Saving One Direction

just thought i'd put out there there that this fan fiction is not like every other One Direction and i thought, why not do it about friendship this my first story so i hope you like it.

Anastasia (me), Katherine (my sister) and Katerina (my mum) all get tickets to see One Direction in Madison Square Garden but they get to meet them before the concert and save them from crazy fans. This will cheer you all up so enjoy


8. we meet again pt2

It had been 11 and 1/2 months since our meeting with One Direction. I always thought back to the good times we had, as our whole family was walking along Darling Harbour before my sister performed at school spectacular I saw group of boys, they looked very familiar. "is that One Direction" I whispered to Katherine as I whispered they came closer and I was correct it was One Direction. Zayn was the first to come and run up and hug Katherine and I, Dad was giving him a teasing look. "ooh looks like Zayn has a crush" dad said being the cheeky person he can be. "Zayn, boys this is my dad, Peter King, dad. Well I don't need to introduce them to you because you've lived with us long enough to know who they are. What are you guys doing here, the Australian tour is over" I asked "we just felt like visiting, and we weren't kidding we do love Australia, not just because you guys live here" said Niall "ohh" said Katherine slowly. "What are you guys doing later?" asked Niall "we are going to school spectacular, then going home" stated my mum in her teacher voice. "ohhh" sighed Louis he had been unusually quiet, "we'll just head off and maybe see you soon" said Zayn. Twas a shame.
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