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These are just stories by Michelle
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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



22. Zayn part 22

Zayn imagine part 22

You wake up in the morning and reach for zayn only to find that hes not there, you start to worry and you sit up, you go downstairs and see zayn asleep on his computer, you sigh and wake him 'zayn' you say softly, he wakes up 'where am i?' he says 'you fell asleep on your computer honey' you say, he sits up 'oh right' he says standing up 'sorry i didnt come to bed last night' he says kissing you 'thats ok' you say kissing him, you sit down on the couch, suddenly your phone starts ringing 'hey um y/n do you have any ideas on where to get married, like venues?' says eleanor 'HOGWARTS!!' you exclaim, 'omg can you really get married at hogwarts?' she says 'yeh, its a real castle and people can get married there' you say, she starts squealing 'omg that is so cool!!! Im gonna go tell the others and then were gonna fly up there for the wedding' she says 'ok then cya' you say hanging up, you smile and then zayn scoops you up 'were gonna have a lazy day where we stay in bed all day!' he says carrying you up to the bedroom, he lays you down in bed and then climbs in too, he wraps his arms around your waist and kisses your forehead 'sorry again for not going to bed last night' he says pulling you closer 'zayn dont worry about it, you fell asleep on your computer because you were probably too overworked or something' you say starting to wonder 'say, what were you looking at last night' you say, 'nothing important' he says biting his lip 'zayn' you say raising an eyebrow 'um well you see, i kinda was searching for the perfect dress for you' he says 'zayn! You dont have to do that, me and the girls are gonna go shopping for dresses and plus your not allowed to see me in my dress, or its bad luck' you say, 'yeh i know but i just want this day to be extra special' he says, you smile and kiss him 'i know but just leave it to the girls to plan this ok?' you say grinning 'ok ok fine' he says sighing.

*a few days later*
'what about this dress?' says eleanor holding up one 'you should totally try it on' says perrie 'it would look great on you' says lena 'go try it' you say pushing her into the stall, you browse for dresses, when you hear eleanor come out, you walk back ' eleanor that is so pretty on you!' you squeal running over to her 'you totally have to buy this one!' you say spinning her around, 'you think so?' she says 'yes!' you say, she goes back in to take it off, and you walk around looking for a dress, 'excuse me can i help you?' says a female staff, you turn around 'yes um i need a wedding dress and i cant find any that i like' you say 'ok then let me help you with that' she says, she holds up a dress 'what about this one?' she says holding up a dress 'ooooh this looks really pretty, thanks ill go try this on' you say taking the dress and trying it on, you walk out 'ok what do you think!?' you say walking out, lenas jaw drops 'omg that looks so pretty on you!' she exclaims admiring the dress, you keep looking at yourself in the mirror when someone scoops you up 'you look beautiful' he says kissing your lips 'ZAYN!' you squeal 'your not supposed to see the dress, it was gonna be a surprise' you say a bit disappointed 'well it looks beautiful anyway' he says grinning, you pout and start to protest but he places a finger on your lips 'it looks beautiful and thats that' he says, 'fine' you grumble, he smiles and kisses you again 'you look stunning by the way' he says, you go into the stall and change out of it, you walk out with the dress in one arm and zayn grabs it from you 'im buying this' he says 'zayn! No your not! Im not letting you buy the dress!' you say trying to stop him, you try to drag him away but hes too strong, he runs to the counter and buys it 'there you go' he says smiling 'zayn i was gonna buy that' you whine, he smiles and wraps his arms around your waist 'too late' he says kissing your forehead, you look at him with a frown plastered on your face, 'come on you can pick out my suit' he says, your face lights up 'any suit?!' you say, he stops 'only if it looks good' he says, 'fine' you say, you both part with the girls and zayn finds a suit shop, he walks in and you start picking out some suits, after a few hours you find the perfect one and he tries it on, he comes out 'so what do you think?' he says pulling the jacket down a bit 'you look so handsome' you say wrapping your arms around his neck, you kiss him on the lips and he kisses back, you both start making out when your both interrupted 'i thought id find you guys here!' says louis coming through the door with eleanor 'so how does zayn look?' you say 'you look good mate' says louis patting him on the shoulder 'thanks lou' says zayn, he goes back into the change rooms and he changes, he comes out just as louis walks out 'omg lou you look perfect!' exclaims eleanor running up to him and kissing him, they talk quietly with their foreheads touching, zayn buys the suit and then you both walk home, zayn holds the dress and the suit 'here let me hold the dress' you say reaching for it 'no! I wanna hold it!' he screams holding it away, you look at him funny 'ok then, fine' you say a bit confused, you open the door and zayn puts the dress and suit in the wardrobe, he comes back down and hugs you from behind 'i love you' he says kissing your cheek 'i love you too zayn' you say placing your hands over his hands, zayn suddenly lets go and he walks over to the music player and puts in an old disc, he turns on some slow music and then comes back to you, he places his hands on the side of your waist and you wrap your arms around his neck, you both do a slow dance around the living room staring into each others eyes, you lean up and kiss him on the lips, he kisses back and it turns into a make out session, after a few minutes you end the kiss and place your head on his neck 'you are going to be a perfect bride' you hear zayn whisper into your ear 'and your going to be the groom' you say nibbling his ear, he kisses your neck and walks his fingers down your back and up your shirt, you unbutton his jacket and he slides it off, you take off your shirt and you both jump out of your jeans, he suddenly picks you up bridal style and carries you to bed where you both have "fun" ;).

You lie on top of zayn, your both sweaty and panting and he kisses you then rolls you off, he brings you into his arms and rests his chin on your hair, you kiss his neck and rest your head on his neck, you eventually fall asleep on him...
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