushed the thought out of your mind and passed notes through out the rest of the lesson, when the bell went everyone started crowding around you again and the football team had to lift you up to and escort you out of the classroom, they set you down on the jock table and no one dares to go near you 'wow im not getting mobbed' you say looking around, everyone is staring at you 'wait why do they all look so scared?' you say 'well because were jocks, no one goes near our table' he says 'oh right' you say, you eat your lunch and get to know the team , when the bell rings you go to class and one of the jocks are there already, you sit next to him and chat for a bit 'can i please have a photo with you?' says a girl in your class 'um ok then' you say getting up and taking the photo, you sit back down and the teacher comes in, you go through the rest of the day and you spend your whole lunch taking photos with most of the junior section of school, when the final bell rings for the end of school you walk out and find the van asap, you see it pull up by the road and you run to it and jump in before any one can get to you 'drive drive drive!!' you scream to zayn, he steps on it and takes off, girls start chasing the van and he soon loses the crowd 'wow that was a crazy day' you say leaning into the back of the chair 'why babe?' says zayn 'because everyone was mobbing me and asking for photos and your number and stuff' you say 'oh wow' he says stopping at a traffic light 'tell me when its green' he says ducking down, 'zayn what are you doing?' you say 'hiding from fans' he says peeking up a bit the light turns green 'its green' you say, he sits up and starts driving, he arrives home and you go in and open the door and see harry and lena and liam and danielle watching toy story 3, 'hey guys' you says siting down next to danielle, zayn sits down next to you and you snuggle up to zayns chest, and place your legs over his thighs, you hug him and he puts his arms around you, he kisses your forehead and watches the movie with you, when it finishes, you shower and change into pjs, you spread out your homework on the table, you start to do it for a while when zayn comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you 'babe, come to bed' he says kissing your neck, you can feel his hot breath on the side if your face and you turn to him 'but i have homework to do' you say pointing to your book, 'no you dont' he says picking you up and out of the chair, he puts you over his shoulder 'zayn let go of me!!' you squeal 'nup its your bedtime missy' he say tucking you into bed 'but zayn i only had one more equation to do' you say making a pouty face 'oh fine but then you go to bed' he says 'ok' you say getting up and finishing off your maths homework 'yay your done!' says zayn picking you up bridal style and carrying you to bed, you wrap your arms around his neck and lean against his chest while closing your eyes, he tucks you in and gets in too, he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you against him 'night babe' he says pressing his lips against your forehead, 'night zayn' you say snuggling into his warmth, he kisses your hair 'i love you babe' he says 'i love you too zayn' you say leaning up and kissing him on the lips, he holds your head there and keeps kissing you, you end the kiss and then give him one more peck on the lips 'ok night zayn' you say smiling and cuddling into him you wrap your legs around his torso and slowly fall asleep...

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