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15. Zayn part 15

Zayn imagine part 15

*1 year later*

You were lying in bed staring at the ceiling letting your thoughts wonder around, it was dead silent outside so you knew no one had woken up yet, you suddenly heard the door open and you hear zayns voice, you sit up, was it really zayns voice? You heard nialls and louis and harrys and liams, you jump out of bed and fling open the door, you run out to the living room 'ZAYN!!!!' you scream jumping onto him and giving him a big hug 'hey i missed you so much' he says kissing you and spinning you around 'how was the tour?' you say 'well it was great, but it would have been better with you' he says leaning in and kissing you, you both start making out when louis chucks something at you 'go to your room' he says picking up your luggage and chucking it in, zayn picks you up and walks into your room still making out, he closes the door behind him and lays you down on the bed 'i have missed this part so much' he says taking off his shirt with a cheeky grin, you pick up on the hint and start taking off your clothes too, you wrap one arm around his neck and pull him down on top of you, you both get up to something fun ;).

'wow, just amazing' he says panting 'yeh definitely' you say breathing heavily, he pulls you into his arms and kisses your forehead 'you gotta stop being so damn sexy' he says kissing you again, you smile 'no you have to stop being sexy' you say, he smiles and kisses your forehead 'i love you so much' he says pressing your stomach against his, you wrap your legs around his waist and you snuggle into his chest 'you must be tired from jet lag' you say 'yeh i kinda am but i wanna stay awake just so i can see your pretty face' he says, you smile 'but you gotta go to sleep' you say closing his eyes with your fingers 'but now i dont feel like it' he says grinning 'well then, let me give you a massage' you say unwrapping your legs and making him lie down on his stomach, you sit on him and run your hands up his back, he moans in pleasure 'awh man that feels greeaaat' he says relaxing, pretty soon he is fast asleep and you smile and lay down next to him, you grab his arm and put it over your waist, his immediate reaction is to tighten his grip and he pulls you closer, you snuggle up to his chest and fall asleep.

You wake up again a few hours later, zayn is still asleep and you kiss him, you try to get his arms off your waist, but he groans and tightens his grip 'babe stay here' he says resting his head on yours making you breathe into his chest, you sigh and try to go to sleep again, but you cant, you try to get zayns arms off again and you succeed, you get up and put some clothes on, you walk out and you go to the bathroom, you start to hear zayn whine for you, you flush and walk back into the bedroom 'y/n' he says sitting up and looking at you like a sad puppy with his arms out wide, you smile and crawl on top of him 'i thought you were asleep' you say 'i was but you were gone when i woke up' he says grabbing your waist and pulling you onto him 'zayn havent you already slept enough?' you say 'never' he says kissing you on the lips, you giggle 'your so cute somethimes' you say getting back under the covers, he wraps his arms around your waist, he kisses you on your forehead, 'stay in bed for a bit more' he says moving a piece of hair out of your face 'fine' you say snuggling up to him, he smiles and kisses your hair, you try to fall asleep again and you succeed.

