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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



4. Zayn part 4

Zayn imagine part 4

'yes..what about my mother?' you say dreading the news 'well there has been a car accident and your mother was unfortunate to be included in it, she is in a critical state' says a person you think is the doctor 'ok, um what hospital is it?' you say, he tells you and then you hang up, you stare at the phone then chuck it at the wall, you break down in tears and you slide to the floor and cry, suddenly your phone beeps, its zayn, you wander up to your bedroom and look out the window, he sees something wrong with you and calls you 'omg babe whats wrong?!' he says, all you can do is blubber and stutter and eventually you throw your phone at the wall and cry, you curl up into a ball and bawl out your eyes, suddenly you hear the front door open and close, you hear footsteps up the stairs and zayn comes in soaking wet, you look up and run into his arms crying, he rubs your back and calms you down 'shhhh babe calm down, whats wrong?' he says, you continue to cry and he walks you to the bed, he sits you down on his lap and you keep crying in his arms 'babe calm down' he says, you look at him with tears running down your face, he holds your face and wipes your tears away 'zayn?' you say 'yes babe?' he says 'can you stay with me tonight?' you say 'sure anything for you babe' he says cuddling with you, you lean your head on his chest and fall asleep to the sound of his heart beating.

You wake up in the morning wrapped in zayns arms, he has taken off his jacket and shirt and its folded up neatly on the end of your bed, he has laid you down under the covers and hes fast asleep, you turn over and smile at him, you kiss his lips and he immediately kisses back 'morning' he says smiling 'thanks for staying with me last night' you say kissing him again 'my pleasure' he says smiling, you smile at him and then remember that its friday 'omg we have school' you say getting up, he grabs your waist and pulls you back down 'just stay with me for a few more minutes' he says kissing your neck, you roll over and face him 'but we are going to be so late' you say 'ok ok fine' he says getting up, you look at his abs and he puts on his shirt, every friday was mufti day so you both didnt have to change (i know its probably not but im just gonna say it is) you grab your bag and zayn goes home and gets his bag too, you both walk to school and when you do everyone starts crowding around, theyre all being friendly to zayn and you get pushed out of the crowd away from zayn, you try to get back in but you cant, you give up and wander off, you see brad and you walk over to him 'hey' you say, he looks at you and pats the seat next to him 'so you spread it around' you say sitting down next to him, 'yeh i did, everyone believed me' he says 'looks like it' you say looking over to the crowd of people 'say what did you tell them exactly' you say looking at him 'that he was nice and supposedly really sweet' he says 'ok' you say 'i didnt know it was gonna have an effect as huge as this on the people' he says, you chuckle 'i thought people were gonna start being nice to him, just not this nice' you say, the bell rings and you go to your class 'well i have to go' you say walking away from him 'cool ill see you later yeh?' he says 'sure!' you call out as he disappears around the corner, you walk in the classroom and every girl is pretty much draping themselves on zayn, you stare at them and he sees you 'sorry' he mouths to you, he tries to get them off him and he successfully does, he runs over to you 'now to make them jealous' he says, he grabs your waist and kisses you on the lips, you wrap your arms around his neck and he brings you closer, it turns into a make-out session and you open one eye and see all the girls literally fuming, you smile and keep kissing him when the teacher comes in, you both quickly pull away and he kisses your cheek 'i love you babe' he says going back to his seat, all the girls are giving you death stares, you smile and sit next to the same jock from yesterday who was trying to get close with you 'so you, brad and zayn malik' he says 'what?! Me and brad, no way, im with zayn' you say 'uh huh, i saw him driving you home yesterday' he says 'no he just offered a ride yesterday' you say 'he wouldnt do that' he says 'also after vanessa clawed at me with her nails, he saved me, and then fixed me up' you say 'well you must be special to him, cuz i know him and he wouldnt do that for any other girl' he says, the bell rings for 1st period and you get up and go to your classroom, you find a seat and you sit down, you take out your book and wait for the teacher, suddenly zayn runs in and sits down next to you 'help!' he screams crashing into you, girls run in after him and try to get to him 'excuse me but he is my boyfriend, so hands off' you say hugging zayn 'yep im taken ladies' he says kissing you on the lips, you kiss back and pull him by his closer, they all make a face and walk off 'yes we did it' you say still kissing him 'ok guys break it up, break it up!' says brad coming in, you laugh and pull away 'whatever' you say, he sits behind you and others start to come into the class room, the teacher comes in and tells everyone to settle down, he starts on the new topic and he writes the work up on the board, you and brad start at the same time and you go at full speed trying to beat him, you finally finish and close your book, he closes it at the same time and you turn around 'i totally beat you that time' you say 'no, i did, you just closed your book faster' he says, you start to bicker when the teacher tells you both to be quiet 'i so beat you' you say turning around, zayn finishes his work and starts to sketch something 'what are you Drawing?' you sau, its a side view of you 'its not finished yet' he says 'and stay still' he says continuing to draw, he finishes it and hands it to you 'omg zayn its so good' you say looking at it 'its not that good, just a rough sketch' he says blushing a bit 'are you kidding its perfect!' you say hugging him then kissing his cheek, you keep staring at the picture and you tuck it in your book and smile 'oh yeh i put in the entry form for x-factor' he says 'thats great, have you gotten any reply yet' you say 'yeh um im going to audition in a month' he says 'oh thats wonderful!' you say smiling.

