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18. Zayn part 18

Zayn imagine part 18

'well she really loved the ocean, so she would want to be burned and then her ashes scattered in the sea' you say 'oh..ok then, well thats interesting' says liam 'ok well ill start on the preparations for the uhm burning' says eleanor walking out of the room, you stand up and do a fake smile 'im feeling so much better, thanks guys' you say 'glad to help' says louis going downstairs, the others follow and you turn to zayn who you catch staring at your scars 'zayn' you say, he looks up 'sorry i got distracted' he says walking over to you 'and i know that your not actually feeling better, i could sense that tone in your voice' he says pulling you towards him by your waist 'well i can tell that you still havent forgiven yourself about me self-harming' you say wrapping your arms around his neck 'im never going to forgive myself' he says kissing you gently, you smile and lean your head on his chest 'i love you' you say 'i love you too babe' he says kissing your head, you both stay like that in eachothers arms for a bit when you get called downstairs, you part from the hug and go downstairs, 'ok so do you want the burning on the beach?' says eleanor with a piece of paper already scribbled on, 'uerm sure, oh and she loves australia' you say, she smiles and goes back to writing down stuff, when she finishes, she calls up about 12 different numbers and then gets a beach down, she keeps calling numerous people for about half an hour, she finally stops talking and sits down on the couch 'there i got everything sorted' she says panting on the couch, louis sits down next to her and quietly chats for a bit, you go up to zayn and hug him, he rests his chin on your head and wraps his arms around your waist, you both just stand there for a while, suddenly he unwraps his arms and then unwraps your arms from his waist, he holds your arms up and gently strokes your cuts, he sighs and his eyes water up a bit, you reach out and touch his cheek 'zayn, dont beat yourself up about it' you say giving him a sympathetic smile, he places his hand on yours and stares into your eyes 'you know that ill never forgive myself for leaving you when i could have stopped it' he says as a tear escapes his eye, you wipe it away with your thumb 'just try' you say leaning up and kissing him, the kiss lasts longer than expected and when you finally pull away you stare into his eyes 'i wont forgive myself either' you say, a shocked look goes over his face for a split second and then it disapears 'but..' he says 'i wont forgive myself until you do' you say smiling and walking away, he stands there with a smirk on his face and then runs up to you and picks you up from behind, 'zayn!!! Put me down!!!' you scream giggling, he plants a kiss on your face and carries you to the bedroom 'ok guys i dont plan on being quiet so if you want to leave..' he calls out, you hear scrambling towards the door and it slams shut 'well that was quick' you say, zayn starts giving you a hickey but then he suddenly stops and trails his lips up towards yours, you feel his breath make a warm trail too and you smile a bit and he moves up so his eyes are level with yours 'i forgive myself' he says smiling a bit, you smile widely and press your lips up against his 'well then i forgive myself too' you say parting a bit, he presses his lips on yours again and you feel him smile, you start to unbutton his jacket and he does it for you, you both strip and have "fun" ;).

You roll onto your side of the bed and pant 'omg that took so much energy out of me' you say, 'yeh..i can hardly breathe' he says taking gulps of air, you turn your head and look towards him, he looks towards you and then pulls you closer by your waist, he picks you up and lays you down on top of him 'so australia?' he says 'for the funeral yeh..' you say 'also we can do some sight seeing' he says 'you already have something planned?' you say, he smiles 'maybe' he says, you chuckle and kiss him, suddenly your phone rings, you groan and reach for it on the bedside table 'hello?' you say 'hey its eleanor, um the burning is going to be in two days and were flying the body over to sydney, apparantly theres a really quiet beach there' she says 'ok cool, so are there any after plans or anything?' you say 'well we could stay there for like a week or something, i dont know its up to you' she says, zayn grabs your phone 'yes eleanor its a week' he says 'ok cool, well bye, oh and the plane is at 6:30 tomorrow morning, well pick you up at 5:45 so be ready then' she says hanging up, you chuck your phone back on the bedside table and go back to making out with zayn 'i love you so much babe' he says 'i love you too' you say, he smiles and then rolls you off him 'now we need to get packing for tomorrow' he says getting up, you find a suitcase and start packing for a week, zayn packs too and you both take ages packing and getting everything sorted, by the time your both done its night, your exhausted and you flop down onto the bed, zayn lies down next to you and kisses your forehead 'i love you, goodnight' he says pulling you into his arms, you snuggle deep into his chest and kiss his lips, then slowly fall asleep.

The alarm beeps at 5:00 in the morning, you shut it off and drag yourself out of bed, you brush your teeth and wash your face, zayn is still asleep so you make your hands nice and wet and cold and you places them on his face and rub down to his chest, he wakes up instantly and glares at you 'come on sleepyhead time to get up' you say leaning down and kissing him, he grabs your neck and pulls you down 'just a bit more' he says making you comfortable, 'zayn, the guys are gonna be here in half an hour' you say checking the time, his eyes go wide 'that gives me just enough time to fix my hair!!!' he screams running into the bathroom, you laugh and get ready too, you block his view of the mirror and do your hair 'hey get out of the way!' he says leaning over you, you laugh and turn around and kiss him on the lips, he stops on his hair and then pushes you away 'stop distracting me!!' he says, you giggle and kiss his cheek 'fine then, come on hurry up' you say walking out, you change into an outfit and wait for zayn, he rushes out and changes into an outfit, suddenly the doorbell rings and you go to answer it, its eleanor 'hey!' you say, you get your suitcase and chuck it into the van, zayn comes out too and then locks up, he stuffs the keys in his pocket and then chucks his suitcase in the back, he gets in the van and you get in after him, paul drives to the airport and you all board a private jet, you walk onto the plane and find a spot to sit in, zayn takes the spot next to you and leans his head on your shoulder, the others get on and then the plane lifts off, you rest your head on zayns hair and fall asleep.

Your woken up later by the plane jolting about, zayn has fallen into your lap and you were leaning against the window, you lean onto zayn and fall back asleep. 'GUYS WE LANDED!!!!' screams niall jumping up and down, you groan and sit up, you shake zayn awake and he looks at you 'huh whats happening?' he says in his sleepy voice, you smile and kiss him 'the plane landed' you say 'oh ok' he says standing up, you get up and he leans on you, you push zayn off and get your carry-ons, zayn walks with you half asleep and you step out to the airport, the warm summer breeze washes over you and you take off your jumper, you stuff it in your bag and then find yours and zayns suitcase, he helps you with it and then paul drives you to a hotel, you all have to share a room and zayn calls dibs on the queen bed, he chucks his bags at the bottom of the bed and lies down on the bed spreading his arms and legs out like a starfish, you giggle and kiss his cheek, you crawl on top of his back and lie yourself over zayn, you then fall asleep again, you wake up in the middle of the night with zayn gone, you sit up and look around, all the boys are gone except for niall and the girls are fast asleep, you try not let it get to you and you crawl under the covers, suddenly the door opens and the boys all walk in 'ok so zayn, you take her to the jenolan caves after, harry you stay at the beach with lena, lou you go to luna park with eleanor, and i will go to the opera house' says liam, 'ok' the others say in sync, you feel zayns body press against yours and he rests his head between your shoulder and your head 'goodnight babe' he says kissing your cheek, you press your back into his chest and he kisses your cheek again 'i love you' he says, you smile to yourself and fall asleep...
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