Love & War

Rose loved her dad so much, but when the War letter comes through the mail she is destrout. Later on in life she finds love but will it be the right one?? read and see what happens to her life and her family and friends.......


1. Losing dad

Back in 1970 when I was a little girl I was about 9, my dad had just left for war. My mum was a strong lady but kind and caring, she loved him with all her heart, she hated to see him go but she had to. My mum and dad would always write to each other. Every Sunday I would run out to get the mail, but one day we got no letter, mum couldn’t believe it. A few weeks past and we still got no letter, then the weeks turned into months the months into years, till I just turned 13, I went out to the letter box as I always did since I was 9.

I opened the letter box. It was a hot morning so the letter box was hot when I flipped it open in hope to see a letter from the army. There was a big green envelope sitting there waiting for me to grab it. While I was walking back up the shaded garden tiles that lead to the old wooden deck with dads favorite chair on it, a brown rocking chair with a black leather pillow that had four black buttons evened out in a square in the center of the pillow. I pushed open the front door that had a knocker in the shape of a golden lion head. I walked down the cold, squeaky floor boards that lead to the end of the house and also were our rooms are.

I knew mum would still be asleep since it was 6:30 in the morning, I slowly opened the door trying to avoid it squeaking, and then very quietly, I slipped the letter on her dresser. I didn’t want to read it yet, I wanted to wait for mum. I walked back down the hall way to the lounge and sat down in mum’s floral lazy boy, I sunk into the cushion as I leant back and let out a sigh. I was thinking that all these years had gone by and we just get a letter now. I felt a mix of emotions what if it’s something bad what if dads……no he couldn’t be.

I sat there staring at the brick fireplace with family photos of me, mum and dad then I looked at the rose in the vase next to the photos, that flower is the one dad gave to mum before he had left and now the leaves were falling off and it was dying. I slowly heaved myself of the comfy chair and went to the window to look out at the street. I heard padding like someone was walking up the hallway. I turned around to see mum standing under the door frame holding an open green letter, she was crying. I walked over to her feeling confused, it was weird to see mum cry she was normally so strong it had to be something really bad to upset her, her lips slowly came unstuck

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