Love & War

Rose loved her dad so much, but when the War letter comes through the mail she is destrout. Later on in life she finds love but will it be the right one?? read and see what happens to her life and her family and friends.......


11. Leaving Forever

I wondered out the front door and went over to Mum and Mathew

"oh hi Rose how was your day out?"

I looked up at her "it was nice I hope we can do it again sometime"

I smiled at Mathew he smiled back as to say it defiantly will happen again.

"How was your day Ms. Castler?" Mathew asked looking to the pink roses that had drops of sparkling water on their petals,

"well........... I read your letter when I got back and saw that you weren’t coming back till late so I went to Shelly’s and helped her with her beautiful garden"

"That sounds very nice mum but we have to go now we have to get these papers done. See you after mum".

Me and Mathew ran down the driveway me dragging him behind me as mum waved out to us. We ran all the way to the paper office without stopping. Feeling very puffed we could just sneak out a bit of laughter. I walked through the glass door it made a dinging noise because of the bell hanging slightly out from the door frame. There was a chubby faced lady sitting at the desk I walked up to her while Mathew waited outside

"hey Linda I’m here to get my papers"

she looked up at me and in her high voice she replied "I’ll just go get them from the back lovey. I’ll only be in a minute"

she disappeared into the back room and came back out holding a bag with about 20 papers in it "here you are. Just make sure you bring the bag back after ok have a nice time. See you later"

I walked out the door and sat down on a nearby bench and evened them out

"10 for me and 10 for you"

I looked up at Mathew, him looking down at me smiling

"so where are we going to do these papers?"

I hesitated to answer I had almost forgot where it was. I must of had a great day.

"Umm...... down fox road and um......... dove street I think"

Mathew looked at me puzzled "ok so aren’t those roads the same length?" he asked with a sneaky smile on his face "and aren’t they a few minutes away?"

I started to understand what he was going on about

"yes they are" I replied.

I stood up and we stood there for a few seconds, then I ran with Mathew following behind me. I was holding onto my papers tight so they didn’t slide out of my hands. He caught up till we were side by side running, puffing and panting. I loved to run with him it was just amazing his tan cheeks changing to a rosy red and his brown silk like hair blowing back as we ran down the street dodging the other people. As we came closer to fox road and dove street we split up Mathew crossing over to Dove Street yelling

"We will meet back here. The one to get here first wins" I started laughing he laughed back.

Running down the road throwing the papers onto the different house's with freshly cut grass and sprinting to the next I was determined to win. As the sweat dripped of my face and hit the pavement I came to my last house and started to run back to the finish line. When I came out of the street and looked around the tall oak trees I saw Mathew running back as well, my feet ready to stop

"come on feet we can do this" I giggled to myself, I got closer and closer until me and Mathew were very close to each other, he was about 7 meters behind me and I knew he could run fast. As my foot hit the finish line he had just caught up and came in second by 3 seconds he stood still puffing and panting

"well......that.......was.....a good run" I looked up into his eyes sparkling like always, yea it was, I wanted to say but couldn’t get it out over my puffing. As we were walking back holding hands we talked about what to get Lucy for her birthday

"I haven’t seen Lucy in a while. I don’t know what she likes anymore. What do you thinks a good present"

I looked at Mathew as he looked at the sky with his thinking face on

"I don’t know maybe a necklace or perfume. Or you could get her chocolate" we looked at each other and laughed

"that’s what you would want, chocolates" I giggled.

He stopped for a second and started walking again I looked at him confused "what’s wrong"

he looked ahead "nothing I was just wondering doesn’t Lucy live down this street. Why don’t we go see her today"

he checked his watch it read 3:30 pm

"we still have half an hour left to do something and you said you haven’t seen her in a while" he raised his eyebrows as in to say come on I know you want to, I smiled

"um are you sure she won’t be busy or Freddy might be over" I looked at him I could see his face light up

"what is it" I asked,

confused he pointed in front of us "well I know she’s not busy but she is with Freddy"

I looked ahead and my face started glowing, my tight dimples showing "Lucy!" I yelled out in joy she and Freddy were walking towards us. She stopped staring at Freddy and turned her attention to me.

"Rose!......Hey Rose"

We both ran toward each other. As we got closer we could see how happy we both were. We meet and gave each other a big hug

"I haven’t seen you in ages where have you been" she looked at me

"Well me and Freddy went and stayed at his Aunts for a few weeks. We had lots of fun. We went to the beach, on bush walks and to the park it was great"

I looked at her still smiling "that sounds awesome. We need to hang out sometime. All of us need to hang out sometime"

We both giggled as we always did.

As we were all walking back to my house we talked about all kinds of different stuff...........

"Lucy are you having a birthday party???"

she slowly replied "ummm I’m not sure yet, me and Freddy might go out and do something but if he doesn’t mind you and your boyfriend can come"

She looked at Mathew and smiled I blushed and whispered "he’s not my boyfriend" Lucy heard me.

We all looked over to the insanely quiet and tuff looking Freddy

"so do you mind if they come?"

He looked up at her "No its fine with me babe".

Me and Mathew looked at each other with weird looks on our faces I lent forward and whispered in his ear

"why is he so quite?" I pulled my head away before Lucy and Freddy could see me Mathew looked at me and shrugged. When we got to the driveway I could see mum through the kitchen window cooking like she always did. We all walked up to the door I could hear Lucy whispering to Freddy

"You will be fine her mums a lovely person"

he looked at her "maybe"

He looked away I thought what a snob. me and Mathew were the first to go in. I walked into the kitchen,

"hey mum how was your evening?" I wanted to make her feel happy so she wouldn’t mind all these people over, she normally only let me have one friend over at a time,

"oh hi Dear" she pulled her hands out of a white glue mixture and shuffled to the sink "it was nice thanks" I looked up at her and gently scuffed my foot and the ground a few times in shyness,

"I was just wondering if I could have a few friends around for a couple of hours we will be in my room and won’t bother you"

I had my fingers crossed behind my back.

"yes sure just make sure it’s not too late you have school tomorrow"

I ran up at her, smiled and gave her a hug "thanks" I walked out to the door,

"your aloud to stay here but not too long" they followed me and Mathew down the hallway to my room. I opened the door and the smell of cleaning spray went right up my nose I silently coughed and turned around to see Lucy, Freddy and Mathew holding their nose,

"I think my mum must of cleaned the windows, do you want to go out the back?"

I looked at all of them no one said anything but Mathew;

"yea ok".

We walked to the back door and onto the soft, bouncy dark green grass there was a long stretch of grass that leads into the woods and had a small picnic table. we went on sat out in the middle of the grass. Lucy looked at me,

"you never showed me this part of the house it’s so cool out here"

"I know it so nice out here"

I noticed Mathew and Freddy sat a few meters apart. Lucy’s eyes lit up "we could camp here for my birthday and we could go into the woods and play games"

She looked at Freddy and smiled he smiled back and moved closer to her, I looked at Mathew and smiled. We all sat there and talked about everything like what we think of school and how we hate the teachers until it was 5:30 then my mum came out,

"Rose it’s time for your friends to go home"

I looked over my shoulder at her "ok"

She walked back inside. As we got up and walked off to the front of the house I saw mums head look out the curtains and straight at Freddy she pulled the curtains closed angrily I felt really confused. When we got to the path I looked at Lucy,

"ok well have fun with you boyfriend" she looked at me with an evil but happy face we laughed.

"ok bye see you at school tomorrow" I watched as they walked of down the street with Freddy’s arm wrapped around her she looked happy, deep down it felt like she was leaving forever but I knew she wouldn’t.

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