*the next day*

'OK OK WAKE UP!!' says louis outside with pots and pans banging them around, he pops his head into the room 'guys get up!!' he says walking out, you groan 'why?' you say 'because i have to do a whole house meeting' he says 'fine' you say 'zayn come on get up' you say shaking him awake 'noooo' he groans rolling over, you crawl on top of him and look at him with your head upside down 'zayn' you say poking his face 'what?' he says opening an eye 'we gotta get up' you say 'why?' he says rubbing his eyes 'louis has a house meeting or something' you say, he rolls on his back and you fall on top of him, he sits up and you roll onto his lap, he smiles and picks you up 'ok lets go' he says standing up, you both walk out to the living room and you lean on each other for support, the others come in 'boobear, why are we here?' says harry hugging lena 'because i am telling you all that i want a pet 'a pet, seriously' you say glaring at him 'yes a pet, and i want a snake' he says, suddenly everyone starts arguing 'no not a snake im scared of them, we are not getting a snake' says harry, at the same time you say 'are you crazy what if it escapes or something and it bites!?' 'we are not having a snake, have you see what it eats, it sometimes puts me off food, and thats me!' says niall 'thats just horrible, dont even think about it, it could like stuff up my products or something!' says zayn 'i love you i do but im not sure a snake is the best thing' says liam, eleanor makes everyone quiet again 'well then its decided 'we are not even thinking about getting a snake' she says putting a hand on louis shoulder 'fine fine, i wont' says louis sighing, he goes back into his room and closes the door, 'ok how does everyone want their eggs?' says harry 'sunny side up!' you say 'scrambled' says zayn, harry starts on breakfast and you sit down at the bench, zayn falls asleep in your lap and you start chatting with harry and he serves breakfast, you get the salt and sprinkle a bit on, you start eating and you smile 'these are so good' you say 'thanks' he says starting zayns eggs, he finishes them and you wake up zayn 'wake up sleeping beauty' you say, zayn sits up 'why?' he says 'because you have to eat' says harry shoving the plate of food in front of zayn 'mmmm that looks good' he says digging into it, he finishes quickly and then puts the dishes in the sink, harry washes up and calls out if anyone wants any thing, theres no answer so he starts making his own breakfast, he finishes making it and sits down and starts eating, he finishes then washed up, he goes back to his room and you hear him and lena making 'noises' 'i think we should go out today' zayn says 'yeh probably' you say going to your room and changing into something else, zayn puts something on too and he gets his jacket that he left you, he puts it on and sniffs the collar 'did you wash this at all while i was away?' he says, you blush 'uhm maybe...' you say doing a cheesy smile, he sighs and wears it anyway, he grabs his wallet and you both walk out, he takes you to the opening of a new restaurant and skips the line, he has two tickets already and you get taken to a seat 'zayn' you say tugging his sleeve, he looks up from the menu 'mmmmm?' he says, 'how did you get these tickets' you say 'well i heard something about there being a new restaurant opening here so before i boarded the plane i got two tickets and printed them out for us' he says 'oh ok, thats so sweet' you say smiling, he blushes a bit and goes back to looking at the menu, you find something to order and you call over a waiter, he takes you and zayns orders and then he goes off 'i hope the service is reasonable here' you say, within a few minutes the food for you has been already cooked and zayns comes shortly after, you both start eating and the restaurant starts getting a bit crowded, very soon you have both finished eating and zayn pays for you, you both walk out and you both walk around, suddenly you see a sign pointing to a funpark 'zayn can we go to that?' you say 'sure why not' he says leading you there, you arrive at the place and you go to buy your ticket but zayn stops 'uhm sorry im paying for her' he says moving your hand out of the way, he pays for your wristband and you go to the biggest ride there, zayn looks at it and goes white 'zayn, are you ok?' you say, 'uhm, do you think i could just not go on this one' he says, you raise an eyebrow 'do you want me to hold your hand or something?' you say, his face brightens up 'yes please!' he says grabbing your hand, you both get on the rode and buckle up, the ridr starts and zayn clutches onto your hand, 'omg were so high up' he says looking scared 'its alright zayn, its just a ride' you say, you grab his other hand 'its not gonna hurt or anything' you say, 'i think i just need a kiss' he says with this look on his face slowly turning into a cheeky grin, you smile and grab his cheek and kiss him, suddenly the ride does a huge drop and you both part and start screaming, it does a few loops and turns and when its done, zayn scrambles over you and runs off, he stands there at the gate hugging himself, you run over to him 'it wasnt so bad' you say 'yeh i just need a hug or something' he says, you smile and wrap your arms around his neck 'better?' you say leaning up and kissing him on the lips, he grabs your waist and lifts you up a bit and places you on his shoes making you a bit taller, you smile and keep kissing him, you end the kiss and then hold his hand, you both walk out and he gets some fairy floss, you both sit on a bench and start picking at it, you take a massive bit and try to fit it in your mouth, zayn takes some from the part your holding and you look at him 'hey i was gonna eat that' you say, he smiles and shoves it in his mouth 'mine now' he says, you roll your eyes and keep eating it, you soon get to the end bit and finish it off, you put it in the bin and zayn suggests the massive ferris wheel, you agree and go over to it, you both board the carriage and it starts, halfway through suddenly it stops, you look outside and you realize your at the very top, zayn starts quivering and you go over to his side 'shh zayn its only for a bit, dont worry' you say, suddenly theres an announcement on the speakers 'sorry we are having some technical difficulties, the ride is going to be delayed for a while, it says, zayn starts freaking out and you hold him in your arms 'zayn shhhhhh everything gonna be alright' you say as soothingly as possible, a tear slides down his cheek and fall onto your lap 'omg zayn are you crying?' you say, he sits up and rubs his eyes 'no' he sniffs, you hug him and he hugs back and buries his face in your shoulder 'im really scared now' he says, you rub his back 'dont be, at least im here with you' you say, he chuckles 'i guess so' he says, you both wait there hugging each other for bit when it starts again, when you get down to the bottom, zayn bolts out and you .run after him 'zayn, i think we should go' you say, he nods 'yeh lets do that' he says holding your waist, you both walk home and you walk in, you sit down and turn on the tv 'looks like zayn was getting a bit scared on the ferris wheel' says a host showing a video of zayn freaking out at the top, you quickly change the channel and a movie title comes up 'freedom writers' zayn jumps over the back of the couch 'omg i love this movie!' he says getting a blanket and laying it over you, he gets under too and wraps his arms around your waist, you snuggle up to his chest and watch the movie, halfway through you start to get sleepy and you fall asleep on his chest without him noticing, when the movie finishes, zayn finally notices your asleep and he smiles and carries you back to bed, chuckling and you snuggle up to his warmth while dribbling a tiny bit, he lays you down in bed and kisses your nose 'goodnight, i love you so much' he says wrapping his arms around your waist and then falling asleep...

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