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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



10. Zayn part 10

Zayn imagine part 10

*2 years later*

It had been two years since you had moved to london with zayn and you were finishing off your studies here, you were pacing the living room, zayn had gone off to get the results and you were getting anxious 'i got the results!!!' screams zayn bursting through the door'show me!!' you scream grabbing your hsc results from him, you read your results 'eeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I passed everything!!!' you squeal jumping into zayns arms, he kisses you 'thats so great!!!' he says kissing you again and spinning you around 'i knew you were gonna pass' he says hugging you tight 'oh im so happy i did' you say smiling big, you keep reading through everything when you see an invitation on the other side, you read it and its a formal 'bring a friend, the dress code is formal' it says, you show zayn and he smiles 'we are going to that and i am buying you a dress' he says smiling, you kiss him 'aw thanks zayn' you say smiling back, he kisses you again 'you know what we have to celebrate' he says calling up the boys 'guys funky buddha tonight' he says 'ok we are going out partying tonight' he says 'and im buying you a hot dress' he says 'no, your gonna buy my formal dress, im not letting you buy this dress for tonight' you say 'well good luck' he says taking your purse from the counter and shoving it down his underwear 'zayn!' you say glaring at him 'now i get to buy you that dress' he says with smug smile on his face 'ergh fine' you say, he smiles even more and drive you to the shopping centre, you go through quite a few dressed when you short cute party dress, its very figure hugging and it compliments your curves, it covers your back and you walked out 'so what do you think?' you say spinning around, zayn picks you up and you giggle 'i think you look beautiful' he says kissing your lips, you wrap your arms around his neck 'i love you' you say kissing him 'i love you too' he says putting you down, you go back in and change into your clothes, you come back out and zayn grabs it and rushes to the counter and buys it for you, he comes back and holds the bag for you, you go to rubi shoes and get a hot pair of black platforms, you both go to a salon and you get your hair done in soft curls and you get your make up done lightly, zayn is getting something special done to his hair and when you finish getting your nails done you walk over to zayn and make him turn around 'how do i look?' you say 'perfect!' he says getting up and kissing you gently on the lips, he sits back down and the hairdresser finishes on his hair 'what do you think?' he says pointing to his hair 'awesome' you say smiling, you dry your nails under a hand dryer thing and zayn takes you back home 'ok lemme go change' you say grabbing the dress from him and running into the bathroom, you change into the dress and look at yourself in the mirror 'not bad' you say spinning around 'come on babe, time to go' says zayn pounding on the door, you walk out and put on your platforms making you the same height as zayn 'you look perfect' he says lacing his fingers with yours and walking with you to the club, you greeted the boys at the entrance and louis is with a pretty brunette 'guys this is eleanor' he says introducing you to her 'hi im y/n' you say shaking her hand, she shakes hands with zayn and then you all enter, you party all night and try not to get that drunk, in the end you decide to go all out, zayn is as drunk as you, hes doing his 'funny dancing' niall is about to pass out and Harry and lena keep making out, liam and danielle are the only sane ones and liam is dancing around with danielle, you spot zayn and go over to him 'hey zayn' you purr, trailing your hand over his chest he smiles and brings you into his arms 'hey baby' he says kissing you, his hand slides up your thigh but you stop him 'not here zayn' you say walking out to the balcony, he follows you like a puppy and you sit down on the bench, he crashes down next to you and trails his fingertips up your leg while kissing you and pressing you against him, he inches your dress up a bit and you take his hand and place it around your back,he keeps kissing you and starts unzipping your dress 'zayn not in public' you say even though you want him so bad, you go back inside and He grabs your waist 'oh please' he says 'not here, maybe at home..' you say dropping a hint, he smiles and runs off to tell liam that he was leaving 'you guys have a fun' says liam, zayn runs back to you and walks you home&, the second you close the door behind you, he presses you against the door and presses himself up against you, you both leave a trail of clothes to his room and have some "fun" in there ;).

'your great when your drunk' says zayn pulling you into a hug and kissing your forehead 'really..wild' he says grinning, you blush 'your just the same, crazy and fun' you say, he smiles and kisses you again, suddenly you both hear the front door open and close 'pretend to be asleep' he whispers closing his eyes, you snuggle up to him and the door opens 'guys, next time yo-oh your asleep, ok well ill talk to you tomorrow, night guys' says liam closing the door 'it worked' says zayn smiling 'yup' you say gently kissing him on the lips, you both quietly talk for a while and you eventually fall asleep on him.

