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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



12. Zayn part 12

Zayn imagine part 12

You wake up in the morning with zayn flattening you with his body weight, you smile and kiss him you play with bits of his hair and give him little pecks all over 'wake up zayn' you say quietly, hes still asleep and you roll him off, you sit on his stomach and run your hands up his chest 'zayyyyyn, wake up' you say stretching out his name, he groans and then his eyes flutter open 'morning zayn' you say smiling, he sits up and you fall onto his lap 'good morning babe' he says leaning down and kissing you on the lips, you wrap your arms around his neck and pull yourself up, you sit on his thighs and stare into his eyes, you both hear a shower start and you hear louis call out zayns name 'can i borrow some of your shampoo?!' he says, zayn gets up and runs to the bathroom 'louis no! No you cant! Dont even think about it!!!' he screams 'omg what are you doing?! I said you can NOT use it!!' you hear zayn scream, you hear a loud thump and you rush into the bathroom with eleanor who looks worried, you both enter the bathroom at the same time and you see louis and zayn wrestling around on the ground holding a bottle of shampoo, you and eleanor burst out laughing and when you both stop you turn to her 'ok ill get zayn, you get louis' you say grabbing zayns arm, she grabs louis arm and you both pull them away 'never use my shampoo ever again' says zayn clutching the bottle to his chest, louis sticks his tongue out at zayn and you help zayn up 'you are so wet, ill go get a towel' you say fetching his towel from the rack, he takes it and walks to the bedroom where he strips off and dries himself, he changes into something else and then puts his clothes in the washing machine, he starts on making breakfast, everyone has woken up by now and harry and lena come out, lena is in harrys shirt and her undies and harry is in his boxers, you raise your eye brow at lena, and she sticks her tongue out at you 'dont say anything' she says to you, you nod and zayn serves everyone breakfast, you start eating and ask louis to pass the salt, he gives it to you and you tap it, the lid comes off and all of it pours onto your food, you glare at louis who has a huge grin on his face 'louis you are so dead' you growl, 'why what did i do?' he says innocently, you chuck the salt shaker at him and he ducks, you get most of the salt off your food and get it in your hand you walk up to louis and shove it down his back, he stands up and starts flapping his shirt around trying to get the salt out of his back, you laugh and sit back down, you spread out the salt so its not that salty and you keep eating, when you finish you put it in the sink and you sit down and watch tv 'well these two were just smitten with eachother last night as they went ice skating and then for a boat ride' says a tv host showing pictures of you and zayn last night, you quickly switch the channel and watch something else.

