The midnight killer

"i peered around in the dark. suddenly something moved.... it was to fast for my young eyes. just as quick as lightning, somebody lunged at me,pushing me by the neck to a nearby wall. the person wrapped their scally fingers around my neck as i gasped desperately for air. the character gripped tightly until i felt a pair of sharp teeth sink into my neck. after that it was total black out.

all jenny wanted was a nice winter break with the 6 membered gang , isi,maryanne,jack,zack,joel and then there was her. jenny definately got what she and the gang wanted untill the mystery of the midnight killer spread around the gang. first everyone thought it was just made-up until mysterious things started happening. why is the midnight killer killing people? jenny didnt know the answer until she experienced it......


8. A hard time finding

i had called them through my mobile but there was no range. Then a dreaded thought krept into my mind. I stared at the castle. Even looking at it gave me the chills. I knew i had to go in to find my friends.

I opened the door. Immediately there was a creaking noise,making me jump down a step. I took my torchlight from my backpack and switched it on.

I walked further on. Suddenly the entry door slammed shut. I ran over to it and pulled and banged on the door.

I turned around to examine my surroundings. The next thing i knew was that everything the happened with the website in the library happened again except...REAL!! From the shadow swiftly moving toward me to the pair of teeth sinking into me.

I was no stuck in a huge large cage.

"Jenny?! is that you"screamed in a familiar high pitched voice. "Isi!! am i glad to see you"

I saw the rest of the gang sitting on the floor looking glum and scared at the same time.

We said our "hellos" before returning to the same glum and scared posture. I shoved my hands in my pockets,feeling something heavy and metal like......

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