One direction Imagines by Michelle

These are just stories by Michelle
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Her username is: michellehoranstyles
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I fell in love with her writing and I think you will too.

•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



2. Zayn imagine part 2

Zayn imagine part 2

'hi my names zayn' he says reaching you, you jump down from the tree and shake his hand 'hi im y/n' you say smiling, 'so your new here right' he says 'yeh i just got here' you say blushing, he smiles, you cant help but notice his jawline and you catch yourself staring 'so um do you want me to show you around bradford?' he says 'thatd be great!' you say, he takes your hand and electricity shoots through your arm, you look a bit shocked and he looks a bit shocked too, you shake it off and he takes the whole day showing you around 'so what school are you going to?' he says, you tell him 'omg thats the same one im going to!' he says 'oh cool, maybe i could like walk with you or something' you say 'thatd be great, ill come over to your place tomorrow' he says 'sounds like a plan' you say, he smiles and returns you back home 'cya tomorrow' you say, 'bye!' he says going back to his place, you open the door and step in, the furniture is all neatly spaced out and in a nice orientation, you go up to your room and theres your bed already with your bed sheet on it, you take out your phone, and then swear, you forgot to get his number, you look out the window and see zayn waving his arms about trying to get your attention, you smile and wave back, he tries to mouth something to you but you cant understand, he gets an idea and runs off, he comes back with a note book, he writes something on it then presses it up against the window, you read it out loud 'whats your number' it says, you smile, and get on of your text books already laid out on a table, you get a permanent marker and write it, you stick it up against the window and he gets his phone out, suddenly your phone beeps 'heyy! -zayn' you smile and call him 'hey' you say 'hey' he says back, you both start talking about stuff for a bit when your mum calls you down 'ok well i have to go, bye' you say 'k bye see you tomorrow' he says hanging up, you chuck your phone onto your bed and you go downstairs 'yes?' you say 'how was your day? Did you make any friends?' she says, you nod 'he lives right across us, his name is zayn' you say 'thats nice honey' she says smiling, 'hes going to come around and were going to walk to school' you say 'thats wonderful, now its time for dinner' she says, you eat and then decide to go to sleep straight after.

