One direction Imagines by Michelle

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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



6. Zayn part 6

Zayn imagine part 6

'DONT KISS MY GIRLFRIEND!!' screams zayn giving a death stare at brad, zayn throws a punch and brad staggers back, brad runs over to you and grabs you around the neck, he starts strangling you, and you claw at his arm 'let m-e go' you say 'come any closer zayn and i squeeze tighter' he says tighting his grip a bit, you start choking and zayn backs off, brad loosens his grip and you gasp for air, you step on his foot and elbow him in the stomach, you punch him between the eyes and kick him down there, you run into zayns arms and he hugs you 'what are you doing here i thought you left' you say looking up at him 'i forgot to kiss you' he says smiling and kissing you again, you smile on his lips and keep kissing him, suddenly his eyes open wide and his lips open slightly 'zayn are you ok?' you say, his hand goes down to his chest and theres a blade coming through, blood is seeping through his shirt and he falls to the floor, brad is standing there with an evil look on his face, and you smash his head against the wall 'YOU BITCH HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU?!' you scream, you rush down to zayn and call an ambulance, they get him in a gurney and take him away, you call up liam 'hello y/n where is zayn?' he says 'he..he just got sta-stabbed' you say starting to break down 'omg where are you?!' he says 'the library' you say, liam hangs up and you start crying, you felt horrible, zayn was probably gonna die and you felt like it was all your fault, suddenly someones arms are around you, he buries his face in your shoulder and you realise its niall, you cry into his shoulder and he comforts you 'shhhhhh im sure zayns gonna be fine' he says 'bu-bu-but he g-got st-stabbed, in the h-heart' you say starting to cry again, 'hes a strong guy, he could make it' says niall 'are you saying he isnt going to make it?' you say lifting your head from his shoulder 'no, i mean, ugh um' he starts rambling and liam moves him out of the way 'do you know which hospital they took him to?' says liam staring into your eyes, you nod and tell him 'ok' he says, you get into the van and harry drives there, 'ok were here' he says, you rush out and liam runs after you 'wait up! Dont get lost!' he says, you run to the counter 'zayn malik?!' you say 'oh yes, he just came in' she says, she checks the piece of paper and tells you, you run off in that direction just as liam comes after you 'wait uuupppp!!' he says running after you, you get into the room and see doctors conducting an operation on zayn, you see the sight of blood and spin around and smash into liam, he catches you before you can fall and pulls you back up 'uh thanks' you say 'dont you want to see zayn?' he says 'yeh just not his insides' you say shivering, he nods and leads you away, the others join you and you sit on louis lap and fall asleep on his shoulder.

'excuse me are you y/n?' he says a nurse shaking you awake 'uh yeh why?' you say 'he has been saying your name nonstop' she says 'omg is he already awake?!' you say bolting up, a look of sadness wipes over her face 'no im sorry, he hasnt woken yet' she says, 'oh ok' you say, 'your welcome to visit him though' she says brightening up 'ok thank you' you say standing up, you walk to zayn and see him there, he looks very pale and his heart rate is very low, you start to tear up, you touch his cheek 'zayn' you say, his heart rate beeps a bit louder and a bit faster 'zayn!' you exclaim, his heart rate remains the same and you stroke his face 'zayn please come back to me' you say with a desperate note in your voice, nothing happens and you break down in tears, suddenly someones strong arms are around you, you see who it is and its liam, you hug him and cry into his chest 'i dont think hes coming back' you say sobbing, you hear the bed creak and you whip around, zayns hand is moving and you rush to his side 'zayn!' you say, his eyes flutter open and he looks at you 'y/n is that you?' he mumbles 'yes!' you squeal engulfing him in a hug, 'ow! Not the chest!' he says Wincing in pain 'sorry' you say leaning over him and kissing his lips, he reaches up and brings your head closer, 'uhm im gonna wake up the others' says liam walking off 'omg i cant believe your alive' you say 'i remember getting stabbed' he says 'yes, brad stabbed you' you say 'why?' he says 'i dont know' you say 'ok' he says, he leans up and kisses you on the lips 'did anything happen to brad?' he says 'no...' you say lying 'tell the truth' he says, you totally forgot that he could tell if you were lying 'um i lashed out at him...' you say 'babe, you didnt kill him or anything, right?' he says 'i dont think so..' you say blushing 'what did you do?' he says 'well i well you see i was really angry and all and he just stabbed you and stuff and i kinda smashed his head into the wall' you say 'you what?!' he says 'i didnt mean to! But you know how i get when im angry!' you protest, he smiles 'i know, i know, when your normal you cant hurt even squish a bug but when your angry anyone whose around you is screwed' he says, you laugh 'exactly' you say smiling, since you had moved to bradford, you had lashed out only two times and that was enough to scare everyone, people knew not to mess with you after the second time you lashed out, the others come in the room 'hey zayn' says niall 'hey buddie' he says smiling 'you ok?' says harry 'yeh, just my chest hurts' he says 'where did you get stabbed?' says louis 'right where my heart is' he says 'ooh that would hurt' he says 'yeh thank god i wasnt awake for the surgery' he says, 'wait where did niall go?' says liam looking around, suddenly you all her a scream 'STOP BOTHERING ME ABOUT FOOD!!!!' Liam takes off and louis and harry follow, you turn back to zayn and smile 'typical niall' you say, he laughs and pats the spot beside him, you sit down and trail your fingers up his arm, 'lie down next to me' he says, you lie down next to him and he gets his arms around you, you rest your head on the non hurting side of his chest and he kisses your forehead 'i love you' he says 'i love you too' you say, you lean up and kiss him on the lips, he kisses back and you wrap a leg around his legs and he deepens the kiss 'uhm guys public hospital' says louis 'whoops' you say sitting up and unwrapping your legs from him, he pulls you down onto him and kisses your cheek 'not gonna happen louis, you cant stop me from kissing y/n like you did with rebecca' he says, you turn to zayn 'whose rebecca?' you say raising an eyebrow 'um' he says biting his lip 'zayn your lying!' you scream standing up you whip around to louis 'louis who is rebecca?!' you say pressing him up against the wall, you press your forearm to his neck 'tell me now' you threaten, his eyes dart to zayn and you press harder 'tell me' you say again 'fine she was zayns girlfriend in x-factor' he manages to say, you let go of him and harry rushes over to louis 'boobear are you ok?' he says, 'i cant believe you would do that zayn, you lying cheater' you say with your eyes watering up, you run out of the hospital and down the road, you had no friends other than brad but you didnt feel like talking to him, you climbed a tree and curled yourself up into a ball, you let the tears run down your face and down your legs, suddenly you hear your name being called 'y/n!!' you hear liam say 'y/n?!' you hear niall say, they bump into eachother right under you and you try to make as little sound as possible, you watched them talking and then they started kissing!- lol jks no they dont, your foot lost its place and you slip and fell onto liam 'found her!' says niall, you get up as quickly as possible and start to run away, someone crash tackles you to the ground and sits on you so you cant move, 'get off me!' you scream, you start to get angry and you thrash around, you get liam off you and you lash out at him, niall tries to hold you back but you lash out at him too, you storm of and give angry glares to everyone you pass, suddenly someone puts a mask over your face, you take one breath and pass out from the fumes...
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