Saving One Direction

just thought i'd put out there there that this fan fiction is not like every other One Direction and i thought, why not do it about friendship this my first story so i hope you like it.

Anastasia (me), Katherine (my sister) and Katerina (my mum) all get tickets to see One Direction in Madison Square Garden but they get to meet them before the concert and save them from crazy fans. This will cheer you all up so enjoy


6. we meet again


Being my first concert it was very entertaining I think one of my ears has been permanently damaged with all the screaming, but despite that I sang along, I can never say silent during a song. As we drove home I saw a limousine with 5 silent boys, I rolled down my window and called Liam. "Are you in a limo stuck in traffic? I asked "yes I am how did you know?" said Liam, "I'm right next to you, roll down your window" and as I said that he rolled down his window. "Hey gurl" said Niall in his worst American accent, "we meet again, surprisingly. Oops the traffic is moving we will talk to you at the hotel?" I said they all nodded and started to scream as they drove off.

When we got to the hotel we saw One Direction get out of the car, well actually tumbling out of the car laughing. "I never knew we had this effect on you?" Said mum and we all started laughing walking in to the hotel restaurant. We had gotten a 3 garlic breads as a starter, because of you know, Niall's condition (food), whole chicken to share because Zayn couldn’t eat pork and water because we were all very dehydrated from laughing so much. "So where do you guys come from?" Asked Harry. "Well we come from a town called Camden in NSW south west of Sydney, so we don’t go Into the city very often unless you call going to the Wharf every Monday for drama often." "we must come visit some time" stated Zayn. " um not to be rude but wouldn’t you guys forget about us, I mean for me this could be a dream having dinner with my favourite boyband. But on the upside I might not be bullied as much." "I cant forget about you your my Hogwarts buddy, where am I gonna find another princess to save?" stated Louis. "FINE! You win, but I doubt you will remember us, but if your that determined you can take us to the airport tomorrow at 5am." I said with a sigh. "5am!!" Said Zayn and Harry together don’t worry we will wake you up with a suspicious smirk said mum. Liam came and tackled us to the floor, Niall came and joined in but tickled us, our mum had to break it up though because I was screaming like it was the end of the world.

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