*1 month later*

You wake up in the morning with a text from zayn 'ok leaving now, i love you so much, ill tell you if i get through or not, ill keep you up to date xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxo i love you so much mwah' it says 'i love you too, i hope you get through' you reply you walk to school alone and sit with brad, you both chat 'so wheres zayn?' he says 'oh hes auditioning for x-factor right now' you say, you get a text 'I MADE IT THROUGH!!' it says 'omg he got through!!!' you scream, he smiles 'thats great! You know you still havent been to any one of our football practices' he says 'omg i totally forgot! Ill come by today' you say, the bell rings and you get up 'now dont forget' he says 'i wont!' you say going to class, you sit by yourself and wait for it to pass, you go to your first class and sit next to brad 'hey!' you say smiling, you take out your books and you wait for the teacher to come in 'so any more news on zayn?' he says 'wait let me check' you say, you take out your phone and call him 'hey babe!' he says 'hey zayn, has anything else happened?' you say 'no nothing yet, but i miss you lije crazy' he says 'i miss you too zayn' you say, more students come in 'well i got to go, i love you' you say 'i love you too, now hang up' he says 'no, you hang up' you says 'no you hang up' 'no you hang up' 'no you' 'no you' you both continue that for a bit when brad grabs your phone 'she has to go bye' he says hanging up 'hey! I was talking to zayn!' you say 'and then you had to go, did you even realize the teacher came in then left for worksheets' he says 'omg she did?!' you say, he laughs 'yeh she did' he says, she comes back in and hands them out, you and brad both start the same time and fly through the worksheet, you flip over a split second before him and you both keep scribbling down answers, you finally finish and throw down your pen 'done!' you say whispering, brad finishes right after you 'i actually beat you!!' you say 'no i let you win' he says 'uh huh sure you did' you say smiling alot, he shrugs and then the bell rings, you go to the canteen and buy your lunch, your waiting in the line when you see vanessa and her group walk over to you 'y/n' she says 'yes?' you say giving her a fake smile, she returns it 'i cant believe your cheating on zayn' she says 'what the hell, im not, and even if i was who would i be cheating on him with?' you say 'brad' she says, you start laughing 'omg you think that me and brad are dating, you idiot' you say continuing to laugh, 'me and brad arent together, were just friends, and i would never cheat on zayn' you say, you order your lunch and turn to her 'you can even take brad if you want, see if i care' you say taking your lunch and walking past her, you sit under a tree and zayn calls you 'hey zayn' you say 'hey babe 'any new news?' you say 'no i was just calling because i love you' he says 'aw i love you too zayn' you say, you keep talking for a while when the bell rings 'well i have to go, bye' you say 'i love you' he says 'i love you too zayn' you say hanging up, you go to your last class and you realize you have a test, you had totally forgotten, your mum had only just got back home a week ago and she just wasnt the same, she normally knew about tests and reminded you, but she was still a bit fragile, you were totally unprepared but you tried anyway, you got through the test within half the given time and you spent the rest of it checking your answers, the alarm for the end of the test went and you handed up your paper and waited for the bell to ring, you went straight to your locker and put your books in 'y/n!' you hear your voice being called out, you look to who it is. Brad. 'oh hey' you say smiling 'we have practice today' he says 'yeh so half an hour right?' you say 'yup, be there' he says 'i will' you say, you walk home and change into something else, you walk to the oval and just make it in time for his practice, you see vanessa and her group already there and you try to avoid them, you hear brad call out your name and you look at him 'yeh?' you say 'you finally made it' he says grinning 'yes for the first time i did' you say sitting on the bleachers, he sits down next to you and chats with you for a bit 'omg vanessa is absolutely fuming' he says laughing 'shes always fuming' you say, you both crack up when hes called down to the oval 'ok gotta go' he says jogging to the oval, you watch his practice and when he finishes he tells you to wait outside the change rooms, you do and you sit on a bench 'what is wrong with you?!' says vanessa slapping you hard, you fall to the ground and bite your lip trying not to cry 'you said i could have him' she says advancing to you, you prepare for the worst but nothing happens, you look up and see brad giving her a death stare 'what did you do vanessa?' he says through gritted teeth, she tries to explain but he doesnt seemed interested, 'y/n lets go' he says taking your arm and helping you up 'lets hang out with civilized people' he says dragging you away, when your out of sight he turns to you and the hard look on his face goes soft 'are you ok?' he says 'well its just a slap' you say 'i think ill live' you sau smiling, he smiles too and offers you a ride 'sure' you say getting in 'so what did you get for the last question on the test?' he says, you tell him 'me too' he says 'the results should be up in a week' you say 'may the odds be ever in your favour' he says imitating the hunger games, you laugh and he arrives at your place 'thanks for the ride' you say getting out 'i told you, any time' he says 'ok bye' you say waving him off, you go home and tell your mum about your day, shes getting better and you go up to your room and sit on your bed, you just lounge around for the rest of the afternoon and you help prepare dinner at night, you wash up then have a shower and go to bed...
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