One direction Imagines by Michelle

These are just stories by Michelle
You can find her on the one direction community app and on here.
Her username is: michellehoranstyles
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I fell in love with her writing and I think you will too.

•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



25. Louis part 1

Louis imagine part 1

'Jai! Im home' you call out walking in, theres no usual greeting from him, you put your bag on a chair and go into the bedroom, you see him in bed stroking a blonde girls hair, he sees you and immeditaly sits up 'y/n what are you doing here?! I thought that you were out!' he says surprised 'well i got home early' you snap, suddenly the girl wakes up 'jai, keep stroking me, it feels nice' she says grabbing onto his shoulders and kissing him 'we.are.over' you say turning around and walking out, suddenly his arms are around you 'no, please dont go she..she..uh' he desperately tries to think of an excuse and you rip his arms off 'jai you and me are over!' you scream, you grab your keys and fiddle with getting the house keys off, you finally get it off and chuck it at him 'WE ARE FINISHED!' you scream bursting into tears and running out of the apartment, you slam the door and run to the park, you sit down at the bottom of your favorite tree and you sit there and continue to cry into your knees.

*at the end of the day*

You were still in the same spot when it started to rain, you swore and pressed yourself up against the tree, suddenly lightning struck a nearby tree and you quickly let go of the tree and entered the thunderstorm soaking wet, you wanted to go back home but jai was there, and you and him were finished, you started wandering around london thinking about where to go and you were in an area you hadnt been before 'my life sucks' you grumble continuing to walk, you look around and see a small light up ahead 'i hope they let me in' you say walking towards the house, you reach the gate in front of the house and you climb over it, you trudged to the front door and rang the doorbell, the door opens and a guy wearing stripes and red jeans opens the door 'uhm can i help you?' he says...
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