One direction Imagines by Michelle

These are just stories by Michelle
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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



3. Zayn part 3

Zayn imagine part 3

You wake up in the morning and roll over, you drag yourself out of bed and change into your uniform, you do your hair and go downstairs and eat breakfast, you say bye to your mum and z then you get your bag and walk over to zayns place, you knock on the door and his mum opens it 'hi im here for zayn' you say trying to sound awake 'oh yes he still hasnt woken up yet, remember the blue door' she says welcoming you in, you walk up the stairs and open the door to zayns room 'zayn' you say seeing him asleep 'come on sleepy head were gonna be late' you say siting on his bed 'but im tired' he says 'so am i, now come on get up' you say ripping off the bedsheets, he sits up immediately 'omg its so cold!' he says shivering, you smile 'come on get up' you say, he smiles and gets up 'im gonna go change' he says getting his uniform, he walks off and you wander off to his desk, you see an entry form for the tv show x-factor, he comes back in 'what are you looking at?' he says hugging you from behind 'your gonna sign up for x-factor?' you say holding up the sheet 'maybe, i dont know' he says taking it from you, 'you should totally sign up' you say 'really?' he says 'definitely!' you say smiling and turning around 'even though ive never heard you sing i just have a feeling that you can sing beautifully' you say smiling and kissing his lips 'imagine if i become famous or something' he says smiling 'then ill have a famous boyfriend' you say smiling cheekily 'you want to be my girlfriend?' he says raising an eyebrow 'sure, i dont care if im gonna be a social outcast' you say, he smiles and kisses you, he gets his bag and gets breakfast from his mum 'bye mum' he says kissing her cheek 'bye pigglychups' she says grabbing his cheek 'mum!' he says blushing furiously, you giggle and he walks with you outside 'pigglychups' you say laughing 'oh that is so adorable' you say 'and sooo funny!!' you giggle, he eats his breakfast on the way to school and when you get to school one of the jocks on the football team walks up to you 'hey babe, you free later?' he says doing the eyebrow flex, 'cuz you are hot' he says 'go away' you say walking away, the bell rings and you find your classroom, again theres an empty seat, but its not next to zayn, its next to the same football jock who was sweet talking to you in the morning, you sigh and sit down next to him 'hey babe, how about you and i get up to some fun later?' he says winking 'just fuck off, im not interested' you say pushing him away, the teacher calls out your name 'here' you yell out, he keeps staring at you 'what do you want?!' you say 'this' he says leaning towards you and kissing you on the lips, you try to push him away but hes too strong, you think of something to get him off and you whack him in the balls, he makes a face and holds his balls 'ahh that hurt' he says 'yeh so just stay away' you say, he nods and the bell rings, you stand up and join zayn 'what just happened?' he says 'just some overly confident jock trying to get to me' you say 'well you guys seemed to be bonding quite well' he says 'are you jealous?' you say, 'no' he says blushing 'yes you are you are so jealous' you say 'no im just protective' he says pushing up up against your locker and kissing you full on the lips, you open one eye and see vanessa giving a look to zayn that could kill, you wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer, 'y/n what did we say about being seen in public with zayn?' she says 'well i dont care what you say, i thinks he amazing, your just too blind to see it' you say she does a fake smile and walks past you two shouldering him 'so whats the massive conflict between you and vanessa?' you say turning to zayn 'oh i was actually pretty popular a few years ago, we were dating and then one day she just turned on me, she started spreading nasty rumors about me and i became a social outcast' he says 'oh ok' you say, you walk to class with him and you both are in the same classroom, you spot vanessa and you try not to make eye contact with her, you sit down with zayn and chat with him 'wow vanessa is going a beetroot color' he says, you giggle 'perfect, she doesnt know what shes missing out on' you say stroking his jawline he smiles and kisses your lips, the teacher comes in and you both quickly pull away 'ok now on the subject of the great pyramids!' says the teacher, she turns around to write on the board and a note gets passed to you 'what are you doing?! You are sitting with us at lunch me and my group need to talk with you' it says 'fine whatever' you write back, you pass it back and she reads it and smiles 'what was that about?' says a note from zayn 'just vanessa, supposedly im in big trouble' you write 'well be careful i dont want her to hurt you' he writes 'aww your so sweet xoxo' you write back, he returns the note with a good paragraph of hugs and kisses and when the teacher isnt looking he kisses your cheek, when the bell rings vanessa grabs your arm and literally drags you away, zayn mouthes the words 'be careful' you nod and walk with vanessa, she shoves you up against your locker 'WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!' she screams 'what do you mean?' you say sweetly 'I MEAN ABOUT ZAYN! WE TOLD YOU NOT TO GO NEAR HIM!! AND TO NEVER BE SEEN WITH HIM!' she screams 'well why do you care so much?!' you protest 'because you have the potential to be one of us' she says, her face easing up into a friendly smile 'hell to the no' you say, she knits her eyebrows together 'why?' she says, you remember back to what your mum said last night 'because bitches like you betray people' you say shoving her away, you walk off and smash into a football jock, you fall to the ground 'ow' you say rubbing your head 'im so sorry' he says helping you up 'Hey your in the football team' you say 'yeh you should come and watch us sometime' he says 'we have practice after school' he says 'cool ill watch' you say 'on the oval at 3' he says, you find zayn and spend lunch