Love & War

Rose loved her dad so much, but when the War letter comes through the mail she is destrout. Later on in life she finds love but will it be the right one?? read and see what happens to her life and her family and friends.......


10. sad times

"are you ready now" he smiled

"yeap......Oh wait not yet I have to write a note to my mum telling her where I am".

We both walked into the kitchen and thought of what to write. I read it out loud to see if it sounded right:

Dear Mother

Me and Mathew are just going out for the day and will be back before dinner. Love Rose

P.S. Mathews helping me with my papers.

It was only short because I didn’t have any time. Mathew grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. We ran out the driveway laughing

"so where are you taking me?"

He looked at me with a smirk on his face "you will see" he smiled and looked ahead.

The whole time we were walking I was wondering where we were going. We talked about what we want to be when we are older and how we actually think about Lucy’s boyfriend Freddy. Then we came to an open field with tall pine tree forests on both sides it look beautiful.

I looked at Mathew with my eyes wide and my hand over my mouth "It’s so beautiful"

He suddenly smiled. We ran across the long grass and jumped down in the middle of the big field. We both laughed. No one could see us from the road because the grass was so long.

Mathew looked over to me his eyes sparkling "I use to come here all the time when I was younger, With my dog Lacie she had the cutest little face and had big brown eyes" He let out a sigh "But sadly when I was 11 she got very sick, a few days later she died"

I looked into his eyes and put my hand on his. He looked down and then back up to me

"So where’s a place you use to always go?"

I lyed down looked up at the light blue sky that had a couple of white fluffy clouds "well I have lots of places but my most favorite would be a little beach just outside my grandma’s house. We would all go there, Me, Dad, Mum, grandma and granddad. Me and my dad would climb over the rocks and look at all the star fish in the little pools of sea water and watch all the tiny fish scatter as we twirled our fingers in the water" I stopped and a tear dipped down my cheek.

Mathew noticed it and wiped it away. I sat up quickly and hugged him as more tears rolled out of my eyes.

We hugged for a while I didn’t mind he made me feel comfortable. He pulled me off him slowly

"I hope you don’t mind me asking but what happened to your dad"

I looked up at him and wiped the wet tears off my face and replied

"When I was 9 my dad left for war and when I turned 13 we got a letter saying my dad................" I felt like bursting out in tears but I held it in "He was killed in battle"

He looked at me it looked like he was crying inside "I...I’m so sorry"

I let out a deep sigh and stood up "I think we should start walking home, I have to get my papers done. Do you still want to help?"

He jumped up "of course" and we walked back to the street.

We stopped as the cars went passed. His hand hanging freely waiting for me to grab it but I couldn’t I was too shy. I thought about me and Mathew going out it seemed like a dream come true so I quietly let out a sigh and grabbed his hand, He grabbed mine back. When we got home I lead Mathew into my room and showed him around the house. I told him to go and get to drink bottles out of the cupboard and fill them up well I got changed into shorts and a breezy top that the wind could flow into my body to keep it cold.

I slowly walked to the kitchen and noticed Mathew had already found and filled the bottles but he wasn’t there I checked every room but couldn’t find him I started to think that he just left me here all by myself. I sadly walked into the lounge and looked out the window to see if I could see him walking away and saw Mathew out with Mum by mine and dads roses. I couldn’t believe someone finally got her to go 10 center meters away from the roses but I realized she looked uncomfortable and didn’t touch them.

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