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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



19. Zayn part 19

Zayn imagine part 19

You wake up in the morning, zayn is making a dribble trail down your neck, you sit up and wipe the spit from your neck, you wipe it on zayns face and he wakes up instantly and wipes it off 'what was that?!' he says looking at you 'your spit' you say, he blushes 'oops, sorry' he says 'thats ok' you say smiling, you kiss his cheek and go to brush your teeth, you wash your face and grab your clothes and change in the bathroom, you walk out and zayn is changing in a corner, he is searching for his top and hes shirtless, you see the one he normally wears on the edge of the bed and you pick it up, you walk over to him and wrap your arms around his stomach with the shirt in one hand 'looking for this?' you say, 'theres it is!' he says taking it from you, you smile and he puts it on, he gets one of his normal jackets and puts it on, 'ok guys were all ready to go' says liam, you grab a few tissues out of the tissue box and stuff them in your purse, you get driven to warriewood beach (ps that place has like literally no one there, just a few, its never crowded) you see a corspe lay down near the water on top of a bonfire, you start to tear up a bit, zayn sees your face and squeezes your hand 'its going to be ok' he says, you smile a bit and squeeze back, you all get out of the van and you can already see a crowd of family friends and relatives, you see your best friend roderick who is gay and he is starting to get a bit emotional, you start to get emotional too and you run up to him, he sees you, theres instant recognition on his face and you both stare at eachother for a bit, you both tear up and then burst into tears at the same time and hug eachother, you cry into his shoulder and he cries into yours 'did you see the video?' you say, he nods 'i cant believe they would have the nerve to even dare show that' he says, you smile, you missed his personality so much, you both kept crying when some one tapped you on the shoulder, you pulled away and looked to who it was, zayn, he pulls you towards him by your waist and then kisses your lips 'hey babe' he says obviously telling roderick to back off, roderick raises an eyebrow 'so your zayn, make sure you take care of her, or i will fill my limited edition prada handbag full off stones and i will slap you silly if you hurt her' he says, roderick was always like your older brother, always taking care of you and telling guys to treat you right, zayn steps back a bit ' well we gotta go so...bye' he says walking off and taking you with him, as soon as your out of view from him, zayn turns to you 'who was he?!' he says ' best friend..whose gay' you say, zayn looks shocked and you laugh at his reaction 'stop being so jealous zayn' you say 'well its my job to, as your boyfriend, i must be protective' he says, you smile and lean up and kiss him 'your so cute when your jealous' you say laughing, he blushes 'i am not jealous' he says 'yeh you are, you are so red' you say, he feels his cheeks 'the weathers hot!!' he says 'uh huh sure' you say, suddenly someone calls over everyone to start the burning 'and now words from the daughter' cries out your crazy aunt who is a hippie, you smile and take the small stage, you start a speech on how she was a big imapct and everything and how much you loved her, you looked out to the crowd and people were starting to tear up, you held your tears back and finished your speech, then someone started pouring methylated spirits on the bonfire, someone got a lighter and lit it up, theres a tray at the bottom for the ashes and you all let it burn for half an hour, in the mean time you mourned for her, you were sitting on zayns lap quietly sobbing into his chest, he holds you in his arms (like how he held that puppy and was burying his face in it, lucky puppy) and he keeps on gently kissing your face every 3 seconds, suddenly someone said it was time to collect the ashes and throw them into the water, you stood up and made your way over, they got all the ashes and put them in a small jar, your crazy aunt took your hand and made you get into a boat, she started rowing out and then told you to scatter the ashes, you did as you were told and you were crying the whole time, when she rowed back you got out immediately and ran straight into zayns arms, he comforts you and you both walk to a seat, he sits down and you sit on his lap and cry 'i- cant believe-shes actual-ly gone' you say stuttering a bit, he pressed you to his chest 'shhhh shhhhh dont cry' he says while rubbing your back, you sob for a bit more and then wipe your tears in his shoulder, you stand up and zayn does too, 'you feeling any better?' he says, you nod 'just a bit' you mumble, you rest your head on his shoulder and he wraps his arms around you and kisses your hair 'i love you' he says 'always keep that in mind' he says, you smile and kiss his cheek 'i love you too' you say, he smiles and then carries you back to the van, he starts driving 'wait what about the others?' you say 'oh they have their own plans for the week' he says 'oh ok' he stops at the hotel and you go in and grab your bags, you chuck them in the van and he starts driving 'where are we going?' you say 'somewhere special for something special' he says smiling 'ok well wake me up when were there' you say lying over the seats and falling asleep.

