One direction Imagines by Michelle

These are just stories by Michelle
You can find her on the one direction community app and on here.
Her username is: michellehoranstyles
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I fell in love with her writing and I think you will too.

•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



14. Zayn part 14

Zayn imagine part 14

You lift the lid and see a small locket with a mirror attached on it, typical zayn, you open the locket and theres a photo of you and zayn on your first day of school, he somehow managed to get a photo of you without noticing and he kept it and put it in the locket, you smile and look at the box, theres a small note attached 'i hope you like it! Now theres always a reminder of me and you down near your heart, i hope you wont be that lonely when im on tour, if i could bring you along i would, but management forbids it, i love you though xoxoxo' the 'xo' are decorated around the page and you smile and put on the locket, you take a picture and send it to zayn, you knew his phone was off but he was gonna get it when they landed, you brush your teeth and climb into bed, you open the locket and kiss zayns picture 'night zayn' you say closing it again, you grab his jumper and hug it, you breathe in the left over scent of him and you fall asleep.

You wake up in the morning with 10 texts and 15 missed calls from zayn, you go through all of them and hes telling you how beautiful it looks on you and how much he misses you, you call him and he picks up instantly 'hey babe i got the photo, it looks beautiful on you' he says 'thanks zayn i love it, and how did you get that photo of me?' you say 'im a ninja' he says, you laugh and contiue to chat with him 'ok you hang up' he says 'no you hang up' you say 'no you hang up' 'no you hang up' 'no you' 'no you' 'no you' 'no you' suddenly your conversation is interupted by louis 'yes we all know that he loves you alot and we are sick and tired of how much he talks about you!!' he says hanging up, you text zayn 'well that was rude..' he replies with 'yeh i know i didnt even get to say i love you :(' it says, you text back 'i already know you love me' you text back 'but i like saying it' he says, you both keep texting when he says he has to leave to perform 'ok bye i love you xoxo' you turn your p

Lhone off and go to make yourself some breakfast, eleanor comes in and steals some if your food 'hey that was mine!' you say 'mine now' she says eating it, you glare at her and you take your breakfast and eat it on the couch, when you finish you wash up and you and the girls all go shopping, you go to the shops and buy a few items of clothing, your holding a few bags and you all enter the food court, you see a massive billboard of the boys 'one direction up all night live tour' you say reading it aloud 'im so proud of them' you say smiling widely, suddenly you hear a scream coming from a girl a few metres away from you 'omg!! Your their girlfriends!!' she screams, about 50 other girls heads turn and look at you, suddenly your all being mobbed and you start running, you rush over to a taxi and get in, 'just drive and get away from the crowd!!' you scream, he takes off and the girls start chasing after the car, after a while he loses the crowd and you tell him an address, he stops at home and you all split the cost, you walk in and go to your room, your phone starts ringing and you pick it up 'hello?' you say 'hey babe' says zayn 'oh hey zayn, i just got back from the shops' you say putting it on speaker 'ok what did you buy?' he says, you start explaining all the things you bought and you hang them up in the wardrobe, and keep talking with zayn 'i miss you so much' he says 'no i miss you more' you say 'no i do' he says, you both keep that up for a while when niall grabs zayns phone 'just shut up already! I cant even eat in peace or silence!' he says hanging up, you get a text from zayn 'well somethings up with him' it says, you both text for a while when you decide to go to sleep 'ok well im going to sleep zayn' you text 'ok bye i love you, goodnight' he texts back 'night, i love you too' you text back, you turn off your phone and go to sleep...
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