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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



7. Zayn part 7

Zayn imagine part 7

You wake up in a room with louis and niall pinning you down fast asleep, you groan and try to get them off with out waking them, you succesfully do and you realize your legs are tied to the wall, you crawl over and untie your legs, suddenly someone squishes you by their weight 'get off me' you say squirming 'babe just stop squirming' says a familiar voice, its zayn, you stop and turn around 'i dont want to talk to you' you say, you manage to get him off you and start running towards the door, he grabs you again and tackles you to the ground 'just listen to me y/n!' he says in a harsh tone, you can feel his hot breath on your neck and he whispers into your ear 'just listen' he says panting 'fine' you say, he turns you around and sits on your stomach 'y/n look, me and rebecca, it was just a small fling, it was nothing serious, i didnt even like her that much, please, you gotta believe me' he says looking at you desperately 'i do, but why should i take you back?' you say raising an eyebrow 'because i cant live without you, your my whole world and i love you so much, i didnt have any feelings for rebecca, and all i could think about was you, the whole time, you were in my mind' he says looking worried, you sigh and sit up causing him to fall backward onto your lap 'zayn.' you say twirling a small strand of his hair and smiling a tiny bit 'did you really have no feelings for rebecca?' you say, he nods 'absolutely i was just with her and i was pretending that she was you the whole time, i missed you so much' he says 'alright fine then' you say leaning down and kissing him, he kisses back and wraps an arm around your neck 'i really do love you' he says pulling away slightly 'i know' you say smiling and rubbing your hands over his chest, suddenly he winces in pain 'omigosh, sorry' you say quickly taking your hands off 'and what are you doing out of hospital?! Shouldnt you be in there getting better?!' you say telling him off 'they let me go' he says 'well you need rest, and lots of it' you say getting up, you look around 'wait where are we?' you say 'oh simon bought us this place for me and the lads to all live in' he says 'and this is my room' he says taking your hand and leading you to his room, he opens the door and there are mirrors everywhere, typical zayn, 'wow its very um...reflective' you say 'so i can look good' he says fixing his hair one of the mirrors, you smile and grab the back of his collar, you get him down on the bed and crawl on top of him 'zayn you always look good, even when you just wake up' you say, he smiles and kisses you, he pulls you down by your shirt, you giggle 'you do know i would never ever cheat on you..ever' he says 'i know' you say kissing him on the lips, you lean on the right sid eof his chest where it doesnt hurt and he starts to take off your shirt, you help him with it and take off his jacket, he removes his shirt and you see the scar that has already started to form from the stabbing, you trail your fingers across it gently and he winces 'sorry' you say apologetically 'thats ok, would you kiss it better?' he says 'sure' you say leaning down and gently pressing your lips against his chest, 'does it feel any better?' you say looking into his eyes 'a bit' he says smiling 'thats good' you say kissing him there again, you feel him tense up a bit but then he relaxes 'mmm that feels nice' he says bringing your head closer and kissing your forehead, 'i love you babe' he says 'i love you too' you say, you rest your head on his chest and just lay there for a bit, suddenly the door bursts open 'zayn! We cant fin-oh found her' says louis spotting you 'um is everything all good?' he says 'yeh, its all good louis' you say wrapping one arm around zayns toned stomach, he smiles and places one arm around your waist 'yeh just um, if you want to come out anytime soon, just put some clothes on first' he says closing the door, you blush 'oops i almost forgot that i was half naked' you say 'its ok, you have the body to pull it off' he says 'no you do' you say 'nup you do' he says kissing your nose, you giggle and give him a long slow passionate kiss, when you both finally part he kisses you again, you suddenly think about your mum 'OMG!' you scream 'what?!' he says 'where am i, like city wise?!' you say '' he says 'what?!' you scream 'MY MUM IS GONNA MURDER ME!!' you say 'nah nah chill babe, its all good, i had a proper long chat with her and she said i could let you live with us in london, i even got you into a school' he says 'omg thankyou!!' you scream hugging and kissing him being cautious to not hurt him, suddenly liam bursts throguh the door with a tennis racquet 'i heard screami-oh oh, no i dont want to see that' he says backing out of the room while covering his eyes, you giggle and keep kissing zayn, his hands slowly move down and he starts to unzip your jeans, you wiggle out of them and you start to unbutton his jeans too, he gets them off and starts removing your underwear, at the same time you do too with his, you know what you both get up to ;).

After your finished you lie on top of zayn, he wraps his arms around you and kisses your forehead 'that was absolutely amazing' he says panting a bit 'yeh, i know' you say, also panting, you roll off him a bit and just rest your head on his chest, you wrap your legs around his torso and trail your fingers gently around his stomach 'i love you zayn' you say writing 'i love you' on his chest with your fingertip, he smiles and hugs you tight, you both lie there for a bit and you eventually fall asleep.

