Love & War

Rose loved her dad so much, but when the War letter comes through the mail she is destrout. Later on in life she finds love but will it be the right one?? read and see what happens to her life and her family and friends.......


5. locker code

After a few more days had gone by, of cleaning around the house and weeding the gardens I only had one more sleep until the first day of school, I was so excited when I tried my school uniform on it was a blue and white dress with a white band going around my small waist and light blue thick shoulder straps. When I walked out of the bathroom mum said I looked beautiful in the uniform I thought so too.

I loved the shoes they were black thick bottom and buckle strap. Once I had got changed and was back into my normal white blazer and skirt me and mum went into the kitchen to do some school lunch baking. I had to get out all the ingredients for Russian fudge. Mum was the best at making it she knew all the right measurements by heart. When we had finished putting the fudge into the fridge we went out to the lounge and lit the fire it was getting pretty cold. We sat by the fire with marshmallows on sticks and hot milos giggling like hyenas. When the fire had nearly died down to embers and it was 10:00 o’clock we wondered of to our separate rooms and dozed off to sleep thinking of what my first day of school will be like.

In the morning I got up and out of my bed in no time I was so excited to see what kind people would be in my class. Since I was old enough to learn I had been homeschooled so I never went out with friend or boys because I never got to see any accept for Bonnie who I grew up with, sadly she moved away to china when I was 5 and I’ve had no friends since then. When I was ready and had my uniform on as neat as I could get it I ran down the hallway into the kitchen. Mum was standing there holding out my lunch in a small brown paper bag. She kissed me on the forehead

"I hope you have fun on your first day. I’ll have a yummy dinner ready before you get back"

I nodded and grabbed my lunch out of her hand and ran out the door. I stood outside and let out a sigh as I watched all the kids kissing there mums and walking off towards the school. I slowly lifted my foot off the ground and onto the step and looked around at everyone, and then I took another step and another till I was out of the driveway. I walked passed all the different houses on our block and how lovely their gardens looked. When I was standing outside the school and reading the big sign, written in black read Saint Scarlet’s School I entered the gate and made my way past all the yelling and screaming kids running into the school.

As I sluggishly walked into the building I saw 20 lockers 10 on each side of the corridor in between each lot of 5, was one single door every door lead to a different classroom. I could just see the teacher’s lounge and the head masters office at the other end of the corridor. I pulled a little brown piece of paper out of my pocket on it had the numbers 18 and below the numbers it read second lot of lockers on the left hand side, so I made my way up the corridor trying not to get in any ones way. When I got to my locker it had a combination lock. I flipped the little piece of paper and read the code: 9429 I turned the lock to all the different numbers and pulled on the handle. It seemed like it was gammed I rattled the handle but it wouldn’t open I stepped back away from the locker. I heard a strong but gentle voice behind I turned around to see who the voice belonged to.

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