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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



5. Zayn part 5

Zayn imagine part 5

The weeks went by and zayn kept his promise and kept you updated, the news so far was that he had gotten through to the live shows with 4 other lads and they were put into a band, their names were harry, niall, louis and liam and their band name was one direction, he also told you that they were great lads, you were watching him on tv, and you were feeling so proud of him, he called you every day and told you how much he loved and missed you, and he visited whenever he could, and he was starting to spoil you a bit.

You were doing your maths homework sitting on your bed in your bedroom, your mum had gone out for the night 'look outside -zayn xx' your phone beeps, you smile and look out the window, zayn is standing there with roses and a box, you quickly run down the stairs and burst out the door 'zayn!!!' you scream running into his open arms, he hugs you tight and kisses your head 'hey babe' he says, he hands you the roses and chocolates 'come with me' he says taking your hand, you follow him and catch up with everything that has happened in the last few weeks, he puts his hands over your eyes and leads you somewhere 'zayn where are you taking me?' you say 'its a surprise' he says, he stops and takes his hands off your eyes 'surprise' he says, theres a blanket and candles laid out 'oh zayn this is so sweet' you say turning around and hugging him then kissing him for a long time, when you finally pull away and sit down 'this is so not like you, come on who did you get the idea from?' you say, he blushes and slides an arm around your waist, you lean against his chest 'well harry once did something like this' he says 'of course he would' you say 'but the girl didnt show up' he says 'aw that sucks, you know i still havent met them yet' you say 'oh dont worry, after the comp youll properly meet them' he says 'ok' you say, you smell the roses 'wait these are fake' you say 'and they will never die' he pauses 'just like my love for you' he says, you smile a sappy smile and kiss him 'i love you so much' you say 'i love you too' he says leaning his head on your shoulder 'i love you too babe' says a voice behind you both, you turn around and see 4 guys and two girls, all looking at you, you recognized the boys from the video diaries they did but you didnt recognize the girls, one was standing next to harry and the other was next to liam 'oh hey im y/n' you say standing up and shaking their hands, the curly one kisses your cheek and zayn quickly grabs your waist and hugs you 'hi im lena' says the girl next to harry (there you go lena:)) 'hi lena nice to meet you' you say 'hey im danielle' says the girl near liam (I STILL BELIEVE IN LANIELLE PAYZER!!) 'nice to meet you too' you say smiling at her, 'hey harry my girl actually showed up' says smirking 'well my girl told me it was too dark!' harry protests, everyone laughs and he hugs lena 'aw dont worry harry i would come' she says, harry smiles and kisses her, they start making out 'guys get a room!' says louis chucking bits of grass at them, they pull away and lena blushes 'wow its great to finally meet you all' you say 'yeh us too, zayn would not shut up about you' says niall 'niall dont swear' says harry shooting niall a look 'sorry' he says looking down at his feet, 'so what are you guys doing in bradford?' you say 'zayn dragged us along to meet you' says liam 'oh, ok' you say smiling 'hey do you know any good restaurants or cafes nearby?' says niall 'well yeh but most of them would be closed' you say 'but im starving!' niall says 'niall you ate half an hour ago' says liam 'but im hungry again' he whines 'well you can all come to my place' you say 'is there food there?!' says niall 'well yeh of course' you say 'lets go!!!' he says running off 'NIALL!! Come back here your gonna get lost!!!' says liam running after him, 'ok follow me' you say walking home 'wait lemme blow out the candles!!' says zayn quickly blowing them out, he picks the blanket up and puts the candles inside, he runs to you and carries the blanket to your home, you go inside and zayn puts the blanket down, niall bursts through the door and immediately goes to the kitchen 'niall do not eat all the food!' says liam chasing after him, you all laugh and zayn turns on the tv, you snuggle up next to him and he puts his arms around you, harry grabs the remote and flicks through the channels 'LOVE ACTUALLY!!!' he screams, he cuddles with lena and they both make out for most of the movie, you eventually fall asleep on zayns chest while he gently strokes your head.

