Love & War

Rose loved her dad so much, but when the War letter comes through the mail she is destrout. Later on in life she finds love but will it be the right one?? read and see what happens to her life and her family and friends.......


12. The sibling I never had

I turned round to face Mathew,

"so I guess you have to leave now too"

I knew he could see the spark of sadness in my face.

"yea I guess" he smiled and pulled me toward him and hugged me I wrapped my arms around him. I hesitated to pull myself off him but I had to.

He looked at me "ok well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow"

I smiled at him "yea"

We walked off in different directions I looked over my shoulder and saw him walking off with his hands in his pockets and his brown hair blowing back in the chilly breeze. When I got back to the door I slowly opened it and walked in closing it softly behind me I walked past the lounge and saw mum sitting in her chair I walked over to her.

"Are you ok mum"

She lifted her head up to me "Yes I’m fine dear, is that Freddy?"

I frowned a little "how do you know his name? I never told you"

I sat down on the foot stall next to her. She started talking with a sad tone in her voice;

"well I think a few years back now when Freddy was about 8 me and his mother Jane were friends, I used to always go around there and have a cup of tea and help her with the gardens I knew that Freddy disliked me he would always throw his toys at me when I told him off. But one day me and your father found out some really great news and we went over to tell Jane. You were at your grandma’s house. Freddy was sick, home from school and was in one of his bad moods. Your father went outside to the shed with his father to look at some creation he use to make. Me and Jane were inside talking about our days as young teenagers and I got up to go do the dishes for her. I walked into the kitchen where I saw Freddy he was standing on a seat with a box on it for extra hight and he was trying to get the jar of sweets Jane always had there I told him to get down so he did. He was so angry that he pushed me and I hit the floor stomach first I heard Jane yelling and running into the room I could Just see Freddy with a smile on his face Jane kneelt down next to me and told Freddy to leave the room I told her to help me up and as I tried to get up a sharp pain stabbed my stomach and I was forced to sit back down I closed my eyes and passed out in pain"

I sat there in shock I never would of thought that he would of done that to anyone older than him mum continued with her story;

"I woke up in the hospital and your father was right by my side holding my hand he had a tear rolling down his face I looked at him in confusion I tried to sit up but the same pain dragged me back down what’s wrong with me I asked him he felt uneasy but replied 'when Freddy pushed you'...... I knew it was bad by the tone of his voice he carried on 'the baby was killed'....... I was in such a shock I didn’t reply"

I looked at mum with fear in my face "what baby you never told me this"

She looked at me and grabbed my hand and ignored my question "I was so great full to have you here because the doctor told me I couldn’t have any more kids"

I stood up "why didn’t you tell me"

she let go of my hand and looked down "you were only 7 I didn’t want you to grow up with hate in your heart"

I looked away "mum I have to get some fresh air" I walked down to my room and grabbed my coat and walked out the door in to the darkening sky and left mum home to try to relax. I walked down the grass edged grey path I turned down Parker Street and walked toward a greeny grey house that had a little tree house outside. I saw that all the light were off a part from, it looked like the lounge lights I walked through the grey gate and snuck round to the far end of the house behind the bushes and knocked on the window I heard rustling and the curtain opened. Mathew was standing by the window confused and looking tiered he opened the window and helped pull me in.

"What......What are you doing here"

I hugged him "I just needed to see you" I didn’t want to tell him the full story just yet

"your freezing come lay over here"

I nodded and slowly walked over to his bed it was a double and had dark blue blankets like a typical teenage boy would have. He folded the blankets down and I crawled in with him behind me I shivered over to him and cuddled with him as we did I was thinking about what my mum would be thinking, where I was, but she knows me like the back of her hand she knows I’ll be back tomorrow. I put my head on his chest I could hear his heart beat it was soft and southing I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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