'babe wake up' he says shaking you 'huh, where are we?' you say 'that special place i was talking about' he says lifting you up out of the car, you rub your eyes and kiss him 'ok so where are we' you say 'the jenolan caves' he says 'oh cool, ive always wanted to go there' you say, he smiles and then gets two tickets to one of the caves, you wait around for half an hour when finally its time for the tour, you go to your group and some girls start whispering and pointing at zayn, then they come up to him 'are you zayn malik?!' one of the girls say 'uh yeh..why?' he says, she starts screaming and crying and when she finally stops she asks for a photo and an autograph, she hugs zayn and then slips him her number, she struts off and you glare at her, zayn pulls you closer by your waist 'babe dont worry about her' he says 'your mine' he says kissing you, the tour guide comes and then leads you into the cave 'ok so people wonder what the cave looks like without any lights' the guide says, he keeps talking for a bit and then turns off the light 'zayn' you whisper 'where are you y/n?' you hear zayn say, you find him and then hug him 'omg i cant see you' he says 'me neither' you say feeling around for his face, 'ow thats my eye' he says, you giggle and find his cheeks, you pull him towards you and kiss him passionately, the lights go on and you quickly pull away and he turns you around with his hands placed on your stomach, 'ok this way' the guide says, you all go to a place with a massive drop in front of it and rock formations growing in the middle, the guide starts talking 'so many people have proposed at this spot, just something about these rocks makes it romantic, so just have a look around' he says, zayn looks nervous and then goes up to the guide and quietly asks him something, the guide chuckles and then whispers something back, zayn comes back and then the guide tells everyone to move on, he winks at zayn who is starting to look really nervous, the group move on and zayn holds you back 'y/n' he starts off 'i, i couldnt imagine life without you, your my whole world and your absolutely amazing' he says 'ok..' you say, you look out to the rock formation and he walks behind you, he says your full name and you turn around and see zayn on one knee with a red velvet box with a beautiful ring inside 'omg' you say backing away but then walking into the barrier 'will you marry me?' he says 'zayn..' you say putting a hand to your mouth 'so will you?' he says, looking worried, it takes a time for you to process what hes saying then you nod gently 'yes' you whisper 'yes!' you say louder running into his arms, you kiss him 'of course i will' you say with happy tears springing into your eyes, he smiles and slips on the ring 'its so beautiful' you say holding it up to the light 'not as beautiful as you' he says kissing you on the lips 'i love you' you say kissing him again, 'i love you too' he says you both catch up with the rest of the group, you and zayn are smiling widely and then go through the rest of the tour, when you get out you go to call up eleanor 'omg the best thing just happened!!' you scream, 'omg really!! Me too! Lou just proposed!!!' she screams 'omg really?! Zayn just proposed too!!!' you scream, you both squeal on the phone when you hear louis take eleanors phone 'we were in the middle of something, so bye' he says hanging up, you put your phone in your pocket and zayn hugs you from behind 'hey i booked one of those hotels up there for the night' he says winking, 'mmm really?' you say turning around and wrapping your arms around his neck 'yup, just for you and me' he says, you smile and hold his hand 'lets go' you say dragging him along, he runs with you and you reach the room, you take his keys and unlock the door 'wow this place is so cool, and the bed is huge' you say walking beside it, suddenly he backs up and runs towards you, crash tackling you onto the bed, you squeal and giggle 'zayn get off' you say, he pins you down with his body 'not today' he says with a grin, suddenly your phone rings 'hello?' you say holding a finger to zayns lips to stop him from saying anything 'hey its danielle, you would not believe what just happened! Liam proposed to me!!' she screams 'omg you too!! Me and eleanor got proposed to too!!' you say 'omg that is so great!!' she says, you both start talking about how your guys proposed to you when zayn grabs your phone 'ok not meaning to be rude but we were kinda in the middle of some 'us' time, so bye' he says hanging up, he chucks your phone aside and turns back to you 'now for some us time' he says doing a cheeky smile, he leans down and passionately kisses you, you wrap your legs around him and start to remove his clothes, at the same time he does too and you both have that "us" time zayn was talking about ;).

'wow' he says lying on his back and puffing 'yeh wow alright' you say panting, you both get your breath back and then he pulls you into his arms 'i love you' he says with his lips brushing against your forehead, he presses them against your forehead and then hugs you tight 'i love you y/n malik' he says, you look up at him and giggle 'i love how my name sounds already' you say, he grins 'i know, ive been saying it to myself for a few weeks now' he says, you lean up and kiss him, 'now goodnight' you say snuggling deep into his chest 'ok then night babe' he says kissing your hair, he pulls the doona over you for warmth and then falls asleep...
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