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•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



26. Louis part 2

Louis imagine part 2

'uhm can i help you?' he says 'yeh um sorry to bother you but im kinda lost, can i um crash here for the night?' you say hoping he would say yes 'yeh sure, ill get you a towel' he says wandering off, he comes back and gives you the towel, you walk in and try to dry off as quickly as possible 'sorry about the disturbance, you were probably busy' you say handing him back the towel 'nah nah its cool, uhm i actually just split from my girlfriend eleanor' he says holding back his tears, 'oh well i just split from my boyfriend Jai' you say looking down, he starts laughing 'what a coincidence' he says giving you a warm smile, you smile back and stare just a bit too long into his eyes 'uhm i ergh, well do you mind if i have a shower here?' you say 'yeh no problem' he says 'um ill get you another towel' he says, he leads you to the bathroom 'Ok so, um yeh, call for me if you need any thing' he says walking out 'wait!' you call out 'yeh?' he says popping his head in 'i didnt catch your name' you say 'oh its louis, louis tomlinson' he says 'ok then thanks louis' you say smiling and closing the door, you strip off and start a shower, you finish and step out, you swear, you had no clothes to wear, they were all wet, you wrap the towel around you and go downstairs 'hey um louis do you have any clothes i could borrow? Mine are kinda wet' you say, he starts checking you out and you wave your arms 'louis!' you say, his gaze returns to your face 'huh oh right clothes, um well lemme see' he says going up to his room, he comes back down with a onesie 'onesie?' he says, you laugh 'sure' you say taking it and going back up to the bathroom, you put on the onesie and come out 'how do i look?' you say, he smiles 'really cute' he says, 'thanks' you say smiling and sitting next to him 'so, um i didnt catch your name' he says looking at you 'oh im y/n' you say 'ok then y/n' he starts getting to know you and he cracks a few jokes, by the end of the night you know eachother pretty well and he turns on the tv, you get the remote and flick through the channels, you see Jai's favorite movie and your eye water up 'are you ok?' says louis looking at you, 'huh oh yeh, it was Jai's favorite movie' you say as a tear trickles down your face, he wipes the tear away with his thumb while holding your face 'dont cry, he was cheating on you, hes not worthy enough for a beautiful girl like you' he says staring into your eyes 'thanks' you say smiling and hugging him, you go to pull away but hes not letting go 'uhm lou, could you let go?' you say 'oh right, i erm, sorry' he says blushing, you giggle and find something to watch on tv, you lean on his shoulder and he smiles at you, he flicks to a horror movie and you realise its prometheus (ok to all those who read my niall imagine i have a massive issue with prometheus, its too scary, and yeh i did run out of the cinema crying cuz i got so scared) you widen your eyes 'omg i cant do prometheus' you say curling up into a ball, louis smiles 'want me to hug you?' he says 'yes please' you say nodding, he wrapped his arms around you, the way he hugged you made you feel protected and safe, you snuggled into him and watched the movie, burying your face into his chest every time something scary happened, every time you did he would smile and squeeze you that extra bit tighter, when the movie finishes your shaking scared 'y/n dont be scared' he says rubbing your arm 'but im scared that someones gonna come and kill me' you say looking at him wide eyed 'dont worry' he says, hugging you 'ill try not to' you say leaning against him, you yawn and rub your eye 'are you tired?' he says 'yeh a bit' you say 'ok well ill go get you a blanket he says getting you a blanket, you make yourself comfortable on the couch, louis tucks you in then smiles 'ok well goodnight' he says smiling 'night louis' you say smiling back, he goes up to his room and then you fall asleep on the couch...
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