Love & War

Rose loved her dad so much, but when the War letter comes through the mail she is destrout. Later on in life she finds love but will it be the right one?? read and see what happens to her life and her family and friends.......


6. Stupid boy

The boy I saw in the shop.

"I see you got the dud locker. May I" he said.

I stepped aside and he knocked the locker by the lock and It popped open I gave him a thankful smile he put out his hand

"I’m Mathew, Mathew Collen" I shook his hand.

"Hi I’m Rose Castler"

His smile seemed like it was saying what I beautiful name. The bell rang and we went our separate ways. I had science first. I walked to the greeny blue door I heard the teacher taking about what they were going to do today. I turned the handle downward and pushed the door open the whole class went silent the teacher looked at me

"Why are you late"

I didn’t know what to say I stood there for a few seconds then answered

"I just……..didn’t know what class I was in first. This is my first day of school"

The teacher also known as Ms. Gulch, A tall, very skinny white old lady, she had massive bags under her eyes. She didn’t look too impressed she told me to sit down at the back of the class. As I was walking down the middle of the rows of desks everyone was staring at me. I sat down at the back by myself. Ms. Gulch read out the role

"Franny, Louis, and Dudley" she looked up as they replied with "present" "Harry, Kailey, Joey, Sophia, Carman, Lucy, Polly, Liam.......... Is Liam here....... no ok, and Rose" I paused then replied.

She put the role away and pulled out a pointing stick. She already had everything written up on the blackboard so all she had to do was point to the words. When she was half way through the work the door opened and a boy walked in, he slammed the door behind him it made everyone jump. He walked over to the teacher and said something I couldn’t hear because I was at the end of the room. She pointed to the empty desk next to me. He slowly walked down passed everyone, giving the people who stared an evil look he looked at me and smiled I didn’t pay any attention to him he sit down and lent over to me and whisper

"Hey pretty I’m Liam, what’s your name"

I looked at him "My names Rose" and looked away as to say my names not pretty. He spoke again

"Oh…. a feisty one, I like feisty girls"

I looked at him in discussed and whispered "stupid boy"

He looked confused I don’t think he heard me "What" the teacher turned around

"what’s going on back there. Liam you don’t want to get sent to the head masters office do you" he slid back in his chair and didn’t reply.

The teacher turned back to the board and carried on asking questions. I sat there like a good girl writing all the notes and answers in my new books. When the bell rung for interval I was stressing because I didn’t have anyone to sit with and I didn’t want everyone to think I had no friends, which I didn’t till later on. As I was walking out the door, a small skinny and pretty faced girl came up to me

"Hi my names Lucy. What’s yours?"

I felt so relieved that someone came up to me

"I’m Rose"

She told me to come over and sit under the big oak trees. When we walked past all the guys they all turned and stared at us.

"Don’t pay any attention to them their just guys being guys"

"Yea I wasn’t going to"

We both looked at each other and laughed. We finally came to the oak trees and sat down I pulled out a piece of fudge as I started to nibble on the fudge Lucy pulled out a healthy looking sandwich. She took a bite I watched as the soft wheat bread hit her mouth. My mouth started to water she looked at me and smiled.

"do you want a bite"

I clicked out of hunger mode "no I’m fine thanks" I smiled back at her. I looked over to the field and all the kids playing hockey, touch and soccer. As I flicked through the boys and spotted Mathew.

"Hey Lucy"

I looked over at her


"what’s that guy like?"

I was looking over at Mathew "He’s sooooooo cute" she quickly turned her head to me.

"did he talk to you?"

I slowly replied "um…….Yea is that a bad thing" I asked anxiously.

Lucy opened her eyes

"He never talks to any kind of girl. He only talks to special girls ones that appeals to him"

I looked at her with a big grin on my face then turned my head over to him. He looked at me I hesitated to turn away but I couldn’t. He smiled and turned back to his friends. I saw his mouth moving then all his friends turned and looked at us. Me and Lucy turned the other way and giggled. We turned back and saw that Mathew was walking towards us I turned to Lucy in shock

"What do I do!!!"

"Just stay calm and act natural ok" she stared into my eyes "ok"

I nodded my head "ok". He came and sat down next us.

"Hey Lucy" he looked over at her she seemed to be astounded

"H..hey" she replied

"Hey Rose" He smiled at me as he said it I smiled back "hey" we all sat there until the bell rung for next class.

"what class do we have now" Lucy said

"I think we have math" I looked at Mathew.

Lucy tapped my shoulder "Oh no, that means we have Mr. Krimby. I have to go back to my locker, see you in class"

before I could ask her what Mr. Krimby was like she was gone I was there with the nicest and cutest guy I’ve ever seen, he smiled at me I went red then smiled back. He walked me to my class,

"See you at lunch then"

I looked into his eyes "I will"

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