*2 days later*

The doorbell rings, waking you up, you trudge to the door and open it, 'um i have a delivery for y/n' he says 'omg the dress!' you say taking it from him 'thankyou' you say closing the door, you go into the bathroom and change into it to see how it looks, you unzip the dress cover and hold it up, its an emerald green mermaid dress, it has a small note attached to it 'dazzle them all with this xx' it says, you smile and fit on the dress, you were having a little trouble with the corset since it was lace up and you peeked your head out the door and looked around, the coast was clear, you hoisted the dress up and quickly ran to zayns room, you slam the door and zayn sits up, he takes one look at you and then a sexy smirk comes across his face 'hey sexay' he says 'zayn i need help with the back' you say turning around 'sure' he says getting up and starting to pull on the ribbon that held it together, you put your hands on the wall and tell him to pull tighter 'but i dont want to hurt you' he says 'but you wont! Just keep pulling, ill tell you if you have hurt me and its not hurting yet! I just want to see what this dress looks like' you say, he finally pulls tight enough and ties it up 'ok done' he says 'how do i look?' you say spinning around 'wonderful' says zayn picking you up bridal style 'now let me see how i look!' you say pointing to one of the mirrors, he carries you over and then puts you down, he wraps his arms around your waist and looks over your shoulder, he rests his head on your shoulder 'i think you look stunning' he says 'yeh its actually really pretty' you say checking the back, you take the dress off and hang it up, you change back into your clothes and go back to bed with zayn, you both lie there for a few hours with the blinds pulled shut. At around noon harry opens the door 'hey we are all waiting for you' he says 'why what for?' you say 'well we got tickets to a movie yeh, wanna come?' he says 'oh right yeh sure!' you say getting up 'wait let me do my hair!!' says zayn running to the bathroom, you smile and close the bedroom door, you change into a dress and put on the tiniest bit of eyeliner and mascara, zayn comes in 'wow you look beautiful' he says kissing your cheek, he changes into something and you both walk out 'ok lets all go' says liam, niall is holding a sandwhich and he is chowing down on that. You all arrive at the theatre and niall runs off 'niall come back! Dont get lost!!' screams liam running after him, you keep walking and you check the tickets and theyre gold class, you find the gold class section and find niall and liam already there, niall is ordering everything and zayn orders something for you and him he tells the person to bring it in halfway through the movie, zayn also gets popcorn and you all go in the cinema you choose the back recliner and zayn gets the one next to you, the movie starts, the title comes on and its a scary movie, you freeze and zayn looks at you, you were the worst when it comes to horror and you stand up and walk over to zayn, you sit on his lap and he hugs you, you watch the movie in zayns arms and when the food comes in half way through you both eat it quietly, you set it on the table when your finished and you wrap your arms around his neck, a ghost jumps out at you and you scream and hide your face in his chest 'shhh its only a movie babe' he says stroking your hair, you peek out at the screen again and someones head gets ripped off, you grip onto zayn and you start to cry a bit, he wraps his arms around you tight 'shhh calm down dont cry babe' he says pressing your head to his chest 'but im scared zayn' you say looking up at him though the tears, he holds your face in his hands 'im here with you, nothing can hurt you' he says wiping away the tears with his thumb, you smile and hug him, he puts his arms around your protectively and you both watch the movie, when it ends you all walk out 'that was a very scary movie' you say hugging yourself 'it wasnt that bad' says zayn putting an arm around your waist 'well i found it scary' you say shivering, zayn kisses your forehead and hugs you tight 'your the cutest when your scared' he says, you all walk home and you sit down on the couch and watch tv 'the boys were all just at the movies, with their girlfriends, and niall looked pretty lonely, when do you think hes going to ask demi lovato on a date?' says the host, you hear the fridge door close and you spin around and see niall 'niall!' you exclaim 'what...' he says 'demi lovato' you say raising an eyebrow, he blushes 'w-what about her..' he says going red 'omg you totally like her!' you say getting up, he blushes even more 'pshhh no...' he says 'yeh you do, you are going so red' you say, he clamps his hands over his cheeks 'no, um theyre just my red irish cheeks!' he says running into his room, you laugh and keep watching tv 'boo!' says zayn creeping up behind you and scaring you, you scream and glare at him 'you are so dead' you say getting up and chasing him, you finally catch him and sit on him so he cant move 'i got you' you say smiling, he grins 'whats cha gonna do?' he says raising an eyebrow, you pause 'i havent thought of that..' you say, he laughs and then rolls you off, he sits on top of you then leans down and kisses you 'how about this?' he says carrying you to the bathroom and taking off your clothes, he starts a shower and then strips too 'shower time' he says smiling and motioning to the shower, you raise and eyebrow and walk in, he smacks your butt gently, you gasp and glare at him, he smiles widely and you walk in and feel the water run down your face, zayns hair blocks the water flow and you stuff up his hair, it goes over his eyes and it makes a long fringe, you giggle and he flips it back, he grabs your waist and kisses you 'i love you' he says running his hands over your stomach 'i love you too' you say trailing your fingers up his chest, you grab his face and kiss his lips, you wrap your legs around his torso and he presses you up against him, you both hear a distant flush noise and the water turns cold, you and zayn both scream and get out of the shower, you turn off the water and get a towel, you wrap yourself in it and you walk out 'ok who flushed the toilet?!' you scream, liam comes out 'is there a problem?' he says, you glare at him 'you made the shower cold, and me and zayn were in there' you say crossing your arms 'omg im so sorry, were any of you hurt? Omg did i hurt you? I hurt you didnt i? I am so sorry! Is there anything i can do to make it up to you?' he gushes, you sigh 'no liam were fine, just dont flush while someones in the shower' you say walking into the bedroom, you close the door and change into your pjs, halfway through zayn comes in and changes into what he normally sleeps in, you finish before him and you go out to brush your teeth, you come back and zayn is staring in despair at his phone, you walk up to him 'what cha looking at?' you say peeking at the phone 'ugh nothing!' he says turning it off and shoving it in his pocket, 'we should go to bed, um ill go brush my teeth' he says walking out, 'um ok ill wait for you in bed' you say getting into bed, a few minutes later he still hasnt come to bed so you decide to get up and find him 'zayn' you call out, you go into harry and lenas room and you see zayn and harry talking, zayn looks really worried and you shove harry out of the way and hold zayn by the shoulders, 'whats wrong?' you say titling his head up to look at you 'y/n..i have some news'...
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