Love & War

Rose loved her dad so much, but when the War letter comes through the mail she is destrout. Later on in life she finds love but will it be the right one?? read and see what happens to her life and her family and friends.......


4. week gone by

A week had gone. I had only a week left till I get to see him again. Mum called me out to the lounge I made my way over to her she wanted me to go out and water the roses. Mum didn’t like to do it she said it always reminded her to much of dad. When I was out there I decided to sit on the longish soft green grass I watched everyone walk by with their dogs, kids and sleeping babies in their prams.

I started to think about what my future would be like if I would have kids would I even get a partner. I stayed out there until tea time. As I walked in the door a flush of sweet potatoes and chicken filled my nostrils I wondered around to the dining room were mum was setting the table I helped her bring out the food and cutlery. As we were eating me and mum were talking about the days when she had gone to school and how she had made lots of mistakes she didn’t want me to make I took in all the information my brain would let me but it all went empty as soon as mum started talking about how she meet dad I was stunned that she had even brought up his name. When our stomachs were full we made our way down the hallway to the two lonesome bed rooms at the end of the house I followed mum into her room she told me to sit on the bed it was soft and had a white fluffy blanket on it.

She went over to the cupboard and pulled a little brown chest from the top shelf. As mum was closing the cupboard I noticed that all dads clothes were still in there I wanted to ask mum why but I knew she wouldn’t want to answer so I didn’t say anything. When mum sat on the bed she looked at me and smiled opened the chest and pulled out a beautiful golden heart necklace

"this is the necklace my mother gave to me now I want you to have it don’t ever lose it or let any guy break your heart"

I turned around so mum could hook the ends together. I sat there looking at it in the mirror

"it’s beautiful"

I gave her a hug then she pulled something else out it was a picture she looked at it then let out a deep sigh and flipped the photo round so I could see it, it was a picture of mum and dad on their wedding day. She had a white long dress it had lots of embroidery on the top half then it flowed down to a silky white bottom which showed her crow shay shoes dad was standing next to her in his black tuxedo with a white rose in the left hand top pocket. I was also in the picture you couldn’t see me I was in the big bump on my mum’s stomach.

When I had finished looking at it mum said that that was the best day of her life because at the end of the day she was rushed into hospital to give birth to me. After she had showed me all the things she had collected over the years I gave her a kiss good night and went off to my room. I pulled back my purple blankets and clambered into bed. I lied down and pulled the blankets up to my chin and lay there thinking of what it would be like to get married to have kids and a boyfriend I closed my eyes and in the next few minutes I was fast asleep.

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