You wake up in the morning with a note stuck to your head, your still asleep on the couch and theres no one there, zayn has draped his jacket around you and you open the note 'sorry i had to go, we had to perform i love you xoxoxoxo -zayn' you smile and turn on the tv 'the next act going through is......' you bite your lip and hold your breath 'rebbeca!' the judge screams out, you stare at the tv in disappointment, simon got up on the stage and put his arms around the boys 'this isnt the end for these boys, its just the beginning' he says, the show goes to a break and you call up zayn, 'hello?' he says 'you just got disqualified from x-factor' you say 'yeh we did..' he says his voice cracking a bit 'omg zayn are you crying?' you say, he sniffles 'no, im fine' he says, you hear niall crying in the background and zayn comforts him 'ok i have to go, i love you' he says 'i love you too bye' you say hanging up, theres a knock at the door and you get up eith zayns jacket sitting on your shoulders, you open it and its brad 'hey why arent you in your uniform yet?' he says 'omg i totally forgot today was a school day!' you say running up the stairs, you quickly change out of your clothes and into your uniform, you kiss zayns jumper and hug it, you grab your books and shove them in your bag you, run out the door and get in his car 'finally lets go' he says starting the car, you fix your hair in the mirror and rub the sleep out of your eyes and fix up your appearance 'do i look ok?' you say, he looks at you 'you look better than ok, really pretty' he says, you blush and sit back in your seat, he arrives at school and you get out, you sit with him before the bell and you quickly finish off the math homework that you didnt do last night 'oh naughty girl, you didnt finish your homework' says brad waggling his finger 'oi shut it, zayn came back last night and i spent the rest of the night with them' you say smiling 'ok fine whatever' he says 'THE RESULTS ARE UP!!!' Screams a student running from the hallway, you look up and stuff everything in your bag, you sling your bag over your shoulder and sprint after brad, theres already a massive crowd there and you push your way through, you look for your name and you find your mark, 100% you smile and push your way out, you find brad 'what did you get?' you say 'you first' he says 'same time, 1,2,3!' you both scream your marks and you start laughing 'we got the same mark' you giggling ' yeh we did, i was so gonna beat you' he says 'never!' you say you both laugh when the bell goes 'well cya' he says walking off 'bye' you say walking to your classroom, you go through roll call and first period, halfway through the second period theres a knock at the door, louis comes through the door and you hear some of the girls gasp and fangirl a bit, some of the girls at your school had started to become fans of them 'ugh i have a note for a y/n, she has a family thing she must attend' he says, hes holding a small piece of paper and the teacher lets you go, you close the door 'louis what are you guys doing here?' you say 'well zayns here too...' he says 'where?' you say 'im here!' says zayn surprise hugging you from behind 'zayn!' you scream hugging him, you kiss him passionately and you wrap your arms around his neck 'guess what?' he says pulling away 'what?' you say smiling 'simon signed us' he says 'omg really?!' you scream 'omg that is so great!!!' you scream jumping onto him and wrapping your legs around his torso, you grab the back of his head and pull him towards you and kiss him passionately 'guys break it up' says louis throwing something at you both, you unwrap your legs and walk out of the school with them, you see the others and they wave to you, you wave back and niall runs up to you 'has zayn told you yet?!' he says 'what, that you guys got signed by simon cowell?!' you scream 'yes!!!' he screams, he hugs you and spins you around, he runs off again and keeps screaming, zayn puts an arm around your waist and pulls you closer to him, he kisses your cheek and then you join the others 'we should all celebrate!' says liam 'yeh lets all go to nandos!!' says niall, everyone laughs 'of course you want to go to nandos' says liam scruffing up nialls hair, they all get in a van and harry drives to nandos, niall runs out and liam runs after him 'niall!!! Wait up! Your gonna get lost!!' he says, you laugh and everyone else gets out, you see niall with liam and niall is already confusing the waitress with his order 'so you want the whole menu, twice?...' she says 'yes and a fanta and a coke and a sprite..' niall keeps naming all the drinks 'so you want the whole menu twice with the whole menu of soft drink...' she says 'yes oh and ill have another fanta..' he names the whole soft drink menu again, the waitress scratches her head 'what?' she says really confused, niall starts talking again, liam puts a hand over nialls mouth 'he will have a double of anything you have on the menu' he says 'oh ok, that makes sense' she says walking off, you sit down next to liam and zayn sits down next to you the rest sit down around the table and then the waitress starts on handing out nialls order, you look at all the foods and wonder which one to have since you had never been to nandos 'niall, could you help me choose which food to pick, sorry ive never been here before' you say, niall look up from his food and looks at you like you just committed a crime '!' he says 'uhm yeh this is my first time' you say, niall gasps and grabs a menu 'ok so how much can you eat, compared to me' he says, you look at all the food laid out on the table 'you know what im just gonna choose myself' you say taking the menu back, you call over a waiter and he looks really hot, you order what sounds the best and the rest tell him their orders, he walks off after slipping you a note, you open it and its his number, you quickly scrunch it up and throw it away, but zayn sees it 'did he just give you his number?' he says tensing up 'yeh...why?' you say 'because your mine and no body elses' he says pulling you towards him and kissing your lips, you turn it passionate and he runs his hands all over you, your holding onto him by the sides of his face when your interrupted by the waiter, he gives you all your orders and then sulks off, you start eating and zayn has his arm around your waist the whole time, you finish before the others and they finish too, niall is still eating and you all wait for him to finish, when he finally does harry drives you and zayn back to your place, he takes your hand and leads you to the park, the weather is really cold and he pulls you into his arms and covers you in his jumper, you press yourself against his warmth and he kisses your forehead 'i love you so much y/n' he says staring into your eyes 'i love you too zayn' you say stepping up on your tippy toes and pressing your lips against him, he kisses back and pulls you closer to him, he lifts you up slightly and puts you on his feet, you smile and deepen the kiss, suddenly you hear a car drive past, you both get splashed with water and you hear vanessas evil laugh 'lets go' he says taking you back to your place, and you start a shower, halfway through, the shower door opens and a body presses them self against you, you spin around and lock eyes with zayn 'hey babe' he says smirking 'hey sexy' you say running your hands down his abs, he grabs your waist and presses you up against him, he leans down and kisses you on the lips, he grabs your butt and you wrap you legs around him, you both passionately kiss for a bit when you unwrap your legs from him, and you both start to do naughty things ;).

