Saving One Direction

just thought i'd put out there there that this fan fiction is not like every other One Direction and i thought, why not do it about friendship this my first story so i hope you like it.

Anastasia (me), Katherine (my sister) and Katerina (my mum) all get tickets to see One Direction in Madison Square Garden but they get to meet them before the concert and save them from crazy fans. This will cheer you all up so enjoy


3. the airport


I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing. “Stupid alarms, I wish they were never invented!” It was bloody 5:30am! I got up and put on my muggle t-shirt, long tights and ugg boots, I know not very attractive but hey we’re not going out somewhere special, like I said I DON’T CARE.  Once I dropped my bags downstairs I went to wake up my sister. “time to wake up, cos I need you to, come downstairs and store your bags. TIME TO WAKE UP!” “I’m coming I’m coming, I’ll see you downstairs” said Katherine, I knew my mum was up because I could hear the shower going.


After 1 ½ hours we all hopped in the car and drove off. On the way to the airport we played One Direction. I don’t have the CD, because I could get it cheaper on ITunes, so we just plugged in Katherine’s iPad. After for what seemed like an 1hr  we had arrived at Sydney airport, I’ve always loved the airport, I don’t know why? But I'm not a big fan of security, once when I went to see my cousins in Northern Territory I got scissors taken off me, but this time I made it past.

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