*the next morning*

your still asleep and youre lying in bed dreading the day, 'oh well at least theres zayn to make it better, i hope' you say standing up, you look out the window and see him changing, he takes off his shirt and you quickly look away 'holy shit he is ripped' you say blushing a bit, you lie down in bed and accidentally fall asleep again 'y/n, y/n wake up, you have to go to school' says a voice shaking you awake, you open one eye 'huh oh hey zayn' you say sitting up, you rub your eyes and stand up 'ill be right back' you say grabbing your uniform from the back of your chair and walking towards the bathroom, you change into your uniform and walk out 'how do i look?' you say spinning around, he looks at you 'wow you actually make that uniform look good' he says, you smile 'thanks' you say starting to like him, you go downstairs and make a piece of toast, you grab your bag and walk with zayn to school, suddenly everyone is crowding around you 'you must be the new girl 'hi im vanessa' says a girl with long dark hair 'you dont want to hang out with him, hes a loser' she says taking your arm and dragging you away from zayn, he looks at you with a sad look on his face 'sorry' you mouth to him, you walk with vanessa and she shows you around the whole school before the bell rings, you look in your timetable and its says a classroom, you look around for it and after a few minutes you finally find it, you walk in 'sorry im late' you say 'oh you must be the new girl, take a seat next to um, zayn!' she says pointing to the empty seat next to him, you sit next to him 'hey' you whisper 'hey' he says back smiling, you hear your name on the roll 'here!' you say, 'what do you have next?' he says 'um' you say taking out your timetable, you find your class 'um i have maths!' you say 'me too, what classroom?' he says, you tell him 'oh i have it in a different room' he says a bit disappointed, the bell rings and he shows you to your room 'thanks' you say walking in 'so ill see you at lunch yeh?' he says 'sure' you say, he walks off and you go inside, you see vanessa and she sees you, she waves you over 'heyy!' she says sitting you down next to her, the teacher walks in 'ok new term new day, time for some algebra' he says, everyone groans and you open your text book, you copy down everything from the book and finish your homework, you close your book 'omg are you finished already?!' says vanessa 'yeh...why?' you say 'omg can i like copy it down?' she says 'um ok' you say giving her your book, she copies it down and then the bell rings 'oh you have to sit with us!' she says taking your arm 'ok sure' you say walking with her, she takes you to an area for the popular people and you sit with her and her friends 'so whats with you and zayn malik?' says a girl by the name of ashley 'huh oh, he lives opposite me' you say 'oh that must suck' she says 'so whats so bad about him?' you say 'oh hes just weird and creepy, no one likes him, hes such a loser, do not be seen with him, like being seen with him is your whole social life ruined' she says 'oh wow, that bad' you say, you all talk for the rest of lunch and then the bell goes 'so what do you have now?' says vanessa, you tell her that you have geography 'oh, thats the other side of the school 'ill see you tomorrow k bye' she says 'cya' you say walking towards your classroom, you walk in and everyone is already there 'your late!' says the teacher 'sorry im new here' you say blushing 'oh ok, well take an empty seat' she says pointing to two empty seats, on has a bag already on it so you take the other one 'now on the subject of africa' she says pointing to the board, zayn comes in and sits in the seat next to you 'y/n' he says with a frown 'ok now do excersise 13' she says, zayn passes you a note 'where were you at lunch?' it says 'im so sorry, vanessa pretty much dragged me to sit with her friends' you write back 'i dont like vanessa and her friends' he writes 'theyre not that bad' you write back 'well they hate me, they think im a loser' he writes 'well i dont think your a loser' you write back, he smiles 'thanks that means alot' he says putting a smiley face at the end, you smile too 'so why does everyone hate you so much?' you write 'just some conflict between me and vanessa' he writes 'oh ok well im gonna walk home with you' you write, he smiles and secretly puts an arm around your waist 'thanks' he says gently kissing your cheek, butterflies erupt in you stomach and he quickly hugs you before the teacher can catch you and he starts on his work, the spot where he kissed you is tingling and you cant concentrate much, the bell goes and you pack up, you walk out of the classroom and go to your locker, zayn comes along and ashley and vanessa appear out of nowhere 'y/n! There you are weve been looking all over for you let us walk you home' says vanessa shooting daggers at zayn with her eyes, 'ok just let me put my books in' you say stuffing your books in 'sorry' you whisper to zayn giving him a sympathetic smile, he accepts it and you walk with the girls, they drop you off to your place and then they leave, you go in and peep out the window and wait for them to get out of view, you keep looking out the window and you spot zayn walking home, you go up stairs and change into mufti, you walk out and knock on the door, a lady opens it 'hi im y/n um im here for zayn' you say 'oh y/n! Hello, im zayns mum, he has told us so much about you, come in, hes upstairs' she says, she welcomes you in and you ask which room is his 'its the door painted blue' she says 'thank you' you say walking up the stairs, you find the blue door and knock, theres no reply so you open it, zayns is still in his uniform and hes sitting on his bed crying 'zayn...' you say, he looks up 'what do you want?' he says sniffling 'well i came here to see you' you say 'why arent you hanging out with vanessa and ashley?' he says burying his face in his hands 'because i wanted to be with you' you say walking towards his bed and sitting down 'really?' he says looking up 'yes really' you say rubbing his thigh, he looks up at you and wipes his tears 'w-why?' he says 'because i like you' you say staring into his deep brown eyes, he smiles and hugs you 'thank you' he says smiling widely, you hug back and smile too, you kiss his cheek and the same butterfly feeling happens again, you pull away and blush 'sorry, i just, ugh i dont know' you say looking down, he smiles and pulls you towards him 'nah nah its ok' he says kissing you full on the lips, you kiss back and you feel him smile, you turn it passionate and you push him down on the bed, you crawl on top of him and you both continue to kiss, he runs his hands all over your body when his mum calls him, you pull away and he gets up and goes downstairs 'stay here' he says walking down, he comes back up later with a massive pile of laundry in his arms, he chucks it down on the bed and starts sorting through everything, you looks at the clothes and you take out one of his jackets, you put it on and its 3 sizes too large, zayn sees you and starts laughing 'what?' you say looking at him 'you look ridiculous' he says pissing himself with laughter, he keeps laughing and you take it off 'well then you try it' you say, he takes it and puts it on 'so how do i look?' he says 'actually pretty good' you say, he smiles and takes it off then puts it in his wardrobe, he sorts out the other things and then your phone starts ringing 'hello?' you say 'hey its vanessa, im having a sleepover friday night, you up for it?' she says 'ill ask my mum when she comes back home' you say making up an excuse 'ok cool, tell me tomorrow if you can come or not' she says 'sure bye!' you say, you hang up 'who was that?' he says 'vanessa, shes having a sleepover' you say 'dont go' he says 'why?' you say 'just dont' he says 'ok then' you say, he smiles and then your phone rings again 'where are you missy?' says your mum 'oh im at zayns place, ill be right home' you say hanging up 'ok well i have to go' you say kissing zayns cheek, you smile and walk down stairs, you walk across the street and open the door 'im home!' you say 'im in the kitchen honey' your mum says calling you, you walk in and shes making dinner 'so you and zayn, are the talk of the town' she says 'what?!' you say 'how?!' you scream 'well i heard this girl bitching about you she was like: omg y/n is so weird she actually hangs out with that freak zayn' your mum says imitating someone 'what did she look like?' you say 'well she had long dark hair and she was wearing your school uniform' she says 'oh ok and um are we free on friday night?' you say 'no we have a family reunion that goes until 10' she says 'ok fine' you say, you go upstairs and text zayn 'omg i have a stupid family reunion thing on friday, argh its gonna be so boring!' you text, you see zayn walk over to his bed through your window and he picks up his phone, and then calls you 'a family reunion seriously?' he says 'yes it ends at 10 on a friday night, im gonna be so bored!!' you say, he laughs and talks with you, about half an hour later your mum calls you down for dinner 'ok cya bye' you say 'bye' he says hanging up, you go downstairs and eat dinner 'so you havent told me about your first day, how was it?' she says 'it was interesting' you say, you chat with her and then you wash up the dishes and get ready for bed, your changing in your room and you look out the window, you see zayn quickly turn around, you put your pjs on and then you get into bed, 'night xoxo' you text zayn 'night babe xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo...' the 'xo' continues for a whole paragraph and you smile and turn your phone off, you stuff your head in your pillow and fall asleep...
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