You stop the shower after your both done and you stagger out 'wow that was amazing' you say 'yeh that took alot out of me' He says leaning against you, you giggle and kiss him, 'i love you' you say, you grab a towel and wrap yourself in it 'hey wheres my towel?' he says 'no where' you say giggling and running out, you her him starting to freak out in the bathroom and you grab a towel, you come back in and give it to him, he wraps it around him 'thank you' he says, he grabs his shirt and pulls it over him, you go upstairs and change then you come back down, you purposely put on his oversized jacket and he takes one look at you and laughs 'hey whats so funny?' you say 'nothing' he says giggling, you take off the jacket and put it on him 'there, go look good in that' you say, he smiles and kisses your cheek 'awh i love you babe' he says, you smile and sit down on the couch, he sits down too and cuddles with you, you watch tv for a while when zayn gets a phone call, he stands up 'uh huh' 'yep' 'ok i understand' 'ok bye' he says 'who was that?' you say 'i am so sorry, but i have to go, i love you, bye' he says running out the door, you pull out your phone and tell him that you love him too, he replies with a smiley face and kisses and hugs, suddenly you get a call 'hello?' you say 'hey its brad, are you free?' he says 'uh yeh, why?' you say 'just meet me at the library' he says 'ok cya' you say hanging up, you go the library and you see him, 'hey!' you say running up to him, he grabs you and starts passionately kissing you on the lips, you try to get away from him but he has a strong grip on you 'mmm mm mmm!!!' you scream trying to say 'let me go' you struggle to get off of him when someone rips him off you...
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