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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



16. Zayn part 16

Zayn imagine part 16

You wake up in the morning with zayn cuddled up to you, you roll over to face him and you kiss his lips gently, he immediately kisses back and places his hands on your cheeks, you grip onto his neck and wrap a leg around his hip, his hand pulls your thigh up a bit higher and you both keep making out, suddenly louis bursts into the room 'omg i cant find him!!' he screams, you sit up 'cant find who?' you say, he blushes 'um no one..' he says, zayn sits up 'louis your lying' he says 'now who are you trying to find?' you say 'larry' he says 'the hecks that' says zayn 'um, my pet..' he says, your eyes go wide 'did you purposely not listen to us?!' you say 'uhm about what?' says louis nervously 'tell me you didnt get a snake' says zayn 'maybe..' says louis, you sigh 'harry is going to murder you' you say 'i know just help me find him before harry does' he says 'fine lets go hep himl' he says, you start looking around when you all hear a loud scream from harrys room 'there goes your life' you say to louis, you walk into harrys room 'is everything ok?' you say, harry is standing on the bed pointing at a green snake on the floor 'there you are larry!' exclaims louis carefully picking up the snake and running off, he comes back and harry starts screaming at him 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU KNOW HOW SCARED I AM OF THEM!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!' he screams 'WELL I WANTED A PET!!' screams louis back 'DID YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT HOW THE OTERS WOULD REACT?! YOU SELFISH PRICK!!!!' screams harry, all the anger from louis face turns into hurt and harry immediately sees it 'omg boo, no im sorry, i didnt mean tha-' 'no, just dont, i dont want to talk to you anymore' says louis interrupting harry, louis buries his face in his hands and runs off, harry falls down on his bed and starts crying, lena comforts him and you walk out of the room 'wow' you say going back into your room, zayn sits down on the bed 'harry normally doesnt call people names' he says 'yeh i wonder where he got selfish prick from' you say, zayn rubs his eye ' too' he says biting his lip, you look at him 'zayn your hiding something' you say, he looks at you 'well...' he says 'what?' you say 'once i called harry a selfish prick, cuz we were fighting, but harry didnt yell back or anything, he just pushed me into a coffee table and then walked off' he says 'oh, ok' you say, you sit down next to him and he hugs you 'louis shouldnt have bought that snake though' he says 'yeh but louis doesnt listen to anyone' you say, he chuckles 'yeh..' he says 'um y/n' he says unwrapping his arms, you look at him and he looks a bit nervous 'yes zayn?' you say 'well ive kinda been thinking..' he says 'yeh, about what?' you say raising an eyebrow 'well i was just wondering' he says 'what?! Just spit it out!' you say 'ok ok, well do you..well like im gonna..i mean, thinking of buying a place in north london' he says 'just for you and me to live in, uhm would you like to live with me there' he says nervously, 'Omg yes!' you say hugging him 'of course! I would love to zayn!' you say burying your face in his chest, he kisses your head 'im so happy you said yes' he says smiling into your head, you smile and lean up to kiss him.

*2 weeks later*

'Dont peek!' says zayn with his hands over your eyes 'aw come on, just a little bit!' you say trying to get his hands off, 'hey i said no peeking!!' he says, he walks you for a bit more when he stops 'ok...SURPRISE!!' he screams taking his hands off, you see the place 'omg its perfect!' you say turning around and kissing him 'absolutely perfect' you say (btw its the place he bought a few weeks ago, the really square one) he holds up a key 'wait till you see inside' he says, you grab the key and run to the door, you quickly open it and run inside, you stop in the living room and look around, suddenly zayn comes up behind you and hugs you 'so what do you think?' he says 'amazing' you say turning around and kissing him, you start making out when your phone starts ringing, you pick it up 'hello?' you say, its harry sobbing 'y/n i still cant make it up to boobear' he sniffs, you sit down on the couch 'well im sure youll figure out some way to apologize to louis' you say, zayn figures out who your talking to and a grin spreads across his face, you raise an eyebrow and try to help harry think up a way to help louis, suddenly zayn pounces on you and starts to tickle you and you stifle a giggle and slap his hand away 'what was that slapping noise?' says harry 'oh um.., zayn just swatted a fly' you say hoping he would believe it 'oh ok' says harry 'ok so have you tried to apologize, like have you said sorry yet?' you say 'yeh i have and i even made his favorite mac and cheese' says harry 'ok well, have you said you love him?' you say swatting away zayns hand that is trying to tickle you again, suddenly harry gasps 'omg i havent done that yet!!' he squeals, you hear him drop his phone and you can just hear harry telling louis he loves him 'i love you too harry' says louis, you hear their bodies touch in a hug and you smile and hang up, you turn to zayn 'zayn!' you scream, he stands there 'what?' he says, you get up 'your in so much trouble' you say running after him, he runs upstairs and runs into the bedroom, you get him and sit on his stomach on the bed 'i got you' you say smiling, he grins 'what cha gonna do about it?' he says, you hadnt thought of that yet 'um..' you start, he laughs and pulls you down to kiss him, you kiss back and you grab his cheeks he runs his hands up under your shirt and you take off your shirt for him, he wiggles out of his, you both have a bit difficulty getting eachothers jeans off and you eventually do, still kissing, he unclips your bra and you slide off his boxers, he slides off your underwear and you both have "fun" ;).

He pulls you into his arms after your done and he kisses your forehead 'i love you' he says panting, you kiss his neck 'i love you too' you say wrapping your arms around his neck, you kiss his lips and wrap your legs around his torso, you end the kiss and snuggle into his chest, he kisses you softly and then you both slowly fall asleep.

You wake up later with zayns phone ringing, he rolls out of bed and answers it 'hello?' he says 'oh hey mum, how are you?' 'ol thats good, so why did you call?' 'shes asleep, i can pass on a message' 'oh' 'omg are you serious, thats horrible' 'ok ill break it to her gently, ok bye mum' he hangs up and turns to you 'so you have something horrible to tell me?' you say, he sits down on the edge of the bed 'um y/n, your mother..theres bad news about your mother' he says, you sit up 'what about my mother?!' you scream gripping onto his shoulders 'y/n..your mum was mobbed by fans and then something terrible happened, she...'
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