One direction Imagines by Michelle

These are just stories by Michelle
You can find her on the one direction community app and on here.
Her username is: michellehoranstyles
Go follow her!
I fell in love with her writing and I think you will too.

•I'm just a girl doing a favor for a friend•



1. Zayn malik imagines part 1

Zayn imagine part 1

'but mum! I dont want to move to bradford! I have no friends there!!' you scream at your mum, 'well were moving there whether you like it or not' she says chucking your suitcases in the taxi, 'now get in' she says, you get in and stare straight ahead crossing your arms and making a face 'oh come on its not gonna be that bad, your great at making friends' your mum says, she tells the taxi driver to go to the airport and he starts driving, he arrives and you get out, your mum pays the taxi driver and then joins you 'this is going to be an experience' she says 'yeh whatever, why cant you leave me here, i would have been fine on my own, mum im 16 for gods sake!' you say 'we are not having this conversation again' she says checking into the flight, she finds the gate and a flight assistant calls for people to start boarding the plane, you take your carry-ons and walk with your mum, you board the plane and find your seat and sit down, you take the window seat and stare out the window, you slowly fall asleep against the window and your mum wakes you up later 'we just landed!' she says, you get up and walk out to the airport, the weather was freezing, just how you liked it, you immediately started to get hyper (soz i get so hypo in weather) and you started to jump up and down while running ahead and being a little kid, you were running around with your arms out like an aeroplane and you were getting so many weird looks, you got back to your mums side and skipped next to her 'calm down' she says 'but its cold' you say jumping up and down, she sighs and gets the suitcases, she gets a taxi and tells the driver an adress 'so is this going to be our new place?!' you say moving your feet about 'yes it is' she says, the driver arrives at the place and you burst out of the door, your mum gives you the keys and you run to the door 'choose any room!' she calls out, you run through the house and finally choose the bedroom with the built-in-wardrobe facing the neighbourhood, you look out and see a cute guy with dark hair staring at you, he sees you staring at him and quickly walks away from the window, 'the furniture is going to be here in an hour' says your mum calling out to you 'you know what go out and have some fun, see if you can make friends' she says 'oh cool' you say running down stairs, you burst out the door and skip out, you see a sign pointing to a park and you jog there, you see it and walk towards a massive oak, you start climbing and you sit on a branch, you sit there for a while and swing our legs back and forth, suddenly you see that same cute dark haired guy walking towards you....
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