You wake up the next day, the weather is freezing. Zayn has covered you both with his duvet, and he is fast asleep, he is dribbling a bit and you smile and kiss his cheek, 'morning zayn' you whisper, no answer, you chuckle and wipe his dribble from his mouth, you give him a wet willy and he wakes up instantly, 'ew gross!!' he says getting his spit out of his ear, he sees you with a cheeky grin on your face 'oh you didnt' he says, you nod 'oh your so dead!' he says starting to tickle you, you squeal and giggle 'no, no! Zayn!! Stop it!!' you scream laughing at the same time, you get up and start running, he grabs your waist and presses you up againt the door 'your mine now' he says grinning, he picks you up over your shoulder and carries you to bed 'all mine' he says lying you down on the bed, he crawls on top of you and kisses your stomach, he leaves a trail of kisses leading up to your lips, he kisses all around your face and then finally kisses your lips, his hands go down to your stomach and he presses himself against you, suddenly the door opens 'guys can you keep it dow-woah!!' says harry covering his eyes, hes naked too and you look at him while zayn starts a hickey on your neck 'harry get out' you say 'yeh ok just keep it down while you guys have fun' he says closing the door, you turn back to zayn and run your hands down his back, you moan his name and kiss him on the lips 'i love you zayn' you say running your hands through his hair, he kisses your lips 'i love you too y/n' he says in his sexy voice, suddenly he gets a phonecall 'hello?' 'oh right' 'yeh ok' 'yeh ill go tell the others now' he hangs up and turns to you 'sorry babe but i have to go now' he says kissing your cheek 'wait where are you going?!' you say 'to record our new single' he says grinning 'oh thats so great!' you say jumping up and hugging him, he hugs back 'now i have to go' he says changing into something, you change too and help zayn wake up the boys 'harry come on get up' you say shaking him awake 'lena?' he says opening his eyes 'no y/n' you say 'oh right what do you want he says sitting up 'you guys have to go to record a song' you say, he bolts up and does a mad dash to get dressed, you walk out and wale up niall 'niall time to get up' you say, he rolls over and groans 'niall ill give you food' you say 'nup, not hungry enough' he says 'oh ok, well you werent gonna get any because its all disappeared' you say, he sits up what?! No!! There was a good supply last night! I even checked!!!' he says shoving you out of the way and running out to the kitchen 'hey you lied, the foods already here' he says 'at least your awake' you say 'and you have something to record' you say, his face lights up and he pushes you out of the room, he comes out a few seconds later changed, he runs out and you go to find zayn 'zayn honey where are you?' you say, someone picks you up by the waist and gets you over his shoulder, its zayn 'zayn! Put me down!' you squeal, he puts you down on the couch and starts tickling your stomach, you squeal 'zayn!! Stop!!!' you scream while giggling, he smiles and you push him away with your feet, you jump up and cling on to his back, you start messing up his hair 'AHHHHH NO!!!' he screams trying to bat you away, you have your legs tightly around his stomach and you keep messing with his hair, suddenly he loses balance and falls on you 'ow' you groan trying to get off him, he turns around and pins you down with his body weight 'your not getting out of my grasp that easily' he says grinning, you keep struggling when he presses his lips against yours, you both start making out on the floor when louis kicks your side 'guys break it up, oh and by the way if your gonna do it in the morning just keep it down' he says winking, you groan and zayn helps you up 'oh yeh and you have school tomorrow' says zayn nudging you 'damn' you say 'dont worry ill drive you' says zayn 'aw thx' you say kissing his cheek, he smiles and starts eating breakfast 'wait i dont have a uniform' you say 'oh this school doesnt have a uniform' he says 'ok thats good' you say, the boys eat their breakfast and then they go off to the studio to record 'ok bye babe' zayn says kissing your cheek, he walks out and gets in a black van, you wave to them and watch them go, you go back to zayns room and see your suitcase with all of your clothes in there, you change into something else and go out to buy a few snacks and things, you go out on the cold streets of london and pull your scarf closer around you 'O.M.C' you hear a voice say 'your zayns girlfriend!!' someone screams, you turn around and see a 14 year old girl 'um yeh i am' you say, she starts fangirling and then she asks for a photo, you take it with her and she runs off screaming, you get to the shops and buy snacks, you get alot of snacks for niall and get some more, you end up with a whole shopping trolley full of food and you go to the counter, the person looks at you funny 'um i live with five guys' you say, she nods and checks them through, you grab all the bags and pretty much break your fingers, cuz two trips are for wimps, your almost home when you trip and fall over, you start to pick everything up, suddenly someone starts helping you, you look up and see a familiar face...
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