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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



8. Zayn part 8

Zayn imagine part 8

'jake!' you scream hugging him 'omg how are you?!' you say 'im good, how are you lil baby?' he says grinning, you pout and protest 'im not a baby!' you say, lil baby was a little nickname he gave you when you both first met because he was 2 years older than you, he laughs 'are too' he says, he helps you pick up everything and he walks with you to your place, he helps you put everything in cupboards and then you catch up 'so what are you doing in london?' he says 'well my mum did move me to bradford but i moved here to london with zayn' you say 'zayn, rings a bell, um was he on x-factor?' he says 'yeh, he just went to record something' you say, the door opens and the boys come in 'zayn!' you say getting up and hugging him, he kisses you 'so how did the recording go?' you say, he sees jake on the couch 'um y/n who is that?' he says 'oh thats jake, hes an old friend' you say, he raises an eyebrow 'theres nothing going on between us' you say, he smiles 'ok then' he says kissing your lips 'so how did the recording athing go?' says jake with a grin on his face 'yeh its great, i have a cd of it here' he says, he goes to his music player and puts in the cd, the song starts and zayn hums along, when it comes to his solo he starts singing and when the song finishes you kiss him 'that sounds absolutely amazing' you say wrapping your arms around his neck and smiling, he smiles 'do you like it?' he says 'yes! I love it! Its so gonna go to number one!' you say 'you really think so?' he says 'definitely!' you say kissing him again you start to make out and jake throws something at you both 'cut it out' he says, zayn picks you up bridal style 'well then im gonna go to my room and we will have our own fun' he says 'oh yeh and keep it down, we really dont want to hear you guys like this morning' says louis, you blush and jake raises an eye brow at you, you stick your tongue out at him and lean your head against zayn and he carries you to his bedroom 'and now for that fun i was talking about' he says winking. You both get up to that "fun" zayn was talking about ;).

When you both are finally done you rest your head on his chest 'wow' you say breathing heavily 'yeh wow' he says taking a deep breath, he kisses your forehead again and pulls you into a tight hug 'i love you babe' he says kissing your lips 'i love you too' you say leaning up and kissing his cheek, you both quietly talk for a bit when you both hear commotion outside, you put on zayns shirt and your undies 'hey thats my shirt' he says 'well it looks like a dress on me so im using it' you say poking your head out the door, you see niall trying to smuggle food into his room while liam is making him hand it over, 'but thats it!' says niall 'and the bag of chips' says liam holding out a hand 'fine' he says taking it out of his jumper, 'now thats the last of it' says niall 'and the bag of haribo' liam says 'but! Its haribo!!' niall protests, liam asks for it again, niall groans 'fine he says reaching down into his pants and fishing it out, liam smiles triumphantly and walks off with all the snacks you got for niall 'and dont try to hide them in your room again, i dont want any bugs or anything crawling into your room, you how y/n gets around bugs' liam says calling out from the kitchen, you open the door 'hey! I heard that!' you say walking out, you go to the kitchen and grab the haribos 'ill be taking this' you say opening it, you walk off and take half of it, niall is still standing there and you chuck him the packet 'knock yourself out' you say walking back to zayns room, you hear niall scream in delight and you hear his door slam shut, you start throwing some at zayn and he catches some with his mouth, 'so what happened outside?' he says lying naked on the bed doing a sexy pose 'oh niall was smuggling food into his room and liam was making him hand it over' you say 'oh ok' he says, you chuck another haribo at him and he catches it and eats it, 'LENA!!!' you both hear harry scream, you go to investigate but zayn gets up and brings you back to bed, he lies you down on top of him and half sits, half lies down on the bed, he wraps his arms around your waist and rests his head on your shoulder, his cheek is pressing against yours and he turns slightly and kisses your cheek 'i love you babe' he whispers into your ear, you turn to face him 'i love you too' you say kissing him on the lips, you both keep kissing when someone smashes against the door, you both jump and you open it 'um do you mind..' you say staring at harry and lena who are full on making out on the floor 'sorry' she says blushing and then dragging harry to his bedroom, you hear squealing and giggling and then bed springs, gross images pop into your mind and you turn to zayn 'um i think we should go' you say 'right yeh, now i know how the others feel when we do what we do' he says, he gets up and takes his shirt off you, you put your clothes on and he does too, you quickly grab his varsity jacket before he can get to it and you run out the door 'hey!! come back!' he says running after you, he eventually gets his jacket back and he puts it on, he gets his wallet and takes your arm, you both go out for dinner and he takes you to a fancy restaurant, the second you enter evryones eye are on you and zayn, the place suddenly goes quiet and ripples over whispers go through everyone, you start to feel uncomfortable and the waiter leads you to a seat, you order something and zayn orders too, you both chat for a bit when a girl comes up to zayn 'are you zayn malik?!' she says smiling sidely, he nods 'uh yeh, why?' he says, she asks for a photo and he takes one with her, she runs off with a massive grin and you get served your food, you start eating really fast and finish a bit before zayn, he finishes after you and then pays, you get out of there as quickly as possible, you walk out the doors 'wow that was so awkward, everyone was staring at me and you and ergh, it was just freaky!' you say, he pulls you into a hug 'its ok, maybe i was just too sexy for them' he says grinning, you laugh 'sure, sure' you say 'oh and i have something else planned' he says, he takes you to the movies and pays for a ticket, he gets snacks and you walk into the cinema and no one is there, 'wait why is no on here?' you say 'because i asked the person to have no one there' he says 'so no one would make you feel uncomfortable' he says giving you a sappy smile, you smile widely and hug him 'oh you are the best!' you say kissing him, he smiles and kisses you back, suddenly the movie starts, you choose the very middle and lie down over a few chairs putting up the arm, to make room for your legs, zayn stretches his feet over the chair in front of him and you rest your head on his chest, you eat popcorn and make out during the whole movie.

When the movie finishes you and zayn head back home, you open the door and shower with zayn, then you change into your pjs and say goodnight to everyone, lena and harry have already fallen asleep and you didnt dare to open their door, jake had already left and you climb into bed, zayn was brushing his teeth and a few minutes later he climbs in too, he wraps his arms around your waist and places his head between your shoulder and neck 'night babe' he says turning slightly and kissing your cheek 'night zayn' you say kissing back and with that you both slowly fall asleep...

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