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17. Zayn part 17

Zayn imagine part 17

'y/n..your mum was mobbed by fans and then something terrible happened, she ran onto the road and well a bus ran her over..y/n your mother is dead' he says, you take your hands off his shoulders and immediately burst into tears, you cry into your hands and zayn crawls next to you and presses your face to his chest 'shhhhhh' he says stroking your head, you keep crying and you start to lament to him about your problems, he doesnt say much and he just nods and rubs your back 'i understand babe' he says, he suddenly stands up and picks you up bridal style 'how about we just watch movies or something?' he says, you nod and wrap your arms around his neck, he carries you to the couch, he goes to find the movies then swears 'i left the movie back at home' he says running upstairs and putting some clothes on, he vomes bavk down 'ok well i gotta go, ill be right back, if you need me, just call, i wont be long, bye, i love you' he says running out the door, you peek at the window and see him drive off and you stand up and take a deep breath, you go to the bathroom and see zayns razor sitting on the vanity, you pick it up and wash the blade, you hold out your wrist and place the razor there, you make a cut and start to deepen it, blood runs down your hand and a few drops drop onto your foot, you kept cutting yourself and you go up your whole arm releasing pain, when you stop, you look into the mirror, most of the color had drained from your face and the bathroom was a mess, your eyes widen and you rush around trying to clean everything up before zayn came back, you wiped up everything with toilet paper and flushed it down the toilet, you washed the wounds and bandaged them up, you put on some clothes and a long sleeve top suddenly you heard zayns car outside and you sprinted down the stairs and opened the door 'zayn!' you say smiling, he smiles too and walks in with a bunch of movies 'ok so what do you want to watch?' he says squatting down and flicking through the movies 'ummm i dont know, you choose' you say 'ok' he says choosing x-men first class, he sits down next to you and you cuddle up to him, you think about earlier how you cut yourself and you look up at zayn and he looks down at you 'i love you so much y/n' he says smiling and kissing you on the lips, ' you too zayn' you say managing your voice not to crack, you keep watching the movie and near the end you purposely fall asleep on him, he carries you to bed and then tucks you in before getting in too, 'sleep tight i love you' he says kissing your cheek, he cuddles with you and goes to sleep too.

