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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



20. Zayn part 20

Zayn imagine part 20

Zayn was shaking you awake 'baby get up' he says, you open one eye and squint at him 'why?' you say 'because we have to go' he says 'but its cold' you mumble, 'well then let me help you' he says ripping off the bedsheets off and picking you up bridal style, you cling on to him hugging onto his warmth 'come on, im gonna take you somewhere' he says, you rest your head on his shoulder and kiss his neck 'can we just stay asleep for a bit more?' you say seductively, he looks at you 'dont do that face on me' he says, you make puppy dog eyes 'please?' you say 'you know i cant say to that face' he says 'please?' you say pouting a bit, a look of determination spreads across his face 'no' he says trying really hard not to surrender to you 'fine' you say making zayn let go of you, you change into some clothes and then zayn grabs your suitcase and puts it in the van 'zayn where are we going?' you whine 'Somewhere' he says smiling to himself, you make a pillow out of your arms and you fall asleep.

'y/n were here!!' he says, you lift your head from your arms 'huh?' you say, you see luna park 'luna park' you say smiling 'yep!' he says helping you out of the van, he gets a ticket for you and then you go on all the rides, the last thing you go on is coney island and you see the mirror maze 'lets go on this!' you say pulling him towards it, theres only a small line and you and zayn wait your turns, alot of people have queued behind you squealing for zayn, you both try to ignore them when the staff says its your turn 'ok so 27 girl groups have gone through and only 21 went all the way, and only 12 boy groups went through...and only 3 went all the way' you snort and start giggling, zayn glares at you and then the staff keeps talking 'ok so the people arent aloud to touch you, theyre ment to scare you, but theyre not allowed to touch you, the special word is sunshine, which you can say if you get too scared, but you only have one chance so dont mess it up' she says getting a pen and marking your wristband, you both walk in and some thing rattles at you, you jump and grab onto zayn, he hugs you tight and you both advance into the maze, you go through most of the maze while getting really scared and you get trapped in a corner, 'crap a corner' you say finding an exit, you feel around and find an exit, you walk forward a bit an see a black outline of a figure, you scream and back into the corner 'omg' you say shaking and hiding your face in zayns jacket, the figure just stands there, for a while wearing a bedraggled outfit and red crazy hair, everytime you look to see if she was gone you would scream, zayn was getting pretty scared too and suddenly the figure started slowly walking towards you, you and zayn started non-stop screaming and when the figure was about a meter away she quickly turned on a flashlight 'BBBLLLRRRAAGHH!!!!' she screams quickly turning it off and then running away, tears start pouring out of your eyes from being so scared, and then you both keep walking, you get scared several of times and you start hyperventilating 'the exit!!' zayn screams dragging you there, you both scramble for the exit and push everyone out of the way, 'omg th-at was s-o scary' you say hyperventilating and crying at the same time, zayn hugs you tight, you bury your face in your hands and continue to cry, zayn presses his lips to your forehead 'shhhhh calm down he says, you keep hyperventilating and he steadies your breathing, after a while you stop and you hide your face under one side of his jacket 'that was so scary' you say taking deep breaths, you turn to zayn and his eyes are a bit red 'omg were you crying too?!' you say 'no' he says quickly denying it, you laugh 'that is so cute' you say leaning up and kissing him on the lips, you both start making out when you hear a loud scream coming from the maze, you jump and end the kiss, he hugs you 'you are so cute when your scared' he says squeezing you tight 'zayn i cant breathe' you say 'sorry, i just love you so much' he says letting go, you smile and grab his hand, you both walk out of coney island and zayn buys a slurpee for both of you, you both sit down at the waters edge and share the slurpee, you finish it off and then zayn goes off to find a bin 'y/n!!!' you hear a scream, you turn around and see all the girls with the boys 'omg guys its so great to see you!!' you scream running up to them and enforcing a group hug 'look!' you say holding out your hand and showing them the ring, you all talk about your rings and have a whole mothers group conversation 'so its all agreed, joint wedding right?' you say 'yes definitely' says lena, you smile and start organizing everything 'ok so we get the dresses when we get back to london, right?' you say 'yup, i know a good dress store, my friend got married a few years ago, and she had a stunning dress' says eleanor 'ok sweet, so we'll continue with the rest of the preparations back in london' you say, you all get up and you join zayn who is talking with the boys 'hey um guys, do you mind if the wedding is a joint wedding?' you say sitting on zayns lap and wrapping your arms around his neck 'no thats cool' says liam 'sure' says louis 'id love to!' says harry, you smile 'awesome!' you say getting up, zayn pulls you back down on his lap and kisses your cheek 'were gonna get married' he says smiling, 'i know' you say kissing him on the lips, you snake your arms around his neck and start making out with him 'get a room!' says louis chucking his wallet at him, it lands on your lap and you open it 'awh look at you lou! Your so cute!' you say pointing to a picture of him when he was little, you quickly take out your phone and take a picture, louis eyes go wide 'give that back!' he screams, you gets up and you run for it, louis is gaining on you and you turn around 'LIAM CATCH!!!' you scream chucking it to him, he jumps up and catches it, louis starts chasing liam who cant because liam is running too fast and he quickly outruns louis, louis leans against a rail and pants 'liam! Wait up!' he says jogging after him 'harry! CATCH!' he says chucking it to harry, harry catches it but then fumbles it and drops it, it falls under a bench and harry bends down and starts looking for it, louis runs over and starts looking for it too, eleanor spots it and then runs and grabs it 'mine!' she screams running away, louis quickly catches her and grabs her by the waist, she squeals 'LET ME GO!' she screams giggling at the same time, he gets his wallet and puts it in his pocket, he carries eleanor back over his shoulder while ignoring all her protests, he plops her down on a chair and then sits on her 'lou get off! You weigh a ton!' she screams trying to get him to stand up 'never' he says, she stands up and he falls to the ground, she giggles and then extends a hand, he reaches out and then pulls her down on top of him, she giggles and then they start making out, 'guys get a room!' you say yelling at them, they both get up and join the rest of you guys, 'so where to?' you say 'NANDOS!!!' screams niall, you all laugh 'fine nandos' says liam, you all get into the van and harry drives to a nearby nandos, 'ok were here!' he says, you all go in and order something, some people have started to notice you and theyre all giving you dirty looks, you ignore them as best as possible, when a girl walks up to all of you, she asks to talk to all the girls away from the boys 'so..what do you want?' you say trying to be friendly 'i want the wedding to be cancelled' she says 'pffff no' you say laughing, she glares at you, you stop laughing and put a hand on her shoulder 'honey this wedding is not going to be cancelled' you say, she grips onto your hand and puts your arm in a painful position, she pins you down on the floor and you scream out in pain, you scream for zayn but she keeps putting pressure on your arm making it unbearable, you keep screaming when suddenly she is ripped off, zayn picks you up 'you ok baby?' he says 'my arm hurts' you say wincing as he gently touches it, anger flares up in his face and he glares at the girl who is being pinned down by louis and liam, he walks over and he starts shouting at her 'WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING?!' he screams getting angry at her, she starts getting scared by him and he continues to scream at her, liam and louis get off and then they pull zayn away while he shouts insults at her, she runs away 'YEH THATS RIGHT! RUN AWAY!' screams zayn fuming, liam and lou are trying to calm down zayn, nd you go over to him 'zayn calm down' you say placing your hands on his shoulders, he looks at you and all the anger disappears from his face 'sorry' he says holding your hands that are placed on his shoulders 'its ok' you say leaning up and pecking him on the lips, he grabs your head and kisses you passionately on the lips, after a few minutes of making out he pulls away and hugs you 'im sorry, i got a bit angry, i just cant bear to see you hurt' he says, rubbing your hurt arm, you wince in pain and he quickly lets go 'sorry' he says 'zayn stop saying sorry, im perfectly fine' you say leaning up and kissing him, you end it and then go back to all the boys 'you ok?' says niall 'yeh, im fine now' you say sitting down next to him, zayn sits on the other side and puts his arms around you 'i love you' he says kissing your cheek 'i love you too' you say kissing his cheek, the rest finish off their food and then part ways, 'ok see you at the end of the week!' you say to eleanor 'remember, 6:00 In the morning on friday' says eleanor 'ok bye!' you say, zayn laces his fingers with yours and then you wall around sydney for the rest of the day, sightseeing.