with him, when the bell rings, you kiss his cheek and go to class, you walk into english and you sit down, people start filing in and the football guy comes and sits down next to you 'hey' he says 'hey! I didnt catch your name earlier' you say 'oh im brad' he says, the teacher comes in and tells everone to be quiet, you take out your book and start on your work when he passes you a note 'so you and zayn malik huh?' it says, 'whats the big deal about it?!' you reply 'hes just got a bad rep' he writes back 'ok ok but whats so bad about him?' you write 'oh man the rumors that were going around him and vanessa a few years ago were horrible' he writes back 'but zayns not horrible' you write 'thats not what vanessa has made everyone believe, hes supposedly really mean and nasty' he writes 'what no, hes lovely! Hes so sweet and nice and caring and hes so romantic!' you write back 'well ill go spread that around for you :)' he writes 'thanks so much!' you write back, he smiles and scrunches up the piece of paper, you both get on with your work and you find out that hes actually pretty smart, you both finish your work at the same time and close your books in sync 'wow your as fast as me' he says 'yeh i guess so' you say blushing 'im always usually the first one to finish but now i think i actually may have some competition' he says 'prepare to be beaten' you say, he smiles and the bell rings 'ok football practice in half an hour' he says running off 'dont worry ill come!' you shout out, he jogs off and you turn around and your greeted by vanessa and her group 'you and brad?! No way am i letting that happen' she screams pouncing on you, you both have a cat fight until she is ripped off you, some one picks you up bridal style and walks away, you give vanessa the bird (which means to stick the rude finger up) and she gives you a death stare, she looks a mess and you stick out your tongue and then look to who it is, its brad 'brad, what are you doing?' you say 'saving you' he says continuing to walk, he puts you down outside a the boys toilets and tells you to stay put, he runs inside and comes back with wet toilet paper 'what are you doing?' you say inching away from him 'its clean, im just fixing you up' he says, you relax and he starts to dab at your face 'ah that hurts' you say grimacing 'sorry, just hold still' he says continuing to dab at your face 'what did she do?' you say 'i dont know but she like clawed at your face or something, she must have really long fingernails or something' he says 'do you have a mirror or something?' you say 'um i have a phone' he says, you look at the damage done to your face 'ergh i look a mess' you say 'nah you look fine, a bit beaten up, but fine nonetheless' he says 'hey um, you you mind if i dont watch practice today?' you say 'sure' he says 'we train everyday, so anytime you want to come by, just come ok?' he says 'sure' you say, you stand up 'i should be getting back by now' you say starting to walk home 'you know what ill drive you' he says 'you sure?' you say 'yeh why not' he says, you get into his car and he drives you home 'thanks for the ride' you say smiling 'anytime' he says driving off, you look towards zayns window and hes not there, suddenly he bursts out the door 'where were yo-omg what happened?! Are you alright?!' he says seeing you with scratches from vanessas nails everywhere 'yeh i got into a bit of a fight' you say 'thank god your ok' he says hugging you and kissing your head 'im fine zayn' you say looking up at him, he kisses your lips 'i was just getting worried' he says 'aw your so cute' you say kissing him, he smiles and kisses you back, suddenly a car drives by and someone eggs you both and throws water balloons at you, you look to see who it is and its vanessa, you glare at her and she drives off 'im gonna have a shower, ill be over in 20' you say going home, 'yeh i need one too' he says, you go home and strip off into the shower, you change into something else and you go around to zayns, his mum opens it 'oh your here, zayn told me to tell you to wait in his room if you come before hes out' she says 'ok thank you' you say going up to his room, you open the door and walk in on him naked, you immediately close your eyes and shut the door 'omg i am so sorry!' you say through the door 'wait a sec'! he says on the other side, 'ok you can come in' he says, he opens the door, you walk in and he has boxers on, you cant help but stare at his abs and before you know it your gently tracing them with your fingers, 'sorry' you say blushing when you realize what your doing, you blush even more and step back 'no come back' he says pulling you towards him by your waist, he kisses your lips and you run your hands on his abs, he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you even closer, his hands travel down and he grabs your thigh pulling it up, you wrap that leg around his torso and kiss him even harder when theres a knock at the door, you jump and zayn kisses your forehead, he walks to the door and opens it 'yes?' he says, its his sister, he chats with her then closes the door 'what did she want?' you say 'oh nothing' he says, he puts on a shirt and then puts on the same jacket you tried on yesterday 'your still rocking that jacket' you say, he smiles and kisses you, you check the time 'omg i should be getting home' you say 'cool, ill walk you home..even though you live like on the other side of the street' he says, you laugh and walk down stairs, you open the door and its raining and windy 'oh god' you say stepping out onto the porch, you look at zayn who is standing there 'on second thoughts ill pass' he says 'fine' you say, you run out and get to the door unlock as fast as you can and you rush in and you quickly close the door behind you 'ergh i am soaked!' you say making a puddle on the floor, you quickly get to the shower and take a hot one, you then change into your pjs and wait for your mum to come home, suddenly you get a call from an unknown number 'hello?' you say 'may i ask who is speaking?' says the voice 'uh y/n' you say 'ok yes well this is the hospital, we are calling about your mother....
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