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13. Zayn part 13

Zayn imagine part 13

'y/n i have some news..' starts zayn 'yes what?' you say 'y/ were, well one direction, uh were going on tour, for a year..' he says, you sit back on your legs and breakdown into tears, 'a whole year' you say sobbing into your hands, zayns arms around you instantly and he comforts you, you keep crying 'your going on tour?' you hear lena say starting to cry 'yeh, a whole year' says harry, lena starts crying 'shhh babe, ill call everyday and ill visit you and ill do everything to see you' he says comforting her, liam and danielle come in 'we heard some noise in here, whats wrong?' says liam 'i cant believe your going on tour for a whole year' you say to zayn completely ignoring dani and liam, 'your going on tour?!' you hear danielle exclaim 'yeh...apparantly we are' says liam, danielle breaks down 'omg danielle! No, shhhh dont cry' you hear liam start comforting danielle, louis and eleanor come in 'whats all the noise?' says louis 'why do you have to go on a tour for a whole year?' says danielle sobbing into liams chest 'your going on tour?' says eleanor starting to cry into louis chest 'shhh babe, dont cry, its just a tour, ill call everyday, i will' says louis comforting eleanor, 'hey whats all the fuss? Im trying to sleep' says niall coming in 'wow, why are all you girls crying?' he says 'were going on tour for a year' says zayn, all the girls make an extra loud sob and zayn rubs your back 'thats what your all crying about, bloody hell' says niall walking out, zayn picks you up 'well im gonna take y/n to yeh' says zayn walking to your room, you wrap your arms around his neck and lean your head on his chest 'i cant believe your gonna be gonna for a whole year' you say sighing, he sets you down on the bed and wrap you in his arms 'im going to miss you so much' he says 'no im gonna miss you more' you say hugging his arms, you kiss his wrist and press your back into his chest, 'well goodnight then babe' he says kissing the back of your head, you turn your head and kiss his lips 'love you, night' you say turning around and placing your hands on his arms and falling asleep.

*a day before he leaves for his tour*

'how do i look?' you say spinning around In your prom dress 'beautiful, absolutely stunning' says zayn kissing your lips, he takes your hand and walks you outside, you see a limo parked there 'a limo?' you say raising an eyebrow at zayn 'well its a special night so, i got a special car for a special girl' he says smiling, you kiss him and he opens the door for you 'ladies first' he says, you giggle and enter the limo, zayn gets in after you and the driver starts driving, he arrives at the entrance and zayn gets out and runs around to your side, he opens the door for you and helps you out, you link arms with him and walk into the venue, everyones head turns and some girls start fangirling, you see someone faint and her friends take her out 'wow, i kinda wanted to come in un noticed..' you murmur 'well with that dress dont even think about it' he whispers, you smile and nick comes up to you 'hey you look stunning! Have you tried to punch here?' he says dragging you away from zayn 'sorry' you mouth to him, he nods and then gets mobbed by girls, you reach the punch and nick pours you a glass 'here' he says handing it to you, you drink some and then skull it all down 'wow, best ever' you say getting a bit more, you drink that and then set your cup down.

The rest of the night goes by and you havent seen zayn at all, at around 10 o'clock you decide you want to leave so you go up to some one 'hey um do you know where zayn malik is?' you say 'oh um, i saw him being dragged away to the girls bathroom' she says 'ok thankyou' you say running off, you reach the bathrooms and hear screams coming from the girls bathrooms, you walk in and see zayn on the ground with girls surrounding him, a cheerleader is hiking up her dress and she takes off her underwear and smears it over his face 'get off!!' screams zayn 'what are you doing?' you say surprising them all 'and get off my boyfriend' you say giving her a death stare, zayn gets the cheerleaders off him and runs to you 'lets get out of here' he says walking out, you look at the cheerleader who is shaking her head and you stick up the finger to her, you walk out and see zayn 'um honey i think we should go now' you say placing a hand on his shoulder 'yeh i think so too, lets go' he says taking your hand, you get driven home by a limo again and zayn is apologizing the whole way home 'i cant believe it, i hardly saw you tonight, i feel horrible, i just wanted this evening to be special and then it totally got ruined' he says slumping back into the chair 'well you still can make it special' you say 'driver stop at the lake' you say, his face brightens up 'yes yes i can' he says, he leans forward and whispers something to the driver the driver stops at the gardens first and zayn hops out 'ok now he is going to drive you around town while i quickly arrange something, just stay in the car ok?' he says, you nod and he smiles 'ok cya in a few minutes' he says running off, the driver starts driving 'what is he doing?' you mumble to yourself leaning back into the chair, after a few minutes the guys phone rings and he starts driving to the lake, you see zayn waving to you and the driver stops right in front of zayn, zayn opens the door for you and them cover your eyes, he leads you to the wharf and he takes his hands off 'surprise!!' he says, theres a hire boat filled with red roses, you turn around and hug zayn 'omg you are the best i love it!' you say kissing him on the lips, he smiles and gets into the boat, you get in too and he starts rowing out, he rows to your little place under the willow and picks up a rose 'for the most beautiful girl in the whole world' he says giving one to you, 'and to my entire world, because without you, my world is meaningless' he says giving you another rose, he does that with all the roses and pretty soon, your holding them all in a boquet 'this is so perfect' you say looking around at the fireflies that are starting to light up the place, 'youve made my night special' you say to zayn, he smiles in accomplishment and then lightly kisses you forehead 'thats what i was aiming for' he says, he starts singing to you and you lose yourself in his voice, he keeps singing until your too tired to even sit up, all you remember is zayn undressing you and putting on your pjs for you and then a distant 'sweet dreams babe i love you.'

*the next night*

'bye zayn' you say kissing him 'bye y/n im gonna miss you' he says 'promise to call' you say 'i will' he says kissing you, he gives you a big hug and squeezes you tight 'zayn lets go already!' says louis calling from the gate 'ok well bye' he says parting from you, 'wait i have something for you' he says taking off your jumper, he gives it to you 'here' he says 'zayn..what are you doing?' you say 'giving this to you so you wont feel that lonely' he says 'but this is your favorite jacket' you say taking it anyway 'and your my favorite girl' he says kissing your forehead 'zayyyn lets go already!' whines niall 'coming!' he says running off, you wave bye to zayn and then he boards the plane, you put the jacket on and go to the area where you can see the jacket, you see him through the windows and you try to get his attention, suddenly your phone beeps 'you look so adorable -zayn' you smile and look towards the plane, you can just make out his figure and you blow a kiss, you see him give one back and you smile, the plane starts and you say 'i love you' in hand gestures, your phone beeps a message from zayn 'i love you too, oh and i left something for you somewhere in our room' it says, you smile and walk away to the van waiting outside for you 'where were you? We were waiting for ages' says eleanor and danielle 'and you look ridiculous in that' says lena giggling 'shut it, its zayns and its warm' you say pulling the sleeves up a bit, you get in the van and you all get driven back home, you go straight to the bedroom and you start searching for it, you tear apart the place looking for it and you open the wardrobe, theres a small white box with a red ribbon sitting there on the floor, you smile and tug on the ribbon and it unravels, you lift the lid...

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