One direction Imagines by Michelle

These are just stories by Michelle
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Her username is: michellehoranstyles
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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



11. Zayn part 11

Zayn imagine part 11

You wake up wrapped in zayns arms on the couch, you sit up and then make zayn lie on his back, you lie on his stomach and his arms wrap around you instantly, you rest your head on his chest and fall back asleep. 'y/n, y/n' says a zayn gently nudging you awake, you open your eyes and they lock with zayns 'morning' you say resting your chin on his chest 'morning to you too' he says sitting up and sitting you in his lap he wraps his arms around your shoulders and leans his head on your shoulder, he kisses your cheek and then stands up, you both walk to the kitchen and you start making breakfast, zayn helps a bit and then rests his head in his arms, you finish making breakfast and you push it in front of zayn 'zayn, its time to eat' you say, you hear a loud thump from nialls room and he runs out 'i can smell food!!!' he says eyeing the plate in front of zayn 'niall, thats zayns, make your own' you say shaking zayn awake, he opens his eyes and starts eating 'mmm this is good' says zayn, niall looks like a sad puppy and you sigh 'here have mine, ill make some more' you say, nialls face lights up immediately and he grabs the plate and starts wolfing it down, you make some more and start eating too, you finish and wash up, zayn changes into something and tells you to change too 'i am going to buy your your formal dress' he says taking your hand, you both go out and you go to a shop, zayn holds up a dress 'try this on' he says, you take the dress and try it on 'i dont really like it...' you say, 'well i think it looks nice' he says 'im gonna try on another one' you say changing out of it, you go through all the dresses and you find none of them that you like, 'come on there must be one that you like' says zayn 'nup, none of them' you say, he shakes his head and then takes you to another shop, a designer comes out 'hello! Im jacinta' she trills 'what can i help you with?' she says taking out a small notebook 'um i have a formal coming up and i need a dress' you say 'ok is there any theme?' she says 'no, just a school formal' you say 'ok then' she says scribbling something down, she takes your measurements and then tells you to pick up the dress in 3 days, you walk out 'i wonder what its going to look like' you say 'well its gonna look beautiful on you anyway so stop fretting about it' says zayn 'ok' you say taking a deep breath, he smiles and kisses your cheek 'its going to look stunning' he says lacing his fingers with yours, 'oh and im taking you somewhere' he says smiling 'where?' you say 'im not telling you, its a surprise' he says, you both keep walking when you spot an ice rink 'are we going ice skating?' you say 'maybe' he says, you smile, you loved ice skating and you were really good at it too, you get there and zayn gets two tickets, you both get some skates and you fit them on, an announcement comes blaring through the speakers that people can start going on the ice now and you walk over there, your the first one on the ice and you start doing rounds, soon enough the ice gets a bit crowded and you cant see zayn, you spot him at the gate and you go over to him 'zayn why arent you on the ice?' you say 'because i cant skate' he says starting to freak out a bit 'come on ill hold your hand' you say reaching out, he takes your hand and warily gets on the ice, he starts wobbling and you steady him he skates slowly and you help him, suddenly he slips and falls on you 'sorry' he says making a face 'its fine' you say leaning up and pecking him on the lips, he gets up and you get up too, you both keep skating for a few hours when a voice tells you all to get off the ice, you and zayn skate off the rink and start taking your shoes off 'omg my feet feel so free' you say wiggling your toes around 'ahhh freedom' says zayn taking them off, you both put on your other shoes and walk out, you hold his hand and you both walk around town for about an hour talking and flirting with each other, at around 10 at night he walks with you to a lake, theres still boats out for hire and he pays for one, he starts rowing 'i thought you were scared of water' you say 'i am, but i just want you to see something' he says continuing to row out, he gets to a weeping willow and he parts the leaves, he keeps rowing and then stops the boat 'now stay quiet' he says moving a bit more into the middle and then wrapping you in his arms, suddenly the whole place lights up with fireflies, you take a deep breath 'its beautiful zayn' you say leaning your head against his chest and looking around, he smiles and turns your head to look at him 'this doesnt even compare to how beautiful you are y/n' he says keeping his index finger on your chin, you smile 'your so romantic' you say leaning in and kissing him on the lips, you feel him smile against your lips making you smile too, you end the kiss and keep looking around, a cold breeze comes through and you shiver, he unbuttons his jacket and you press your back into his chest, he wraps the jacket and his arms around you making you warm up 'thank you' you whisper snuggling deeper into his chest he smiles and kisses your cheek 'anything for you' he says kissing your cheek again you both stay like that for a while when he starts rowing back, he parts the leaves again and then rows back across the lake, the boat guy is waiting there and he ties the boat up, zayn pays the man and then holds your hand, another breeze comes along and you keep shivering, zayn starts taking off his jacket and he gives it to you 'here put it on' he says, you put the jacket on and he smiles 'you look so cute in that' he says chuckling a bit, you pout and he puts an arm around your waist 'i love you' he says kissing your forehead, 'i love you too' you say, you both walk home and see that all the lights are out, you open the door and someone clamps their hand over your mouth 'louis is in and we are playing murder in the dark' whispers eleanor, 'right got it' you say quickly avoiding louis whose pants are a dead giveaway in the dark you start giggling when he lunges at you, you squeal when he tags you and then the lights turn on 'got you' he says handing you the blindfold, you put it on and someone spins you around, they walk away and you start walking around aimlessly, someone falls and you run over to the noise, you hear loud breathing and you walk over to it, you flail your arms around and hit someone 'ha! Got you!' you say taking off the blindfold, you see liam and you hand him the blindfold, he puts it on and you spin him around he stumbles around for a bit then starts walking.

You all play that for a while when you start to get sleepy 'ok well im gonna go to sleep now' you say trudging to bed, suddenly someone picks you up bridal style 'not without me' says zayn kissing your forehead, he lays you down and then gets in too, 'you still look adorable in my jacket' he says smiling, you take it off and chuck it on a chair you snuggle up to zayn and he wraps his arms around you 'i love you goodnight babe' he says kissing you softly 'goodnight zayn, i love you too' you say resting your head on his chest, he kisses your hair and then you both fall asleep...

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