Love & War

Rose loved her dad so much, but when the War letter comes through the mail she is destrout. Later on in life she finds love but will it be the right one?? read and see what happens to her life and her family and friends.......


2. No

"I’m sorry dear but your father….." she let out a painful sigh "your father has been killed in battle"

as soon as she started speaking i new it would be bad. Tears sprung to my eyes, I walked up to mum and gave her a hug we both were so sad. I looked down at the envelope and saw something…… it was a photo I pulled it out and looked at it, it was dad he had his army hat and musty green jacket on with one badge on it, it was the badge of honor down the bottom of the photo it read 'James Louis Castler' he was smiling he was happy then it fully came to me that I would never see him again, I would never hear his voice or have any more memories to keep close to my heart I fell to my knees and put my hands over my face and started crying, all the memories in the past with him but none for the future.

One memory was when we were out in the garden putting in some beautiful rose bushes then all of a sudden the sprinkler turned on and wet both of us we ran to the door, I got there first so I won, mum came out with a batch a freshly made cookies and we all sat outside in the sun eating them, but now there will be no more. Mum pulled me up, looked in my eyes and told me he’s not gone he’s still in our hearts, I gave mum a little smile then she walked off to the kitchen.

Mum always felt like baking when something bad happened or when she was sad, like when dad left for war she went inside and made dads favorite chocolate cake. I walked off to my room and opened the door it made a screeching noise I slowly went and sat at my wooden desk that dad had made me when I was 6. I loved that desk it had no marks or drawings on it because I looked after it. I put my face down on the desk and let out a deep breath. I spread my arms out so my fingers hung of the edge "I love you dad" I gripped the desk with my fingers and hugged it

"I miss you already, why did you have to go you promised you would come back you promised" I shut my eyes and stopped thinking, I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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