One direction Imagines by Michelle

These are just stories by Michelle
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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



24. Zayn part 24

Zayn imagine part 24

You wake up the next morning with a body pressed against you, you turned your head to see who it is and its zayn with a small smile on his face, you move a piece of his hair out of the way of his face and sighed, suddenly his eyes flick open 'y/n!!' he screams bringing you closer by your waist 'zayn, no we arent together any more, this isnt right, we both gotta move on' you say pushing him away, you stand up and look at him 'please y/n im sorry that i got angry last night and i want you to forgive me' he says standing up too and holding up his arms 'zayn i dont know, i mean im not ready to get married and i want you to understand that' you say 'well i understand now' he says walking towards you 'you could have just talked to me about it' he says wrapping his arms around you 'you can talk about anything ok? Keep that in mind next time' he says pressing his lips to your forehead, he holds the back of your hair and you wince in pain 'omg sorry' he says holding your neck instead 'i feel horrible for hurting you last night' he says looking deep into your eyes 'i love you' you say burying your face in his chest while closing your eyes 'i love you more' he says resting his cheek on your head, you lean up and kiss him 'well im not ready yet, so..maybe another half a year or a year or something, i dont know, ill tell you when i am' you say smiling up at him 'ok i just want you to be ready, i dont want to make you do anything you dont want to do' he says stroking your back, you smile and lean your head against him 'thanks' you say hugging him tight, you both stay like that for a while when he reaches into his pocket and takes out something 'the ring' you say, he gets down on one knee 'could we get engaged again sometime in the future?' he says smiling 'id love to' you say giggling as he slips on the ring 'still as beautiful as ever' you say holding it up 'your still more beautiful' he says, you laugh and sit down 'zayn' you say looking at him 'i think im ready, like i wasnt last night but i am now' you say 'thats great, but are you sure?' he says 'absolutely, theres nothing more i want right now than to marry you' you say kissing him, he kisses back and then he runs out trying to find a priest, you run with him and finally find one 'can you get us wed right now?!' you say 'well i dont see why not' he says, he gets the book and starts reading in the hallway, you both say your vows when theres a noise behind you, you look around and see the girls and the boys all standing there with their arms crossed with a huge smirk on their faces, you giggle 'now do you y/n take zayn as your lawfully wedded husband' says the priest 'i do' you say 'then you may now kiss the bride' he says to zayn you lean in and kiss him like never before, theyre all cheering behind you and then theres hugs all around 'were finally married, hello mrs malik' he says giving you another long kiss.

The end!!
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