You wake up in the morning and reach out of zayn, you make contact with his chest and carefully slide your arms around his stomach, his eyes open 'good morning' he says leaning in and kissing you softly 'morning zayn' you say resting your head on his chest, he kisses your hair and hugs you tight, you both stay like that for a while when you decide to get up, your head starts pounding and you groan 'ergh my head hurts, how much did i drink last night?' you say lying back down and rubbing your head 'quite alot actually, almost as much as niall' he says laying on top of you and running his hands through your hair, you smile and kiss him 'zayn, no one drinks as much as niall' you say, he laughs and you chuckle, you both stay like that for a while when you decide to get up again you roll zayn off and stand up, you regain your balance and find something to wear, you put on trackies and a baggy shirt, you walk out and see a pile of clothes outside your door from last night, you pick them up and chuck them in the corner of the room, you walk in a zig-zag to the kitchen and manage to make a hot chocolate, you crash on the couch and sip your hot chocolate, suddenly niall bursts in the room 'i can smell food!!' he says sniffing the air, you glare at him 'make your own' you say, niall makes his own hot chocolate and then sits down next to you 'man last night, was the best craic ever' he says taking a big gulp 'yeh, it was' you say taking another sip, he soon finishes and starts pestering you for some 'make another one!' you say swatting his hand away, you quickly gulp the rest down 'ha!' you say sticking your tongue out, you turn on the tv and watch tv for a bit, you start to doze off and you eventually fall asleep in nialls lap. You wake up later with quiet bickering 'but i couldnt do anything about it! She fell asleep on me!' you open your eyes and see zayn and niall in the middle of conversation 'hey babe' says zayn picking you up 'whats happening?' you say rubbing your eyes 'oh nothing, im just taking you back to bed' he says carrying back to bed, 'ok' you say wrapping your arms around his neck, he kisses your forehead and take you to bed, he cuddles with you and gives you little pecks all over your face 'i love you so much' says zayn drawing little circles all over your face, you giggle and walk your fingers up his arm, then up to his neck then to to his lips, you trace the outline of his lips then kiss him 'i love you more than niall loves food' you say, he smiles and hugs you tight 'nup i love you more' he says 'thats impossible' you say laughing, he chuckles and you both lie there for the rest of the day kissing and cuddling, at around night time you started getting hungry, you could smell harrys cooking and you go to get up, zayn quickly pulls you back down 'just stay a with me for a bit more' he says making a puppy dog face 'aw zayn you know i want to, but im hungry and i wanna steal whatever harrys cooking, it smells good' you say flailing your arms and legs around trying to make him let go 'just for a bit' he says kissing your neck and cheek 'but im huuungry' you whine 'but..' he says pouting 'oh fine' you say, he smiles and lets go, you spring up 'ha! Got ya!' you say running to the kitchen 'hey! Thats not fair! You totally cheated!' he says running after you, you get into the kitchen and see harry making a big meal naked 'oooh gimme some' you say lunging for the food, harry slaps your hand away with the cutlery hes using 'not yet, its not finished yet' he says turning around, zayn creeps up behind you and hugs you 'im taking you back to bed' he says smiling 'harry hurry up with that meal!' you say trying to pry zayns arms off 'done!' he says, you finally get zayns arms off and grab a bowl, you hand it to harry before zayn starts dragging you away, harry gets the food in the bowl and puts it down on the bench, you drag your way over to the bench and grab it, zayns arms instantly disappear from your waist incase he makes you spill anything, you smile triumphantly and start eating, zayn sits down next to you and asks for some too, you both start eating and when you finish, you put the dishes in the sink and turn on the tv, a while later zayn sits down next to you and cuddles with you, you snuggle deep into his chest and he kisses your forehead, you flip through the channels and find a movie playing, zayn gets up and finds a blanket and wraps you both in it, you cuddle up to his warmth and watch the movie with him, when it finishes you are almost asleep on zayns chest and he smiles and kisses your forehead 'i think we'll stay here tonight' he says lying down with you, he adjusts the blanket and then falls asleep...
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