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21. Zayn part 21

Zayn imagine part 21

'they what?!' 'how?!' 'NOOO!!' you hear zayn screaming on the phone, he hangs up and chucks his phone at the wall 'zayn baby, whats wrong?' you say pulling him towards you by his shirt, he sits down cross legged on the bed 'how?' he says deep in thought 'zayn!!!' you scream, he doesnt respond so you slap him hard, he snaps out of it and holds his hand to his cheek 'ow' he says making a face, you sit on top of his lap 'sorry' you say moving his hands and kissing his cheek better 'you werent responding' you say, you kiss his cheek again making him ease up a bit 'so what were you screaming about on the phone?' you say 'oh uhm...well' he pauses 'you see, the fans arent exactly pleased that were getting married, so they set our and the rest of the boys place on fire' he says 'what?!' you scream, standing up and having a temper tantrum 'THEY CANT FUCKING DO THAT!!!' you scream chucking a vase at the wall making it smash into a million pieces, zayn places his hands on your shoulders 'y/n calm down!' he screams, you let go of the lamp you were about to smash and look into his eyes 'sorry, i overreacted a bit' you say leaning your face on his chest 'its ok' he says pressing his lips to your hair, he wraps his arms around your arms and you both stay like that for a bit, after a few minutes, you pull away 'so where are we going to live?' you say 'um well we can buy another house, or we can rebuild it' he says 'um rebuild it' you say 'i liked the location' you say, he smiles 'and well get a better security system' he says, you laugh 'definitely' you say, he kisses you and then calls up the rest of the boys, you all hear loud screams with each phonecall and you go to the celebrity news on your phone, its all over the web and you read it, there are photos and it looks disastrous, theres writing in the ashes you cant quite make out, you zoom in and read it aloud '' you say your eyes going wide 'y/n whats wrong?' says zayn looking over your shoulder, he reads it too 'oh god' he says 'zayn we are not living in london anymore' you say 'maybe we could get an estate somewhere in my hometown, like in bradford' he says 'or paris!' you say sarcastically 'ok then paris' he says, you stare at him 'really?!' you say 'sure why not, its the perfect place to get married' he says grinning, you grin back 'paris it is then' you say, zayn calls up all the boys and tells them that you guys were moving to paris, after half an hour he comes back to you 'ok so we are all going to get places 100 meters within the radius of eachother' he says scrolling through houses on his phone 'this is perfect' he says holding up a picture of a trendy french house 'it looks absolutely perfect' you say taking his phone and going through the details of the place, you hand his phone back 'were buying it' you say, he starts making a few phonecalls and after ages of waiting he picks you up bridal style 'were gonna live in paris' he says slightly singing it, you wrap your arms around his neck 'paris' you say smiling and leaning your head against his chest 'and were going to have the perfect wedding, anywhere in the world, ok so where?' he says carrying you to the bathroom 'HOGWARTS!!' you exclaim (btw hogwarts is a real place and people can get married there :)) he sets you down in the bathroom, he turns on the water and starts undressing 'i think hogwarts is perfect' he says kissing your cheek and then hopping into the shower, you undress too and hop in with him 'so damn sexy' you say tracing his abs with your fingers, he smiles and grabs your butt, pulling you closer 'you are too' he says leaning down and kissing you, you kiss back and grip onto his back not wanting to let go, suddenly theres a knock at the door 'HOUSEKEEPING!' you both hear a voice say, you both pull away and zayn turns off the water 'just a second!' he calls out quickly drying himself and then handing you the towel, you wrap it around yourself and he quickly puts on a shirt and underwear, he opens the door 'hello?' he says, you hear him slam the door and he isnt in the room, you quickly put on a simple outfit and press yourself against the door trying to hear for any noises, 'just go away' you hear zayn say pressed up against the door 'no, baby, i want you to cut the wedding and be with me' you hear a female voice say, you open the door and zayn falls down and then scrambles behind you 'get her away' he says hugging your leg 'what do you want?' you say to a staff who has put on way too much make-up 'well i dont like you and i want my baby to cut the wedding with you' she says looking a bit smug, your anger flares up 'im sorry, what did you call him?' you say raising and eyebrow and scoffing 'ok no one calls zayn his baby, other than me!' you scream launching yourself at her, you end up having a fight like the one you had with vanessa and zayn ends up dragging you away 'if i were you id leave for my life!' zayn calls out slamming the door in her face, you hear a shriek outside and then loud stomping, zayn sits you down on the bed 'her nails must be like claws' he says going into his bag and pulling out a small first aid kit, he gets out an antibacterial wipe and starts dabbing at your face, you wince in pain 'what did she do to my face?' you say, he takes out a mirror from his pocket 'beautiful as always' he says handing you the mirror 'zayn! No i dont! I look a mess' you say glaring at him 'well to me you always look beautiful' he says softly pressing his lips to yours, he continues to fix you up and then starts on the cuts and bruises on your arms and legs, he sees the scars from when you cut yourself a while ago and he tears up a bit just staring at your arms 'zayn' you say reaching up and stroking his cheek 'im fine' you say, he gently grabs your arm 'i know, i just...well, it still hurts me' he says gently rubbing your cuts with his thumb, he sighs and then throws the antibacterial wipe in the bin.

