The midnight killer

"i peered around in the dark. suddenly something moved.... it was to fast for my young eyes. just as quick as lightning, somebody lunged at me,pushing me by the neck to a nearby wall. the person wrapped their scally fingers around my neck as i gasped desperately for air. the character gripped tightly until i felt a pair of sharp teeth sink into my neck. after that it was total black out.

all jenny wanted was a nice winter break with the 6 membered gang , isi,maryanne,jack,zack,joel and then there was her. jenny definately got what she and the gang wanted untill the mystery of the midnight killer spread around the gang. first everyone thought it was just made-up until mysterious things started happening. why is the midnight killer killing people? jenny didnt know the answer until she experienced it......


4. Unbelievable things

When we came back we order online pizza and fries. To mum and dad said to try add some healthy stuff to my food during the trip. Maryanne,Isi and I set teh table and waited for the pizza pack to come while the boys of the gang made salad.

"Ding Dong" Isi rushed towards the door and came back with a box and packet of pizza and fries.

We laughed and talked through the whole of dinner. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I got up from the table and opened the door. It was a girl who looked like she was six. She had a sad expression on her face.

"What's the matter?" i asked worried. "I don't have any where to stay for shelter or call home!" she replied. Before inviting her inside, i asked everyone if it was okay if the girl could stay with us. They all,fortunately,said okay.Maryanne,who was great and gentle with kids, showed the girl to her room. Her name was Stella and she was actually six like i guessed!

"AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The gang and i heard a familiar scream along with an unfamiliar one.

We all ran to the room Maryanne had lead Stella to. We saw the fan turned on and the were two daggers stabbed in the wall. Stella was quivering and whimpering in the corner. I  comforted Stella while the others kept Maryanne calm and relaxed as the they questioned her on what happened.

"I lead Stella to this room and then automatically the window opened and the fan turned on. Then the man with a few daggers flew up to the window and threw at me and Stella."









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