Saving One Direction

just thought i'd put out there there that this fan fiction is not like every other One Direction and i thought, why not do it about friendship this my first story so i hope you like it.

Anastasia (me), Katherine (my sister) and Katerina (my mum) all get tickets to see One Direction in Madison Square Garden but they get to meet them before the concert and save them from crazy fans. This will cheer you all up so enjoy


5. vipop (very important piece of paper


When I looked at my autographed VIPOP (very important piece of paper) I saw that Liam had written his mobile number on the VIPOP. I jotted it in my phone and called him.

He answered on the 2nd ring. “uh not to be rude but why did you put your number down on my very important piece of paper?” I asked “hi Anastasia I thought us boys, your sister and yourself could meet up now before the concert?” Liam replied “bloody hell, I knew I was forgetting something!” I exclaimed “why did you come all the way from Australia just to see us in concert?” Liam asked “oh, I didn’t I won this Bring me to 1D competition and that’s how I got here, but yeah I’ll just ask my mum”.

MUM! “Yes Sia” “can I please go and meet up with the boys before the concert?” “ ok but I have to come.” “yay!!, Liam? Are you still there?” “yep” he said holding the P for a second and the popping it “ I can come but my mum has to come, is that ok?”. “How old are you?” “ 14 and 9 months” “ woow ok that’s fine”. “I can just send her to the other side of the room?” “whatever is fine” “okely dokely, see you in a sec!” “KATHERINE!” “ I'm coming” she said then we were out the door and at the boys room before you could say ‘Quidditch’.

Niall came to the door with a hot dig in his mouth, “what up?” he said while trying to chew his food. “the sky” said Katherine, typical. “okay can we come in now?” I said getting impatient and getting a stern look from my mum. "Grrrr. As we come in Harry and Louis come running in and giving us a bear hug “ help I'm dying somebody save me” I screamed with a dramatic voice “I will save you, my damsel in distress” and as Louis said that he let go and fake punched Harry. “Thank you my daring prince, however may I repay you?” I said in an O so innocent voice. “may I have a kiss?” he asked, “may I have a kiss?” I said in a mocking tone and I put index finger on his cheek. "THAT’S NOT A KISS! WHERE IS MY KISS?!" And I ran around the house screaming like a lunatic "SOMEBODY SAVE ME" as soon as I thought he was far away he took my hand and hugged me, "you do realise I'm 8 years younger than you." "Well you’re a great actress" he complemented "because I think Niall the jokester he is videoed us" he said so we walked down to the living room.

As we walked downstairs we could hear my mum laughing, for a change. Louis and I sneaked into the living room and we found everyone cracking up. I've never really been this hyped up before. "Zayn what time is it?"  "We've got 10 minutes to get to the concert!!" We all grabbed our bags, wallets, phones whatever we needed and ran downstairs. I actually got a lot of exercise with these boys, they're crazier than my own friends. After 5min we were at the concert. "Well we might see you guys later then" Katherine said "see ya later" they said simultaneously and we went our separate ways.

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