At the end of the day when it starts to get dark, zayn takes you to a hotel he booked earlier and you both get your suitcases in, you flop down on the bed and lie down like a starfish, zayn jumps on top of you and squishes you by his weight 'Zayn!' you say pushing him off, he chuckles and lifts your shirt up over your stomach 'what are you doing?' you say, he takes a breath and presses his lips onto your stomach and blows making a noise, 'AHHH ZAYN STOP!!' you squeal giggling and pushing him off, you get up and run away, he chases after you and you both run around the room knocking over furniture and trashing the place, finally he catches you and lies down on top of you, you keep giggling and you cant seem to stop, he starts laughing at you and you both just laugh for a few minutes, you eventually stop and you both stare into each others eyes 'i love you' he says leaning down and kissing you, you kiss him back and wrap your arms around his neck 'i love you too' you say kissing him again, he smiles 'mrs malik' he says grinning at you, you grin back and kiss him quickly on the lips 'ok well i need to brush my teeth' you say getting up, you go into the bathroom and brush teeth, halfway through zayn comes in naked 'i need to take a shower' he says turning on the water, you finish brushing your teeth and undress too 'make room i need to shower too' you say getting in, zayn grabs your waist and presses you up against him 'wanna make memories tonight?' he says raising an eyebrow and smirking, you smirk back 'sure' you say..lets just say you had a longer than expected shower ;).

You turn off the water and grab a towel, you pat yourself dry and zayn gets another towel and dries himself too, you change into your pjs and get into the bed, zayn climbs in too and wraps himself around you 'goodnight mrs malik' he says 'night zayn' you say turning your head and kissing his lips, he kisses back and then you snuggle into his chest 'i love you' he says 'i love you too' you say brushing your fingertips gently over his cheek, you kiss his lips again and then you fall asleep...
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