You wake up the next day with the sun streaming in, you get up and close the blinds and crawl back next to zayn, you were still a bit sad from the news about your mum, but you had zayn with you to make everything better, you hugged him and buried your face in his chest, he stirs and opens his eyes 'morning babe' he says kissing your nose 'morning zayn' you say kissing him, he gets up 'ok im gonna have a shower now' he says walking into the bathroom, you heard the shower start and you hoped you hadnt left anything behind from yesterday, you hear him start to sing and then suddenly he stops, the shower stops and he walks out with a towel wrapped around him 'babe..why is there blood on my razor?' he says, you glance towards your wrists and then quickly back at him hoping he wouldn't notice, he walks towards you and grabs your wrist 'you didnt' he says, 'im sorry..' you say, he drops the razor 'y/n..' he says, he grabs your wrist and rolls up your sleeve and sees the bandage with bits of blood seeping through 'y/n...' he says with tears starting to pour out of his eyes, he gently unwraps the bandage and sees the wounds all the way up your arm 'why?' he says looking at you with tears pouring down his face, you look away and a tear slides down your face 'im sorry zayn' you say, he holds your arm up and starts to kiss the wounds softly 'why would you do this?..' he says continuing to kiss your cuts 'and theyre so deep too' he says continuing to cry 'i never should have left you yesterday' he says bursting into tears 'im the worst boyfriend ever, i shouldnt have left you, i was so stupid to' he says hugging your arm 'zayn..' you say reaching out and turning his face to look at you 'its not your fault, dont blame yourself' you say, he looks at your arm and sees an outline of a bandage, he grabs your other arm and rolls the sleeve up, he starts crying even more and he looks towards you 'dont ever do this again' he says wiping away the tears, he starts kissing all the cuts on your other arm and when hes done he brings you up to a sitting position and presses your head to his chest 'i love you with all my heart, and i cant bear to see you hurt, so promise me something?' he says stroking you gently 'what?' you say looking up at him 'never do this ever again, ok?' he says, you nod 'for you, just for you i promise i wont' you say with a tear escaping from your eye and running down your cheek, he smiles and hugs you 'i couldnt live with myself if anything happened to you' he says kissing your hair 'i still cant believe you did this' he says 'but i wont ever do it again' you say flinging your arms around him 'i promise i promise i promise' you say with the side of your face pressed up against his chest, he kisses your head 'thats all i need to hear' he says smiling into your head 'in my eyes your the most perfect person in the whole world' he says, you smile and kiss his chest 'i love you zayn, i wasnt thinking yesterday, i was so torn about losing my mum' you say 'dont worry i understand about losing someone close' he says stroking your back, he kisses your forehead and then stands up 'and i was halfway through my shower' he says 'and im bringing you along' he says carrying you to the shower, you take your clothes off and he hangs up the towel, he starts the water again and gets in, the water stung slightly on your cuts but you ignored it, zayn stares at your cuts with a hurt look in his eyes and he looks up to you, then smiles 'i love you' he says, you smile 'i love you more than niall loves food' you say, he laughs 'i dont think thats possible' he says, you both laugh for a bit when you suddenly get an idea, you kiss him and he seems surprised but wraps his arms around your waist and kisses back, you walk forward a bit and make his hair soaking wet, he immediately pulls away 'omg my hair!!' he screams desperately trying to fix it 'i wasnt gonna wash it yet' he says, you giggle and keep laughing 'does this look funny?!' he says pointing to a failed quiff, you laugh 'no' you say giggling and shaking your head, he raises an eye and reaches up and turns the water to spray on you, you squeal and block the water with your hands making it rebound back to zayn, he blocks its with his hand and then moves the direction of the water, it starts to ruin his already failed quiff and you keep laughing 'this is hilarious' you say, he pulls you into his arms and presses your back to his chest 'i will get revenge' he says, whispering into your ear, you smile and turn to look at him 'good luck' you say kissing him, he kisses back and then turns you around, you wrap your legs around his waist and he holds you against him, you end the kiss and place your chin on his shoulder while clinging onto him like a koala, after a few minutes zayn stops the water and walks out with you still clinging onto him, he gets a towel and starts to wipe you clean, he runs the towel down your thigh and then he wraps the towel around you to dry your back, you unwrap your legs and get a towel to dry yourself too, you both dry off and you change into something, you get the bandages and put them in the washing machine, you start it and turn on the tv 'now we have some dirt about zayn malik from boy band one direction, turns out this heartthrobs girlfriends mum died in a bus accident yesterday' she says, you start to tear up but you keep watching 'the bus driver was on his phone and didnt notice y/ns poor mum running across the road trying to escape all the fan attention' the host says 'yes now we actually have some video footage of her last moments' the host says, zayn jumps over the back of the couch 'what cha watching?' he says, he sees the video of your mum running from fans and he quickly changes the channel just as you see her get crumpled by the bus, you turn to zayn with glazed up eyes and he takes one look at you ' dont cry' he says as you burst into tears, he comforts you for a while when you both hear a knock at the front door, stay here' he says getting up and opening the door, you bury your face in your hands and keep crying 'we came as soon as we saw what happened to y/n mum' you hear harry say 'oh there she is..' you hear harry walk over you ' how are you feeling?' he says 'well apart from the fact that i just saw how my mum died on tv, yeh im fine' you say 'oh..that must be horrible' he says placing a comforting hand on your shoulder, you sniff and smile 'ill be fine' you say, he smiles and walks back to lena, he kisses her forehead and puts an arm around her waist, liam comes up to you and holds your hand 'my thought are with you right now' he says kissing your hand 'im so sorry that your going through this' he says going back to danielle, the others say their sorry and their thoughts are with you and stuff and last is niall 'i wish you good luck in the dont get run over or anything' he says hugging you, he pulls away and then spots the cuts on your arms 'omg' he says, liam runs over 'what happened niall?' he says, niall is still staring and liam follows to where niall is looking 'y/n..' he says 'why did you cut yourself?' he says gently touching one, you flinch and stand up, they all look at you like sad puppies and you turn and run up the stairs 'I DONT WANT TO SPEAK TO ANYONE!!' you scream slamming the door to your bedroom, you collapse on the bed and bawl your eyes out making loud sobbing noises, you start to hear them arguing and then theres a knock at the door 'go away' you say, the door opens anyway and everyone comes in, zayn walks up to you and sits on the edge of your bed 'um y/n weve just been discussing that were going to pay for the funeral, everything' he says 'like the venue, the coffin, the food and well everything' he says, you stare at him, then at all the boys who are giving you sypmathetic smiles 'are you serious?' you say, they nod 'absolutely' says harry 'thanks guys' you say getting up and hugging them all, 'oh and my mum wouldnt like a coffin or anything, she always really loved the ocean' you say...
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