One direction Imagines by Michelle

These are just stories by Michelle
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I fell in love with her writing and I think you will too.

•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



23. Zayn part 23

Zayn imagine part 23

You wake up with zayn gone, you sit up and look around, theres a note stuck to the door, you get up and walk towards the door, you read the note 'if you wake up and im not back yet, me and the boys are out planning the cake, dont worry babe its gonna be perfect ;D' you smile and throw the note in the bin, suddenly the door opens, you race down stairs 'zayn!' you scream 'you bought the cake?!' you exclaim 'yup me and the boys surprise for you girls' he says grinning, 'zayn!' you exclaim 'what?' he says smiling 'this cake had better be good' you say glaring at him, he smiles widely 'your gonna love it.'

*the day of the wedding*

'ok hold still' says eleanor holding an eyeliner pen, you close your eyes and she starts on your top eyelid 'ok now for mascara' she says starting on your eyelashes, she puts on a bit of eyeshadow on your top eyelid, 'ok done!' she says, you open your eyes and look into a hand mirror 'omg i love it!!' you squeal hugging her 'thank you so much' you say squeezing her tight, you pull away and then run to a full length mirror 'you look like a princess' says danielle standing beside you 'no you look like a princess' you say to her 'we all look like princesses!' says lena throwing her hands up 'now all we need are tiaras' says eleanor, you all giggle when the door bursts open and the boys burst in, you all scream at them and push them out, you all lean against the door 'just one peek?' says louis 'no! Its bad luck!!' screams danielle 'yeh bad luck!' you shout at all of them, 'fine' says liam, you hear them walk away and you lock the door 'just to be safe' you say, you all lounge around for a bit when theres a knock at the door, lena pops her head out 'guys it time' she says, you get ushered out by her, you start walking towards the grand hall (you know which one ;)) 'guys i cant do this' you say stopping in your tracks 'come on its gonna be fine' says eleanor dragging you along 'no im serious, im having second thoughts about this' you say hugging yourself 'come on it will be fine' says lena holding your hand 'just relax' says danielle hugging you, 'ok i think its just nerves' you say giving them all a warm smile, you all stand out the doors of the grand hall 'ok 1, 2, 3, go' says the organizer, you enter the hall in a line and you spot zayn, he looks absolutely perfect, his knees start wobbling and his eyes glaze up with a huge smile on his face, you reach him and the 5 priests start talking, you hold onto zayns hands and you look around, zayn must of seen your nervousness and he squeezes your hands, you smile at him and you both start your vows 'now do you zayn malik take y/n as your lawfully wedded wife?' says the priest 'i do' says zayn 'now do you y/n take zayn malik as your lawfully wedded husband?' says the priest looking at you 'i..i..' you glance at zayn who looks confused 'i, uerhm' by now everyone is looking at you, you look around and then back to zayn 'i dont take zayn as my husband' you say stepping down from the alter, you look back at him 'sorry..i-i just cant do this' you say running back down the isle starting to cry, you run back into the room you got changed in, you close the door and faceplant it into the lounge 'what was i thinking?' you say to yourself starting to make the armrest dirty with make-up, suddenly the door bursts open and zayn comes in 'y/n WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! WE WERE GOING TO GET MARRIED AND YOU JUST RUINED EVERYTHING!!' he screams jerking you upright by your hair, you wince in pain and look at him 'zayn im sorry! Im just not ready to get married!' you scream trying to reduce the pain, suddenly the rest of the boys burst in and drag zayn away 'WHY DIDNT YOU JUST SAY YOU WERENT READY?!' he screams at you, he gets pinned down by the boys and hes struggling to get them off 'zayn' you say kneeling down near him, you take a big breath 'i hope that you know when your next girlfriend is ready, because im certainly not' you say sliding the ring off your finger 'y/n what are you doing?' he says with a look of despair on his face 'goodbye zayn, we are over' you say giving him the ring, he takes the ring and then just stares at it 'omg zayn' says louis 'im so sorry' says liam, you walk out of the room and bump into danielle 'what happened y/n?' she says 'me and zayn are over' you say walking past her, you try to find an exit but you get lost in the castle, you eventually find a deserted room and crash there for the night...

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