Saving One Direction

just thought i'd put out there there that this fan fiction is not like every other One Direction and i thought, why not do it about friendship this my first story so i hope you like it.

Anastasia (me), Katherine (my sister) and Katerina (my mum) all get tickets to see One Direction in Madison Square Garden but they get to meet them before the concert and save them from crazy fans. This will cheer you all up so enjoy


2. ***the day before we leave***


Katherine and I helped each other pack our bags. First we decided to pack hers. We have studied the weather in New York, and it has been fine with occasional showers. Normally Katherine would tell me off for suggesting something to her but, surprisingly she accepted what I told her; I told her to bring her fluffy grouch t-shirt (it looks great with skinny jeans), various monster t-shirts, a long black undershirt a black jacket and a cardigan, 2 pairs of long black tights, a pair of jeans, a couple of singlets, pink converse and flats and a pair of swimmers. Of course I'm taking my HARRY POTTER t-shirts, 2 long tights, and jeans a couple of t-shirts and a jacket. I really do not care for fashion. After chucking my things into my suitcase we jumped into our swimmers and jumped in the pool. When I get into the pool, im a completely different person after spending 3 hours in the pool it was time for dinner. I guess you could say our family was weird, but this is normal for us; mum cooks, Katherine and I fight over setting or rinsing and my dad washes up, he’s always complaining about washing up but its either cooking or washing up (except for Sunday lunch). Its been a while since we’ve had a food fight. Food fights in our house are throwing vegetables at each other or used up paper towels or unused ones if we’re desperate. It had been a long day so Katherine and I had gone to bed, I went to bed grinning.


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