*at the end of the week*
'zayn come on wake up' you say ripping off the bedsheets, he rolls over 'iz too early' he says stuffing his face into the pillow 'come on we gotta go' you say sitting on his stomach with your legs on either side of his body, 'zayyyyn were gonna be so late' you say, you suddenly get an idea and go into the bathroom, you make your hands wet and cold and then run back to zayn, you put your hands on his stomach and rub your hands all over 'ARRGH!!' he screams waking up and glaring at you 'come on sleepyhead' you laugh, he gets up and changes, in about half an hour he is ready and you check the time 'ok we have 45 minutes to get to the airport' you say, zayn gets a taxi and you get there with 10 minutes left to check in, zayn pays the taxi driver and then helps you with the suitcases, you both check in and then you spot the others, you run over to them 'hey guys!' you say hugging them all, 'hey-omg what happened to your face?!' says perrie staring at you 'oh um cat fight..' you say edging towards zayn, zayn wraps his arms around your waist from behind 'a very bad cat fight' he says kissing your cheek 'ok well we should all go' says liam, you all find the gate and board the plane, you waited for a bit before the plane lifted off, you fell asleep leaning on zayns chest with him gently stroking your arms.

'OMFG WERE IN PARIS!!' screams niall jumping around 'dont swear!' screams harry glaring at niall, you groan and sit up, zayn was still asleep so you shook him gently 'zayn wake up' you say, he groans and stays asleep, 'zayn i will mess up your hair!' you say, he wakes up instantly and covers his hair 'no, not the quiff!!' he screams standing up and running off, you laugh and get your carry-ons, you all walk out of the plane and find your other suitcase 'ok so the address of our new place is this' says zayn holding up his phone and showing the other boys 'ok well i got this address' says liam with his phone out, the others get their addresses and then you all part ways 'ill call you up in a week for the dresses' you say to the girls, you get in a car and zayn drives, you arrive at the place and you step out '' you say leaning against the car 'so do you like it?' he says hugging you from behind 'zayn i dont like it, i LOVE IT!!' you scream turning around and kissing him on the lips, he smiles and then you get the suitcases inside 'omg you even got the furniture just like home' you say looking around, you go up to the bedroom and open the wardrobe 'zayn all my clothes are here, how did they get here?' you say 'well babe theres something about our place i kinda didnt tell you about, you see, i kinda installed a security system before we moved in so that if the house was under attack or anything all our valuables and furniture and everything thats not permanent, the security system would hide it all underground' he says 'thats so cool' you say 'you saved all our stuff' you say hugging him and then pecking him on the lips, he smiles and then you start to unpack, when you finish its really late and you start a shower, you finish and change into your pjs, 'zayn you coming to bed?' you yell out walking into the living room, hes on his phone and he has his laptop on 'hmm? Oh not yet ill be done in a bit' he says 'ok well im off to bed now' you say 'ok' he says getting up and kissingq you goodnight, you go to bed and eventually fall asleep without zayn...
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